Release date: April 24, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Frostpunk FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Frostpunk concerning the buildings, resources and population management as well as exploration

Which way to take

There are Londoners in the middle of the main story «A New World». This is a group of people who have given up hope in you and believe it’s time to return to London. Gradually, the group will expand, and you will have to convince the population otherwise. To do this, you need to choose the path of Faith or Order. In principle, the meaning of the one and the other is the same. In the first case, people pray, after which you begin to chase the unbeliever. In the second case, you instill confidence in the population in the future and safety. Then you chase the disobedient, locking people up.

There are buildings that reduce discontent and increase hope. That depends on you – which way to take. This also affects the credits at the end of the game in case of a successful walkthrough.

How to remove a street

Open the building menu and click on the red button with dotted lines. Then select the road which you want to delete.

How to increase the population

Frostpunk FAQ-1

You need to build a beacon, create a scout team and explore the nearest locations. Somewhere you will find resources, and somewhere there will be survivors who can be escorted to the city. Thereby you will increase the population.

How to increase hope

Frostpunk FAQ-2

You can create laws related to raising hope. For example, you can build a Fighting Arena or Public House. Also, you can open a House of Pleasure inside the Public House, give moonshine for dinner, etc. Issue the law, and then you keep the promise and build the building (or several buildings). Subsequently, hope can be easily enhanced by the laws of Order or Faith and various rituals.

How to build a street

There are two options. The first one is the icon above the building if it is not connected to the generator. A gray icon with dashed lines means that the building is not connected with the main roads. Red is either being built or not connected to the generator. Click on the building and move the cursor over the same icon in the information window to see why it is displayed.

Frostpunk FAQ-3

The second option is to build roads in advance. To do this, open the construction menu and you will see a gray road icon at the bottom of the screen.

To pave the way, click the LMB at point «A» and at point «B» (once for each). Make one click and drive from the selected point. If the road is red, then it cannot be built. If the road is yellow, then it can be built, but there are not enough meters to connect to the generator. Finally, if the road is green, then you are doing everything right.

How to rotate a building

This is not possible – all buildings are erected with a facade towards the center, in the direction of the generator.

How to turn on subtitles

So far there are no subtitles in the game. Perhaps they will appear in the future, and they are needed only in the introductory video.

How to build the Faith Keepers

Frostpunk FAQ-4

Choose the path of Faith, issue the appropriate law. Move along the line upwards – House of Prayers, Evening Prayers, Faith Keepers.

How to build an Outpost

First, perform an appropriate study. After that, you need to collect the necessary amount of resources. Then you can start building an Outpost Depot. It can be built near the wall, where there is debris of equipment on top. The main plot allows to build two Outpost Depots, and in each you can create only one outpost team.

Frostpunk FAQ-5

Finally, you find the points on the world map, where you can extract resources. Send expeditions from the Outpost Depot and select the option «Build an outpost» on arrival.

How to build a Beacon

Frostpunk FAQ-6

Do the research and you will see this option in the construction menu. In total, you can create three scout teams, but initially only one is available.

How the Coal Thumper works

You can build a Coal Thumper anywhere. Over time, it produces coal, which accumulates in the heap behind the building. This coal needs to be collected — send people or order automatons, just like you interact with others. The best option is to build a Gathering Post nearby. Coal Thumpers produce coal indefinitely, but if they are fully occupied, they stop production — you need to wait until the resources are collected.

How to send a rescue mission

You’ll have to send a rescue mission in the story mode called «The Arks». Build a beacon and go to the building’s menu. Click on the undistinguished «arrows» next to the button to create a scout team. Thus you will switch between creating scout teams and expeditions. Click again on the symbol or icon. Collect resources, automatons and create rescue mission for New Manchester. It is carried out automatically.

How to cancel a law

You cannot cancel the laws.

How to heat houses

There are several methods to heat houses. Firstly, you can do some research for improvement of thermal insulation. Secondly, you can build houses in the thermal zone. Use the research menu to increase the range and efficiency of heating. Next, you can perform the research on heaters. Heaters are switched on for each building separately. Click on a building to open the menu.

Frostpunk FAQ-7

Finally, you can build Steam Hubs, but do not build them beside one another as the heating effect does not stack.

How to treat people

Frostpunk FAQ-8

You can build Medical Posts, Infirmaries (unlock after research) and House of Healing (if you choose the path of Faith). By default, ordinary sick people are in Medical Posts while ordinary and seriously ill are in the Infirmaries. The effectiveness of treatment is lower in Houses of Healing. You can create different laws and improve the treatment procedure.

How to beat the Londoners

In order to deal with the Londoners, you can issue the laws of Faith or Order, build special buildings for rituals or capture criminals.

How to do Prosthetics

Publish the self-titled law in the branch «Sustain Life». Then you will be able to produce one prosthetic for 5 steel in the factory.

How to get coal

There are four methods:

  • You can get coal scattered nearby at the early stage of the story mode. Click on the pile of coal and add workers or engineers (not recommended).
  • Coal Thumper – see above.
  • Coal Mine – build next to the coal deposit. Gathering Post is not needed, just assign workers or automatons.
  • Coal Kiln – uses wood to produce coal.

Choose one of the methods and improve it. It's better than combine all three ways without maximum improvement.

How to connect a street with the generator

Click on the symbol (grey or red) above the building, move the mouse and click again to finish.

Important! The road must be green. Red color – construction is not allowed, yellow – the road will not be connected to the generator.

What is the Storage Limit

You need to build additional Resource Depot.

How to get Steam Cores

Build a Beacon, form a scout team and send them to explore the nearest locations. They will find steam cores as well as survivors, resources, locations for outposts and automatons.

John Davis