God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

How to get the Infinity Gauntlet in God of War

How to get the analogue of Tanos Gauntlet with Infinity Stones

As the release of the new God of War took place shortly before the release of «Avengers: Infinity War», the authors intentionally inserted a link to the Marvel’s blockbuster. Interestingly, we are not talking about useless visual props: the gauntlet is a serious weapon that is carefully woven into the game’s setting.

How to get the Infinity Gauntlet

In the game, this weapon is a talisman that is inserted in the separate armor slot. The so-called Broken Glove of Ages is found during the quest «Family Business». The quest is given by dwarf Sindri after we have completed another quest, «Fafnir’s Hoard». Both quests are available after the completion of a storyline mission «The Sickness».

As we know well, the Infinity Gauntlet does not work without Infinity Stones. In God of War (2018), their role is played by charms with similar names.

  • Asgard Splinter Of Existence (Reality Stone) – drops from the Valkyrie killed in Hellheim.
  • Eye of the Outer World (Space Stone) – is found at the end of the mission «Escape From Helheim» when heroes find themselves in the secret Odin’s hall.
  • Andvari soul (Soul Stone) – is received after the completion of the second additional quest from Brok which is called «Deus Ex Malachite».
  • Corrupted Mind of Ivaldi (Mind Stone) – drops from the Valkyrie killed in Alvheim.
  • Muspelheim Eye of Power (Power Stone) – can be bought in gnome’s shop after you visit Muspelheim.
  • Njord’s Stone of Time (Time Stone) – drops after the killing of Valkyrie’s queen.

Even though there are six charms, you can insert only three in the talisman (if you upgrade it two times):

  • The first talisman upgrade requires 55,000 units of Hacksilver, 2 Dragon Tears and 18 units of the Dust of Realms.
  • The second upgrade will cost you 90,000 units of Hacksilver, 3 Dragon Tears and 25 units of the Dust of Realms.

Unlike silver and dust, dragon tears are a rare resource. The first tear is received after the killing of the dragon in the mission called «Inside the Mountain». Three tears are found by liberating three dragons in Konungsgard, Weitursgard and Mason’s Channel. The last tear is located near the body of the dragon on which we fought with Baldur in the mission called «Return to the Summit». You can get to it through the southern moorage of the Forgotten Caves.

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John Davis