Food Fantasy

Release date: April 3, 2018
Platforms: Android, iOS

Food Fantasy Tips and Tricks

Useful tips on what need to be prioritized, how to improve your main team and why you should do it, which resources are there in the game, what are they for and where to get them

If you have read the Beginner’s Guide, you should be quite familiar with the game now. This Tips and Tricks will help you streamline your progress by understanding the most important concepts of the game and what needs to be prioritized.

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Things that need to be prioritized

There is no single order on how you play with different functions of the game, but there is a suggested optimal order on what to prioritize in the game.

Secondary Quests

  • This is where most of your game resources come from. Do only your main quests if you run out of secondary quests or if it is waiting to be completed.
  • You might be tempted to do delivery request first because it takes time to be completed. However, delivery quests are very common secondary quests, so make sure your deliveries are also based on secondary quests.

Cooking in the restaurant

  • In between doing secondary quests, visit your cook from time to time. Even though cooking is completed very quickly, you don’t have to check it all the time because it takes time before all your cooked items are consumed.
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Developing a recipe

  • Early on, you will not have enough components to keep on creating recipes. As you progress in the game, you acquire more ingredients so you will have a lot of recipes to create. By then, you should focus on developing recipes and it will be up to you if you want to make this top priority.
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Develop your main team

  • At the early stages of the game, you can experiment on your line-up and choose the coolest or the rarest food souls. However, you will hit the wall really quickly and you will yourself have difficulty progressing through the game. Always make sure that you constantly develop your main team.

Improve your talents

  • You can only equip 2 talents, so focus on maximizing the effects of the active skills you are using. Each active skill is linked to at least a couple of passive skills that improve its effect. That’s why you need to have them on max level first before trying on other active skills.
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Other tasks

  • Deliveries and Airship. As mentioned earlier, perform deliveries based on the secondary quests. Airship deliveries give a lot of food soul shards, so make sure you complete them every time they are available.
  • Exploration. Send a team to earn items and seasonings. Best done when you are about to log off because you can send your main team to it and it will earn something when you come back.
  • Daily Trials. Perform all these tasks at once to earn material supplies.
  • Food Soul’s Power (PVP arena). You have 5 chances per day and an option to buy 3 chances twice for 25 crystals each. Always consume all your chances. The arena store is a good source of shards.
  • Endless Adventure (Catacombs). Source of fruits for medicine creation and embryos than can be turned into fallen angels.
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Tips on Assembling a Team

Assembling your main team is a dynamic process. As you progress on the game, you will find better souls for different team combinations. At some point in the game, you will realize that simply having your rarest food souls in one team is not the most effective team building strategy.

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The following tips will help you improve your main team:

  • Team composition matters. A team has a maximum of 5 members but there are only 4 food soul types (defense, strength, magic, and support), so it will be up to your choice which types will appear twice in your team. You need have at least one of all the types. It is advised to have 2 strength or 2 magic food souls to maximize offensive capabilities.
  • Rarity is very important but with enough stars, R and SR souls can be at par with UR souls. Still, UR food souls are best in the game so you should focus on acquiring them.
  • Linked skills are very important, but it is not a must early on. If you have stronger food souls but they are not linked, you can use them to maximize your offense. Just ensure to maintain a heal team linked skill because it is always useful.
  • Level up your food souls and their skills. Always keep your main teams in the max level including skills levels. You will not have enough resources to level up all your foods souls so focus on your main team.
  • Have one or two extra food souls that can serve as alternates in your main team. Some dungeons have restrictions or do not need a particular type. Some stages in the Parisel (Hard Dungeon) have conditions not to use a defensive soul in order to achieve 3 stars. Additionally, chest stages in the normal dungeons do not need defensive souls as well, so you can replace them with another offensive soul.
  • Fondness is also very important. Fondness is an ‘’often ignored’’ feature in your food souls. It is because it can only be found in the small button below the heart button of the food soul menu. Fondness milestones allow the food soul to gain passive stats, which can greatly improve your combat capabilities.
  • Fallen Angels. They are basically pets or items that offer additional stats to food souls. Do not train them unless they have orange rarity. They can be transferred from one soul to another, so your investments won’t be wasted even if you change your food souls.
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Tips on Resources

The game has a lot of different resources, so you need to familiarize their usage and where to farm them. Below you will find brief description of the in-game resources and how they are used.

  • Gold. This is the most common resource. Gold is needed in most upgrades and purchasing decorations from the furniture shop. Decorations are very expensive, so make sure you don’t empty your gold reserves when buying furniture.
  • Crystals. This is the premium resource, but you can regularly earn a small amount in rewards and quest completions. Do not use them in summoning food souls. You can use them to buy stamina or extra chances to attack in the arena.
  • Tips. Tips are earned from your restaurant and quest rewards. Use them to buy beginner seasonings and UR or SR soul shards.
  • Cooking Power. This resource is a common reward for quests. It is used to upgrade your talents. You won’t have a lot early on, so make sure you focus on one talent branch before you move to the next.
  • Stamina. These are your action points. You earn this gradually or through quest rewards. Spend a few on them on farming food shards for common souls like Milk or Black Tea. The large part should be used for farming ingredients.
  • Soul ember. Gather 150 soul embers to summon a food soul. You can earn these from dungeons or by quests. Summon a food soul immediately once you acquire 150 or them.
  • Cooking ingredients. They can be earned from dungeons. Sweeping 5X on regular dungeons is the best way to earn ingredients but watch out for your stamina. Seasoning can be earned through explorations.
  • Magic Food. These are refresh medicines and fallen angel capsules. Refresh medicines are used to replenish the freshness of your food souls working in your restaurant. Capsules are items needed in increasing or decreasing the chances of acquiring a particular type of fallen angel. Magic food is crafted from ingredients which can be acquired from the Catacombs.
  • Spirit reincarnators. These are used to reroll the stats of your fallen angels. However, they are hard to come by and you can only acquire them in Daily Trials and some quests rewards. Use them only on orange fallen angels for maximum benefit.
  • Skin vouchers. Acquire skin vouchers from the Daily Trials in order to change the appearance of your food souls. Skins are very expensive, so it will probably take months before you have enough vouchers to buy skins.
  • Medals. These can be earned in the PVP arena. The medal store is a good source of food soul shards. It is advised that you used them to buy the shards of Hamburger, Moon Cake and the ultra-rare food soul B-52.
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Thank you for reading Food Fantasy Tips and Tricks. Hope the information from this guide helped you improve your gaming experience.

Ian Leo Bertoldo