Gears 5

Release date: September 9, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 2

Location of collectible items and drone upgrade components in the fifth part of Gears of War


As any contemporary AAA-game, Gears 5 is full of collectible items. In the fifth part of the franchise, they are divided into two types: artifacts themselves and drone upgrade components.

In this guide, we’ll help you find them all and get the corresponding achievements. The guide will be updated as we find new collectibles. You can find the guide for the previous act here.

Chapter 1: Recruitment Drive

  • Collectible items: 10
  • Components: 18

Once you have control over the heroine, turn to the right and descend the stairs to the shop. On the counter, you’ll find Hand-Carved Riftworm Flute (1), while a triple component (1,2,3) will be located on the side box.

Go out to the central street and move forward until you see the stairs from the left side. Go up to the second floor of the building and move to the far rack. The component (4) is waiting for you on one of the shelves.

Return to the central street and descend to the basement of the building opposite the workshop (it is located across the street from the location of the previous collectible item. Inside, you will find a component (5).

Go back to the central street again and move clockwise around the workshop until you see a furnace. There, you’ll get Ilima City License Plate (2).

Do not leave the main road and move to the local attraction – a giant bone. Behind it, in the pink bushes, you’ll find a Lost Gear Helmet.

Having moved through the first checkpoint, go down the stairs, keep to the right side of the location and enter the building behind the broken valve. On the cabinet shelf, among the cans, you’ll get a component (6).

A little further along the street, a boy will call the heroes fascists and then run away. Near a concrete block on the corner, the boy will forget a Wooden Lancer Toy (4).

Keeping to the left side of the street, move to the shop Salvage N Trade. Inside the shop, you’ll find a poster Major Howl and the Battlin’ Ants (5) and a component (7).

Go back to the street and move to the second checkpoint. Once inside, remove the New Village Rules Mandate (6) from the locker on the left side.

Having descended the stairs after leaving the second checkpoint, turn to the warehouse on the left side. The component (8) is located on the floor.

Once you have full control over the heroine, move to the building on the left side. Another component (9) is waiting for you on the shelf of the far cabinet.

Before descending to the steam system, you’ll see two small buildings on both sides of the passage. In the left building, on the table, you’ll find a Note to the Chief (7).

Having reached the steam system, move to the small carcass warehouse (to the right from the stairs leading to the chief). The component (10) is located on the ground behind the warehouse.

Approaching the chief (after the descent), do not rush to interact with the fence. First, pick up Norsko’s Letter (8) from the wooden box in front of the building.

On the way back through the village, you’ll go through the checkpoint where the hero will learn the skill Shock Trap. Behind the desk with the gadget, you’ll find a turn to a utility room where you’ll obtain a triple component (11,12,13).

In the building of the next checkpoint, you’ll have to reload the generator. Before doing this, look inside the open arsenal – another component (14) is lying on the floor to the right from the entry.

Having reached the workshop and having cleared it from the enemies, open the double doors. Before you get into the loader, pick up Cutsider Skiff Schematic (9) near it.

When you find yourself in a dark room in the next scene, climb the vertical ladder to a balcony and grab a triple component (15,16,17) from the console.

Return to the first floor and move to the closed gates. To the right from them, on the desk behind a locker, you’ll find COG Tags: Oscar Diaz (10). A switchboard with a component (18) is located on the wall a bit further clockwise.

Chapter 2: Into the Wild

  • Collectible items: 4
  • Components: 4

Starting from this chapter, some collectibles will appear not only in the main missions but also in side quests and even in the open world. In the last two cases, we’ll indicate the item’s location on the map.

Head to the point indicated on the first screenshot of the gallery and pick up an Islander’s Lost Earring (1) near the corpse at the upturned truck. Near the next vehicle, you’ll find a component (1).

The next stop is a small wooden pier at the frozen lake (look at the first screenshot of the gallery). Another component (2) will be waiting for you between the two boxes before the ascent to the building.

On the railroad tracks between which you’ll be riding along the way to the goal, you’ll see a car separated from the locomotive. Inside, near the corpse, you’ll find a Faded Photograph (2).

To the south-west along the railroad tracks, you’ll find a tunnel. Having defeated Carrier inside, knock out the door of the far car and grab Grindlift Maintenance Notes (3) and a component (3).

