Fire Emblem Heroes

Release date: February 2, 2017
Platforms: Android, iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide

This guide will give you advanced tips on how to upgrade your castle and unlock potential, which skills to inherit and how to build a perfect team

Once you have familiarized the basic concepts of the game, this guide will help you progress to the more difficult aspects of the game. Again, achieving the max level is quite easy, but it only marks the beginning of developing your hero.

It is worth mentioning again that summoning heroes is still the primary means of progression, so keep working to complete the story maps and get as many orbs as you can.

This guide is a combination of advanced game mechanics, tips and tricks that will help you progress in faster strides.

Upgrade Your Castle

A fully upgraded castle will give 100% more EXP and you can achieve it using a fair number of orbs. However, getting skill points (SP) is equally as important as hitting the max level. Getting too much EXP gain means you hit the level cap faster but will not have enough SPs to learn all skills.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-1
It is generally recommended to only upgrade your castle to 40% (3 orbs) or 60% (8 orbs) EXP gain

Take note that double EXP events also happen from time to time. You can make use of this to work on leveling up heroes that could potentially be part of your different teams.

Unlock Potential

The ‘’unlock potential’’ feature in the game allows you to increase the number of stars of a hero. The resources needed are presented below.

Unlock Potential Feathers needed Feathers needed
1 star to 2 stars205 badges
2 stars to 3 stars20010 badges
3 starts to 4 stars200020 badges
4 stars to 5 stars2000020 great badges

Feathers and badges are limited resources, so you need to make sure you just don’t waste them on random heroes. Make sure you spend them on heroes that you are planning to get long term in your main or alternate teams.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-2

Inherit Skills

There is no limit on the number of skills you can inherit, you can only learn up to 3 skills at once from another hero. That hero will be sacrificed, so you need to make sure you are really giving up that hero.

It is important to note that the sacrificed hero does not need to learn the skill before transferring. Additionally, the hero does not need to have the same rarity. However, skills that require a certain (higher) rarity to use cannot be transferred if the condition is not yet met.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-3

Regardless if the source skill is learned or unlearned, the new skill is unlearned by default and you need to spend 1.5% the normal SP cost for that skill.


Most skills can be inheritable by anyone except a few with a certain type of restriction.

  1. Weapon-Type Restriction. Only certain weapon-type heroes can inherit the skill. For example, Distant Counter can only be inherited by melee heroes. Silver Swort+ can only be learned by sword-bearing heroes.
  2. Movement-Type Restriction. Some skills are limited to a particular movement type. For example, Goad Armor can only be learned by Armored units.
  3. Exclusive Skills. Some skills like Falchion can never be inherited.

Merging Allies

The merge ally option allows transferring of inherited skills, base skills and their learned status. This will allow you to invest skills on heroes that do not have preferable natures. The skills can be transferred later on to the same heroes with better natures.

Best Skills to Inherit

The following are the most common inherited skills due to their usefulness.

  1. Vantage 3. Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 75%.
  2. Hone Atk 3. Grants adjacent allies Atk+4 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
  3. Desperation 3. If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.
  4. Death Blow 3. Grants Atk+8 if unit initiates combat. Cannot be inherited by Staff units.
  5. Distant Counter. Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker. This is restricted to melee units.
  6. Reposition. Moves adjacent ally to the opposite side of unit. Cannot be inherited by Staff units.
  7. Quick Riposte 3. Unit automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at HP ≥ 70%.

Please note that the best skills to inherit may depend on the hero. Always consider the synergy with the existing skills. For example, adding a Vantage skill to a hero with Quick Reposte will make it a dangerous counter-attacker.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-4

Build Your Team

Team-building is a very important concept in this game. Once you have a better understanding of the game, you will realize that team synergy is far more important than just throwing your best individual heroes on board.

It is also important to understand that the game’s customization feature will allow you to find gems in 3s and 4s heroes. To create the best team, you need to go beyond your pool of 5s heroes.You need to understand that each unit has a counter. Therefore your 4 heroes in a team should have diverse weapon and movement types. A team with similar hero types can be dismantled easily if your opponent has a good counter.

