Food Fantasy

Release date: April 3, 2018
Platforms: Android, iOS

Food Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Tips for various game modes and a complete guide to the early game and understanding the game mechanics such as how to upgrade talents and manage your restaurant, how to get new recipes and food souls

Food Fantasy is a unique JRPG and Restaurant Simulation game from the from Elex, the publisher of the popular mobile game Clash of Kings. The game offers high quality well-drawn anime-like characters. These characters have both English and Japanese voice-overs that make up an interesting story line.

This game is a blend of character-collecting JRPG, a restaurant simulation and cooking game, and a restaurant decorating game. All three game types are the main features of this ‘’bizarre’’ and unique game.

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The objective of the game is to collect characters known as ‘’Food Souls’’ to fight against ‘‘Fallen Angels’’. You need to manage separate teams of ‘’Food Souls’’ to battle dungeons, maintain your restaurant, and perform food deliveries.

These things are done simultaneously, so the key to success is maintaining a balance between fighting evil and keeping your restaurant in a good condition.

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Tips for juggling through the different game modes

If you find yourself unable to decide which things to prioritize, check on the tips below to have a better idea on how to manage your time.

  • Keep your cook busy. Cooking early game recipes can only take as quick as two minutes. Your customers don’t consume food very quick, but you need to have a food buffer because your restaurant continues to simulate even if you go offline.,
  • Developing basic recipes via Research can be completed for 10 minutes early on. While there is no rush in unlocking the recipes, delivery quests may require ingredients you have not unlocked yet. Prioritize unlocking the ingredients needed in the deliveries.
  • Always complete all the side stories first. They are quicker to complete than the main quest and they offer lots of rewards.
  • Restaurant events like Dine and Dash and Rube’s Mischief can be ignored early on (unless needed in a side quest) because the rewards are not yet worth the time and material spent.
  • Decorating can be completely ignored early because the items in the furniture store are quite expensive. However, you will have a lot of free gold early on, so you can probably spend some on wallpapers and some decorations just to change the original dull design of your restaurant.
  • Deliveries must be performed by a different squad because it cannot be done simultaneously with quests. This means that if you send your main squad to perform a delivery, you cannot use them in quest until the delivery is complete or canceled.
  • Summon as many souls as you can early on because you will need them in staffing your restaurant and performing deliveries while keeping your best squad as the questing team.
  • The main tip in balancing your time is to check on your restaurant and delivery requests after every quest done.

To help you understand the game better, this guide will explain the mechanics of the two main aspects of the game separately.

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Understanding the JRPG mechanics of the game

The JRPG part of the game involves assembling and upgrading the strongest team of food souls to complete quests and conquer different dungeons.

How to get food souls

You can acquire food souls from the story quests and summoning. You will be assembling different teams of food souls, so your main aim is to keep on summoning them. You need 150 soul embers to summon a food soul. Soul embers are quite common as rewards in achievements, logins, and quest completion.

Alternatively, you can also summon food souls using magic crystals. This is the game’s premium currency, so you have a choice to spend them on summons or on other things like instantly complete cooking and researching. If you are unsure, keep team until you find something suitable to spend it later in the game.

Food soul rarity and rank

Each food soul has any of the following rarity. In total, there are four rarity ranks. They are (from the lowest to the highest):

  • Mundane (M)
  • Rare (R)
  • Super Rare (SR)
  • Ultra Rare (UR)

Mundane souls have special bonuses for restaurant management making them most suited for the job. Rare souls are the most common ones you will get.

Aside from rarity, food souls can also have different ranks. You need shards to ascend the ranks of your food souls. You can acquire shards from duplicate soul summons, loots from specific dungeons, and quest rewards.

It is important to note that you will get shards from Rare characters quite often, so it is easier to increase their ranks. A rare character with high rank can be as good as or even better than un-upgraded super rare and ultra-rare souls.

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Food soul levels and skills

Foods souls gain stats automatically when they level up but they cannot exceed your level. Your food souls gain experience when they are part of the team that performs quests and defeats dungeons. You can also level up them using experience bottles which can be acquired from quest rewards and treasure boxes.

