Garry's Mod

Release date: November 29, 2006
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows

Garry's Mod Cheats and Console Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of the most useful console commands for Garry's Mod and instructions on how to use them

How to activate the console

To activate the console you must first go to the "Options" on your game menu and select the "Keyboard" tab, then select "Advanced...". From there check the "Enable Developer Console (~)" and confirm the changes. From that moment you will be able to open the console by pressing "~".

 Garry's Mod Cheats and Console Commands-1

Console commands list

Note: To use most of these commands you need to be the server host or for the "sv_cheats 1" to be enabled on the server.
  • god – Enables invincibility.
  • sv_cheats 1 Enables use of the cheats on the current server.
  • buddha – The player will lose health until they get to 1 HP. From there they are almost impossible to kill.
  • impulse 101 – Gives all Half-Life 2 weapons.
  • name <name> – Will change your name to the specified one
  • noclip – Enables noclip mode.
  • notarget – Prevents NPC from targeting or noticing you.
  • sv_gravity <value> – Changes the level of gravity.
  • kill – Kills the player.
  • hurtme <amount> – Lowers your health by the chosen amount of HP.
  • thirdperson – Enables the third person view.
  • Firstperson – Enables the first person view.
  • bind <key> <command> – Binds the specified key to the specified command.
  • cl_drawhud 0 – Remove user interface on screen (HP bar, bullets, etc.).
  • ulx ban <player> <time> <reason> – Bans the specified player for the specified amount of time.
  • ulx unban <player> – Unbans the specified player.
  • ulx kick <player> – Kicks the specified player.
  • screenshot – Makes a screenshot.
  • sv_kickerrornum 0 – Disables auto-kick for LUA problems.
  • ent_create weapon_alyxgun – Spawns an Alyx's gun.
  • ent_create weapon_357 – Spawns a revolver.
  • ent_create weapon_stunstick – Spawns a stunstick.
  • ent_create weapon_crowbar – Spawns a crowbar.
  • ent_create weapon_physcannon – Spawns a physcannon.
  • ent_create weapon_crossbow – Spawns a crossbow.
  • ent_create weapon_bugbait – Spawns bugbait.
  • ent_create weapon_smg1 – Spawns an SMG.
  • ent_create weapon_striderbuster – Spawns a strider buster.
  • ent_create weapon_shotgun – Spawns a shotgun.
  • ent_create weapon_rpg – Spawns an RPG.
  • ent_create weapon_pistol – Spawns a pistol.
  • ent_create weapon_frag – Spawns a frag grenade.
  • ent_create weapon_ar2 –Spawns an AR2 gun.

John Davis