Cover your weaknesses by countering the counters. If a hero is easily countered by a particular hero or group, then you need to have a hero that can easily handle the counters. In short, your team should not have a glaring weakness that can make a particular opponent steamroll your team effortlessly.

These general principles apply to every team but it is very important to understand that different game modes require different team-building principles.

Arena Offense

You will fight against the defense team of another player that is controlled by AI. Your goal is to fight with minimal losses because any death in your team means the reduction of your Arena score.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-5

The opponent team is random, so there is no way to prepare in advance. This means that your Arena Offense team should be composed of your best 5 star teams.

Top Counters

You need to expect the strongest counter characters in your opponent’s defense team, so you need to prepare for them if you want to truly succeed in the Arena.

Here are some of the strongest counter heroes that you need to prepare against:

  • Ryoma and Ike. Both units have Distant Counter (counter attack regardless of range) and Vantage (can counter-attack before the attacker can attack when health is low). You need to have enough power to finish them in a single encounter.
  • Hector. He is an Armored unit which means he is harder to kill. He has Distant Counter and Quick Riposte (make follow-up attacks if being attacked at higher health %). Throw in getting a Vantage skill and this hero becomes very dangerous in all health levels. Either nuke him down with a red mage or bait him with a red sword.
  • Reinhardt. He is a cavalier mage that can double-hit. Add in his Death Blow skill (+8 attack if unit initiates combat) and he'll dismantle your frontlines with ease. Use a green magic tank or bait him just outside his range. He will die on the spot with most melee attackers.
  • Brave Lyn. Yes, the free 5s hero Lyn is very dangerous. She has horse movement that is very hard to out-maneuver. Her range and Sacae's Blessing (sword, lance or axe foes cannot counter-attack) means she can pick your frontlines without retribution. The best counters are dragons and tanky archers because they can retain their counter abilities.
Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-6
Both Ike (left) and Brave Lyn (right) can be acquired for free after the tutorial. Both heroes are top tier choices for your Arena Offense and Defense teams

Arena Defense

The arena defense team composition is an entirely different concept from your offense team. This is because you won’t be fighting with this team; the game AI will fight for you.

Your goal for your arena defense team is not to win most of the fights. Instead, your goal is to land at least one perfect victory in a particular Arena season.

Like Arena Offense, you have no control of who will fight you, so you can focus on either your strongest team or a team the counters the most popular Arena Offense teams.

Hero Roles

Understanding hero roles will allow you to create effective teams. When creating your team, take note of the different roles of each hero to be able to effectively use them in combat.

Fire Emblem Heroes Advanced Guide-7
  1. Dancers are heroes that can transfer their turns to teammates. This means that they can enable your best offensive units to attack twice in a turn and potentially taking 2 enemies. Best heroes for this role are Ninian, Azura and Olivia.
  2. Tanks are heroes that can soak a lot of damage to bait enemies and make them go within your offensive heroes’ range. Having a tank in your team is not absolutely necessary but it is strongly recommended. Notable tanks are: Hector, Draug, Effie, Lukas, Gwendolyn, Ephraim and Ryoma.
  3. Melee Attackers are your main damage dealers and some teams can have 2 of them. They can act as semi-tanks with good counter skills. Good examples are: Chrom, Lucina, Effie, Ryoma, Cherche, Cordelia and Hector.
  4. Ranged Attackers are your ranged damage dealers. You can use to following heroes: Nino, Tharja, Sanaki, Julia, and Takumi.
  5. Chippers are heroes that can constantly deal damage without getting much in return. Notable examples are Jaffar and Faye.
  6. Buffers give boosts to their teammates. Ephraim and Erika are the most popular buffers since they can buff 3 stats on their own.
  7. Healers allow your units to regain HP and sustain longer in fights. The best healers are Lissa, Elise and Azama. In majority of the situations, bringing another attacker is better than keeping a healer. This means that healers are not given much of an importance in this game.

Your best will still depend on the availability of top tier heroes in your collection. Experiment on role combinations to find out what is best for the heroes you currently have. Having top tier heroes is a good start to create a good team but nothing beats having good experience and understanding on the game mechanics.

Thank you for reading this Advance Guide. Hope it has helped you understand some advanced concepts of the game.

Ian Leo Bertoldo