Food soul skills levels are dependent on the food soul level as well. Upgrading skills starting from food soul level 15 now cost ‘‘beginner seasoning’’ which is a limited resource. Use it sparingly because you are still expected to change your main squad composition so often.

Activating linked skills

Some food souls have linked skills with other food souls. They are skills that get enabled if the food souls specified in the description is part of the same squad. The activated linked skill will then become a clickable skill during a battle.

Linked skills are very important because they can turn the tide of every battle. For example, having food soul Milk and Black Tea in the same squad will enable the Milk’s Super Milk Shower, a skill that heals the whole squad.

Upgrading talents

Your restaurant will generate ‘‘cooking points’’, a resource used to upgrade talents. Talents are active and passive skills that improve your combat capabilities.

There are three talent categories: damage, support, and control. Spend the cooking points you earned accordingly to the best talents that will benefit your current main squad.

Understanding the Restaurant, Cooking and Decorating mechanics of the game

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked for your preferred cooking specialty. Just choose any of the three options that you like. The choice will only determine your main recipes. You can still acquire and cook the recipes from other specialties.

Your restaurant needs constant attention, so you may want to check on it after a quest or a couple of dungeon runs. Cooking and Research turnaround times are quick so you need to constantly check back on your restaurant to make sure both are not idle.

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Restaurant staff

Your restaurant must be fully-staffed always. As discussed earlier, food souls with Mundane (M) are the ones best suited for this job. These food souls have increased ‘freshness’ attribute which means they can perform more restaurant tasks compared with the combat types.

Your restaurant employs a head chef, an assistant chef, a supervisor, and 4 staffers.


Your chefs need to constantly cook to avoid a shortage of food for the customers. It is very important to note that your restaurant will continue to simulate even if you exit the game.

Cooking speed depends on the recipe. Rarer recipes mean longer cooking time.

Tasks and mini events

Your restaurant earns profits automatically, but you can earn more by completing tasks. You can select one task at a time and completion will give you treasure boxes.

There are also mini events in the restaurant which you can perform:

  • Dine and Dash is identified when a customer stands on a chair with a black evil icon on its head. Click on the customer then click on the fight option to prompt a mini battle.
  • Rube’s mischief is identified by cute little ghosts appearing in your restaurant. They can be chased by using an exorcist’s gloves item which can be bought for 100 tips. This is not recommended because tips are better spent on shards and beginner seasonings. You can ignore it or click on the help button to ask for help.


Research is very important in the restaurant simulation aspect of the game. This is where you can improve the quality of a recipe or learn a new recipe.

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Improve the grade of your ingredients by repeatedly making them. Higher ranked ingredients are more expensive so they are the best ones to cook in the restaurant.

You can also develop ingredients into new recipes. This is done by combining up to three ingredients. Some recipes can be developed using only one ingredient. For example, you only need cucumber to discover the cucumber salad recipe.

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The recipe tab lists all recipes in the game. Click on the undiscovered recipes to see a brief description and clue on how to make them.

Farming ingredients

Ingredients can be found in dungeons. Dungeons will display the type of ingredients they drop when you click it. However, when farming a specific type of ingredient you must know which dungeons they drop 100% of the time.

The best way to know what is the best ingredient drop for the dungeons you have completed is to use the Sweep x 5 option. This will automatically complete the dungeon five times and the list of drops will be displayed. This dungeon will be the farm spot for the ingredient that consistently dropped 5 times.

Performing Deliveries and Orders

Order requests appear randomly in the map as food soul faces with a question mark. Performing deliveries gives cooking points, treasure chest and other rewards when completed. Treasure chests are good sources of food soul shards so it is important to perform all deliveries.

As mentioned earlier, squads performing deliveries cannot do quests so make sure to work on summoning lots of food souls early on so you will have more squads.

Decorating your restaurant

For those who love customizing things, this is the feature for you. There are lots of themes to choose from so you customize how your restaurant looks like. Tap the inner interior designer inside of you but be careful with spending too much because the furniture store items can be quite expensive.

Thank you for reading this Guide. We hope it helped you understand the game better, so you can continue your journey to acquire the strongest food soul squad while maintaining a really cool restaurant.

Ian Leo Bertoldo