At the exit from the rogue camp, you’ll find Lena’s Journal (4) and another component (4) near the tent.

Chapter 3: Forest for the Trees

  • Collectible items: 6
  • Components: 9

This chapter’s action unfolds in a closed location so there’s no need for the map.

Once you are in the New Hope research facility, move to the room on the right side from the reception and pick up an Intercepted Letter (1) from the desk.

After the battle against Warden, you’ll get into the courtyard. Before you move further, look into the building on the right side. In the basement, you’ll find a safe (use your drone to break the lock) with a triple component inside (1,2,3).

Once you have defeated the Horde, the heroes will fall into a ‘’jail’’ block. In the cell full of gas, you’ll see a triple component (4,5,6). Don’t go there – order Jack to get it.

A little further along the corridor in the ‘’storyline’’ side, one of the doors will be closed with a digital lock. Break it with the help of your drone: inside, you’ll find a triple component (7,8,9) and Sovereign Directive 10345 (2).

After this, you’ll get into a section hall. Once you are approximately in the middle of the room, look to the left – at the stand near one of the desks, you’ll find Patient Analysis: AX-331-2 (3).

Having moved through the partially broken window-mirror at the surveillance room, pick up Patient Analysis: EV-184-9 (4) from the desk.

After you look at Mule in the anabiosis cell, move to the turn leading to the corridor brightened by the moonlight. On the right side, you’ll see an entrance into the operation room – next to the ‘’patient’’, you’ll find Patient Analysis RK-619-4 (5).

Having jumped from the broken stairs to the first floor of the lab, you’ll get into the archive hall. At the shelf next to a computer, you’ll find Timeworn Data Drive (6).

Chapter 4: The Source of it All

  • Collectible items: 10
  • Components: 54

At the end of the fight in the Old COG Wall (you’ll get there when moving along the storyline), climb to the command room. On the wall, you’ll see a switchboard with a triple component inside (1,2,3).

Descend from the second floor to the ground but do not rush to get into the skiff. On the right side from the exit from the location, you’ll find another switchboard with a triple component inside (4,5,6).

Head to the point indicated on the first screenshot of the gallery above and grab Letter to Momma (1) from the container near the upturned car that is covered with snow.

Standing at the location of the previous collectible item, you’ll be able to see a tank at the south-west – that’s where we go. At the far side of the tank, in the snow, you’ll find a component (7).

Descend the slope to the passage to the territory of the Abandoned Mine (you need to go there anyway). Not far from the fence, you’ll see another tank with another component (8) in the nearby.

Once on the territory of the Abandoned Mine, descend the slope to the railway and turn to the right. In the derailed car blocking the entrance to the tunnel, you’ll get another component (9).

Take the freight elevator to the mine entrance and climb onto the observation tower near the railway. At the top, you will find a Frayed Pouncer-Tooth Necklace.

After you find yourself at the territory of the mine complex (following the first rolling gates), turn to the utility room on the right. There, you’ll find a safe with a quintuple component (10-14) and Nethercutt Mining Poster.

Once you get to the room with Locust trails, move to the worker’s tent on the left side. On the desk, you’ll find Nethercutt Miner’s Journal (4). On the wall, there’s a switchboard with a triple component inside (15,16,17).

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East tower substation is also a part of the Lost Outsiders quest chain

Then, move to the east tower substation (to the north-east from the mine). Once inside, pick up the component (18) from the floor near the console and Security Memorandum (5) behind the lockers in the next room.

After you get to the eastern communication tower, do not rush to activate the control terminal – first, pick up a component (19) under the stairs.

Having tracked the signal of the New Hope, go out into the corridor and turn to the right – a component (20) will be located on the locker. To get it, use the ‘’courier’’ abilities of the drone.

At the descent to the exit from the eastern communication tower, look to the left and see a switchboard with a quintuple component (21-25) on the wall.

Condor crash site is located to the north-west from the eastern communication tower. Having survived the attack of two Hordes, proceed to the remains of the aircraft. A switchboard with a triple component (26,27,28) is hanging on the fragment of the aircraft body.

