Gears 5

Release date: September 9, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 1

Where to find all collectible items and drone upgrade components in Gears 5

Like any contemporary AAA-game, Gears 5 is full of collectible items. In the fifth part of the franchise, they are divided into two types: collectibles themselves and drone upgrade components.

In this guide, we’ll help you find them all and get the corresponding achievements. The guide will be updated as we find new collectibles.

Chapter 1: Shot in the Dark

  • Collectible items: 7
  • Components: 0

Once you have descended from the helicopter, turn to the right and move to the dead end (the waterfall will be located on the left side). Weathered Spectacles (1) are on the stones.

Return to your friends and get out of the water. Having reached the site, descend the slope on the left to find Onyx Guard Challenge Coin (2).

Following the first landslide and the delivery function tutorial, you will go through a dilapidated locker room. Opposite the sink, you’ll find Wellness Advisory Poster (3).

Having used the drone to open the base door (after the battle with the Carrier), move to the infirmary. At the entrance, turn to the right – COG Tags: Fallen Azura Gear (4) will be lying next to the corpse.

From the infirmary, climb the stairs and move through the first door on the left side. In the darkness, find a small office (in the left part of the room) and pick up Chairman’s Wristwatch (5) from the desk.

When searching for the base commander’s office, the characters will face an enemy squad headed by Scion. After the fight, turn to the left to the stairs that leads to the ‘’storyline’’ door and pick up Lightmass Missile Strike Authorization (6) from the console.

Having used the drone to open the door (you should direct it through the ventilation), you’ll get into a crossroads-room: on the right side, you’ll find the base commander’s office; on the left side, there’s a passage forward; in front – there’s a room with UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints (7) on the desk.

Chapter 2: Diplomacy

  • Collectible items: 5
  • Components: 2

As soon as you get control over the character at the beginning of the chapter, turn to the left and pick up a Photograph of Kilo Squad (1) from the desk.

Climb the stairs and turn to the right – Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix (2) can be found on the box. At the opposite side of the room, you’ll find Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint (3).

After the scene with Fahz, look at the wall to the right from the room exit – there, you’ll find a Gym Notice to Trainees (4).

The arsenal is located opposite the gym. Go inside and pick up the first component (1) in the game. Another one (2) is located in the adjacent locker room.

At the very end of the chapter, when you get to the lobby, do not rush to go out through the door – on the left side, you’ll find CBI Marketing Brochure on the couch.

Chapter 3: This Is War

  • Collectible items: 7
  • Components: 8

Once you have full control over the character, move past the locker with drawers and look down: a bit to the left next to the soldier’s corpse, you’ll find COG Tags: Fallen Raven Pilot (1).

Having moved out of the burning room, rush to the desk opposite the front window and grab The New Ephyran: 20th Anniversary Edition (2).

To the left from the previous collectible, on the bureau in the adjacent room, you’ll find the first component (1) in this chapter.

After the fight in which you’ll be advised to use Jack’s Flash skill (drone), the heroes will get to the upper floor of the building. There on the desks, you’ll find a component (2) and Seditious Literature (3).

At the entrance to the nearby house, when characters fall under friendly fire, descend the stairs and turn to the right. At the switchboard on the wall, you’ll find three components (3,4,5).

Once in the apartment with civilians, move to the bathroom opposite the entry. There’s a component inside (6). In the bedroom adjacent to the main room, you’ll find Settlement 2 Welcome Package (4).

Do not rush towards the park after the street battle. Move to the second floor of the building where snipers were located. In one of the drawers, you’ll find Storied Embry Star (5).

At the exit from the park, you’ll find yourself at the fork: the path to the left leads to the continuation of the level, while the path to the right leads to the destroyed bridge. At the opposite side of the cliff, you’ll see a component (7) – use the drone to get it.

Move on until you see burning remains of metal and stone constructions: next to the self-destroyed robot, you’ll find COG Tags: Fallen Gear at Condor Crash (6).

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 1-60

Then, the heroes will get to the street with juvies. Having eliminated them, move to the first shop on the left side of the street – on the wall, there’s a switchboard with a component (8).

In the adjacent shop, you’ll find a book named Seran Colossus on the stand in the center of the hall.

Chapter 4: The Tide Turns

  • Collectible items: 7
  • Components: 6

At the very beginning of the chapter, when you descend the stairs, turn to the first shop on the left side. At the counter in the center of the hall, you’ll find a component (1).

Use the Stim skill to get through the first wall of fire, turn to the right and move through another burning obstacle to the shop on the corner. Inside, you’ll get another component (2).

At the entry to the territory of Bomah Hotel, turn to the left and get inside the building through the open gates. In the separated part of the room, you’ll find a Memo to Bomah Hotel Staff (1) on the desk.

Go back to the street and enter the building through a doorway. Open the gates from inside and pick up a component (3) from the body of the truck.

Having opened the double doors, you’ll find yourself in the darkness. In front of you, at the wall, you’ll see two corpses. Near one of them, you’ll find COG Tags: Fallen Gear at Hotel (2).

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide — Act 1-75

Having grabbed the previous collectible item, turn to the left and turn to the laundry at the right side when you are approximately at the middle of the corridor. On the wall, you’ll find a switchboard with a component (4).

Following the stealth section with DB bots, you’ll get into a richly decorated two-storied hall. Bypass the collapsed chandelier and pick up a Lost Horse Plush (3) in the recess between two stairs.

Go up to the second floor and grab a Settlement 2 Summer Birth Pamphlet (4) from the desk on the right before you get to the next part of the level.

When you get into the theater, move to the locker room (the first doorway on the left). In the adjacent utility room, you’ll see a component (5) – use your drone to get it.

Facing the mirrors in the locker room, turn to the left and move to the adjacent room. On the desk next to the lighted lamp, you’ll find Song Lyrics (5).

Use the stairs to get from the locker room to the backroom. On one of the desks in front of the mirror, you’ll find a Worn Lighter (6).

Once you are behind the curtain, do not rush to raise it. Keep to the right wall, move to the far side of the room and grab Octus Canon Scroll Prop (7) from the container.

At the end of the fight on the stage, move along the corridor until you reach bloodstains on the walls and floor. The red trail will lead you to the room with a switchboard and a component (6).

To be continued…

Robert Summers