Release date: April 24, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Frostpunk Tips and Tricks

15 useful tips to start the game ranging from hints on the building process to the best laws to issue

Even on a standard difficulty level, the survival strategy Frostpunk contains numerous threats for the player. To complete one of the three available campaigns, you should learn to use limited resources, plan ahead and set right priorities.

Unfortunately, the tutorial system is imperfect, so you’ll learn a lot from your mistakes – or from reading our tips below.

Build two or three workshops

One of the best opportunities that is available right from the start is to build several workshops. Technology research in just one workshop takes too much time to unlock multiple juicy technologies. You should act fast, or the frost will catch you before you are fully developed.

Frostpunk Tips and Tricks-1

Additional workshop will speed up your technological progress. If you can build four workshops, you will unlock an achievement.

Study technology that will allow you to increase the speed and the number of scouts

In the technology tree, study certain items that allow you to form an additional scout group for the ‘’Lighthouse’’ and to speed up their movement. You should unlock these abilities as fast as possible.

Frostpunk Tips and Tricks-2

Scouts play a very important role. This is your only way to get new people and steam kernels. Certain locations that are important for key tasks will offer bonus resources.

In short, you need no less than 2 groups of fast scouts.

Don’t build huts near generator

At the beginning of the game, don’t build barracks or huts near the reactor. This is a common mistake made by many players. Sure, you’ll provide shelter for all your citizens, but if someone gets sick, you may lack space to build a health chamber in the heat zone. Building the health chamber outside the heat zone is a mistake, so reserve a place for this important facility in the first ring. It will take a long time before you will be able to expand the ring, increase the reactor’s heating efficiency and improve your steam centers.

Recognize the importance of mining posts and resource depots

Mining posts have their own range of action. Each resource inside this range will be mined and sent to the central depot. The advantage of the post is that it allows you to mine any resources. First, you won’t need to allocate workers to mine a certain pile of coal. Second, you can deploy heaters in the building and provide warmth to the workers, reducing the risk of illness.

Mining post decreases the time that workers need to move from the mining post to the resource unloading point. Resource depots are also important. Sooner or later, you will run into a lack of space in your main storage facility, so any extra resources will be just thrown away. Don’t put depots in the heat zone.

You need to collect coal from coal miners

One of the most common mistakes is associated with these buildings. Players just don’t understand how they work. These are very useful buildings, but they are not easy to deal with. The main advantage is the low cost of coal mining (in addition, you don’t need the steam kernel). Also, they can be built anywhere.

Coal miners don’t store coal. Instead, they create a pile of coal near them. This pile of coal must be processed by workers or automatons. The best way to do it is to create a mining post in the nearby.

Dismantling and disabling of buildings

One of the key opportunities in the game that is ignored by many gamers is the ability to disable or completely dismantle a building. You’ll need this in case you run out of the wood in the sawmill range. You can’t move buildings from one place to another. Dismantle them!

Perhaps, you were able to produce rations for a week. In this case, you can shut off the kitchen and free the workers. Such functions allow you to increase the productivity of workers and engineers and will assure an efficient usage of the scarce land near reactor and steam centers.

Automatons are not afraid of cold

So, you have coal mines, wall borers and steel processing plants. Most likely, they are located near the wall, not far from the reactor and the heat. Sure, you can deploy a steam center in the nearby to provide heat to your workers. However, why not use the automaton? They are not afraid of cold, so you won’t have to heat the workplace.

Frostpunk Tips and Tricks-3

Steam centers are used to recharge automatons

Steam centers are used to recharge automatons. As an alternative (if you have plenty of coal), build steam centers near automaton’s workplace so that they don’t have to move through the whole city to recharge.

Build outposts at the beginning of the game or don’t build them at all

Outposts are a powerful tool for a steady flow of resources. Unfortunately, they will stop working during the approaching storm, so either build them at the beginning of the game or don’t use them at all.

Choose one coal mining method

Each coal mining method has its advantages and disadvantages. There are certain advantages in all methods, from collecting coal from coal piles to generating coal in coal mines. I advise to choose one coal mining method and stick to it. Don’t experiment and don’t move from one method to another during the game. You will spend precious time that you can’t recover. Also, resources are better spent elsewhere.

Emergency shift

This law will expand the schedule of all buildings. Also, it will allow you to control for which buildings you activate this function and for which buildings you disable it. Don’t forget that a lengthy working day will increase discontent and decrease hope.

There is no bonus for double steam center coverage

If you deploy two steam centers near each other, their ranges will cross. However, the ground covered by both steam centers will receive an ordinary increase of temperature.

Best laws for early stages of the game

Here are the most useful laws for early stages of the game:

  1. Child Labor. Allows to instantly get 15 workers at the beginning of the game. Children’s shelters (the alternative to ‘’Child Labor’’) will provide good bonuses in later stages of the game, but for starters you need ‘’Child Labor’’.
  2. Life Support. Might seem cumbersome, but it will decrease the number of people with amputated limbs. Later, you can unlock normal healthcare and provide artificial limbs to injured.
  3. Double Rations For Sick. This is a great law for settlements with established food production. This law will significantly decrease the time needed to heal the sick, which is very important for labor productivity.
  4. Fighting Arena. A simple, cheap and fast method to decrease citizens’ discontent.

How to save on coal consumption without decreasing the temperature

You should learn a simple technique of switching between the two working modes of the generator. When the generator is in the ‘’Boost’’ mode, the temperature in all zones will increase by 2.

This means that you can double the work level of the reactor. When the load scale is filled (not fully), increase the power of the reactor by 2 and then shut off the ‘’Boost’’. This trick will help you save on coal consumption.

Homes are important

Technology of insulated homes construction will significantly boost the temperature for citizens and reduce requirements for the generator power output.

John Davis