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 2-135

Without going far from the previous collectible item, go to the remains of the aircraft tail – another triple component (29,30,31) is in the snow.

Approximately in the center of the location available for examination in this chapter (look at the first screenshot in the gallery above), you’ll find Condor’s remains. There, you’ll find a component (32) in the snow.

To the west from the previous component, there’s an area called Old Derrick Site. To the left from the entrance to the fenced territory you’ll find a corpse with a Krav’s Locust Tag and a triple component (33,34,35).

Having eliminated the opponents at the Old Derrick Site, move to the assault platform that is covered with snow and remove the Grindlift Actuator Component from the switchboard.

Then, head to the north tower substation. On the left side of the building, you’ll find a switchboard with a triple component (36, 37,38). Lena’s Scribbles are attached to the terminal near the door.

You can get inside only after you visit the eastern substation so plan your route. Enter the correct code and grab a component (39) on the floor between the boxes and the console.

Once you are on the territory of the northern communication tower (a storyline location), follow the route until you face an aircraft wreckage. There, you’ll find a safe with a triple component (40,41,42) inside.

At the exit from the ice cave where you have fought against Warden, you’ll find an open platform with several renegade robots. Deal with them and use your drone to break the safe with the triple component (43,44,45) inside.

Once you are in the northern communication tower, turn to a small office on the left side (before the stairs). There, you’ll find a switchboard with a component (46) inside.

To the south-east from the location of the northern tower, there’s another Old Derrick Site. At the entrance to the location, grab Orders from Ketor Skorge (9) near the corpse on the right side.

At the end of the fight in this area, climb onto the assault platform stuck in ice and remove the Grindlift Radiator component from the switchboard (10).

Having descended from the assault platform, turn to the right and shoot at the ice columns that prevent you from going into the closed area. There, you’ll find another triple component (47, 48, 49).

The last optional location in this chapter is the Condor Crash Site (another one) that is located to the east from the northern communication tower. In front of the entrance to the territory of the building, find a lone component (50) in the debris on the right side.

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 2-169

Do not rush to go down the slope once you enter the location – first, grab a triple component (51,52,53) near landing capsules.

On the way to the exit (after the battle with the mini-boss), stop in front of the slope and turn to the left. At your feet, you’ll notice the last component (54) in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Dirtier Little Secrets

  • Collectible items: 6
  • Components: 21

This is another fully closed location so there’s no need for the map.

Once you find yourself in front of the closed gates of the complex, turn your back to the obstacle. Having run through the passage, descend the slope on the right towards the open site where you’ll find a Nethercutt Helmet (1).

Return to the gates and face them. Use the stealth skill to get past the turrets to the left guard booth. At the door, you’ll find a switchboard with a quintuple component (1-5) inside.

At the very beginning of your excursion in the complex, you’ll get into the hall with broken cryogenic dispersers. Climb the bridges to the room in front of the generator and pick up a component (6) from the table.

Having switched off the dispersers, move to the command room on the second floor approximately in the center of the hall. There, you’ll find a switchboard with a quintuple component (7-11) inside and Subject Analysis: UL-119-2 (2).

In the hall with several ‘’unstable subjects’’, follow the robot guide to the entrance to the next room but do not go inside. A component (12) will stand on the table in front of the door.

Following a cutscene with a conversation between Kait and Dale, do not rush to go out of the lab. Under your feet, you’ll find Subject Analysis: TE-872-3 (3).

Move along the only available route until you reach the room with a refrigerant leak. Despite the frosty fog, you’ll be able to see the triple component (13,14,15) in the far part of the room – use your drone to get it.

Activate the Steam skill and rush to the generator which is responsible for cryogenic dispersers. Near the device, you’ll find a Lexigram Board.

Having caused a cryogenic block, move to the room with a frosty fog. In order to survive, start by putting the corpse’s palm to the control panel – the refrigerant will dissipate.

Having ensured the safety of operation, start hunting for collectible items: a component (16) is lying on the locker shelf, Subject Analysis: EV-184-9 is on the desk, while a Sketchbook is lying on the floor in the adjacent room.

Once you have control over Kait after Matriarch hits the gates behind the heroes, shoot the frozen figure at the far platform in front to expose a quintuple component (17-21) – use your drone to get it.

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