God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

How to Free Dragons in God of War

A guide on how to find the three dragons in God of War and what should be done to free them.

Heroes often meet dragons during their wanderings, but none of the dragons are friendly. However, there are also relatively peace-loving dragons in the open world and they need your help. In case you are not indifferent to the fate of the poor dragons, use this guide to help them break free.


You can start this quest after completing the mission «A New Destination». The dragon will be located in the «Weiturgard» region (see the screenshot).

How to Free Dragons in God of War-1

Sail through the two giant statues and locate the small port village and the dragon in the back of this village. Obviously, he won’t be aware of our good intentions, so he will greet us with lightnings. Reach the place of his imprisonment by dashing, hiding in rock’s hollows. When you reach the arena and see a stone with magical chains that bind the dragon, the location of three sanctuaries will appear on the map and on compass. These sanctuaries must be destroyed. You won’t get into trouble with the first two as they are in the open space. The way to the third one is blocked by huge doors. Open them by putting runes on the giant vertical bolts as depicted on the columns. There is one problem – the column on the right side is destroyed. However, its important parts, covered with boards, will be found in the nearby. Destroy the third sanctuary and return to the dragon.


You can liberate Fafnir after completing the «A New Destination» mission. The location of the dragon is on the screenshot below.

How to Free Dragons in God of War-2

Here, the goal is the same – find and destroy three sanctuaries. It is easy to find them: one is near the wall above the dragon, the other is in the cave on the left side near the entry, and the third is in the rock on the level above (you get there by climbing the crack on the right). Their location will be highlighted on the map and on compass.


You can save the last dragon solely during (or after) the additional quest called «Hail to the King». The quest will be given by dwarves closer to the end of the game. The blacksmiths will provide the heroes with keys that open the doors leading to the Konungsgard castle. We’ll find the dragon in its neighborhood. Just like in the case of Otr, one of the sanctuaries will be located behind the closed doors. Open them with the help of the red crystal (blow it up in the point shown in the screenshot below). You won’t have trouble finding the remaining two sanctuaries.

How to Free Dragons in God of War-3

John Davis