For Honor

Release date: February 14, 2017
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

For Honor Has Reached the Peak of 210,000 Players After Becoming Free on Steam

After Ubisoft makes the Steam version of For Honor free for a limited amount of time, the game’s servers become full of new players
For Honor Has Reached the Peak of 210,000 Players After Becoming Free on Steam-1

For Honor has had a rocky history. Initially hyped up before its launch, the player count plummeted quickly and stagnated for a long time. Free weekends, such as the one in May 2018, have helped its player count, but only temporarily. However, Ubisoft is pulling one more trick to try and solve the game: making it go free-to-play. Kind of.

On Steam, the Starter Edition of For Honor is free to purchase for a limited amount of time. Once purchased, the player has the game forever and does not need to pay any additional fee to play it in the future. This limited-time event for the game has so far done wonders for the player count, jumping from a peak of 5k yesterday to 210k players. This has taken a game many presumed to be dead and pushed it so far that it is the #3 most played game on Steam at the moment.

Ubisoft does has a good track record when it comes to reviving games that had a rocky start, as seen in Rainbow Six: Siege, but it remains to be seen if these new players will stick around. If you're interested in the game, the Starter Edition is free until the 27th, after which only players who had already downloaded it can play for free.

Corey Gavaza