Fire Emblem Heroes

Release date: February 2, 2017
Platforms: Android, iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner's Guide

This guide will explain to the basics of the game, how to assemble and improve your team, how to summon heroes and understand battle modes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a F2P tactical turn-based character-collecting RPG. This is the first mobile phone game of the Fire Emblem series of strategy and tactical games which are very popular in console gaming. The game makes use of a gacha-based system in summoning heroes as the primary means of progression. However, the orbs needed for summoning are easily acquired and abundant, so the game is essentially free-to-play.

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Getting Started

The game will start with a brief tutorial on the basic tactics in attacking, buffing, and destroying breakable terrains. The weapon triangle is also introduced to provide details on the strength and weakness of a type of weapon against another. The weapon triangle is always available in the bottom right part of the screen during combat, so it should not be a problem to memorize.

After the short tutorial, all the game functions will be available but you will be on your own to discover and understand each one. This guide is primarily aimed to help you understand the basic functions and mechanics of the game.

Your First Team

You will be given a lot of free orbs early on, so you can choose to summon heroes immediately after the tutorial. The game is generous and it gives you free 5-star summons, so you can have a couple of legendary heroes at the start of the game.

The following are your early game 5-star hero freebies:

  • Lyn: Brave Lady. You will actually have a lot of options in summoning your free 5-star hero but Lyn is hands down the best hero to obtain. If you are just starting and you didn’t select Lyn, you may want to reroll your game.
  • Ike: Vanguard Legend. Unlock this hero for free by going to Battle > Story Maps > Paralogues > Xenologue 3: The People's Hero immediately. You can go to this paralogue directly without doing the earlier ones.
  • Fjorm: Princess of Ice. Complete Chapter 1 of Book II. You can do this immediately after the tutorial as well. Just make sure to select the correct Book II tab.
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Once you got all 3, you will have a very easy start of the game. If you are lucky, you can get another legendary in your first set of orb summons. If not, you can just select any hero to be the 4th one in your first team.

Improving Your Team

Your first team will not be permanently your best team because leveling heroes to max is quite easy. Additionally, you will need a lot of different teams for different game modes, so you need to work on other heroes once you are done with your main team.

Leveling up

  • Work to get your main team heroes to max level (level 40) as soon as possible. XP can be acquired in almost any map but the best way to level up is on the Special Maps>Special Training map.
  • You can also level up your heroes using universal shards which can be acquired in Events map like Tap Battle.
  • Important tip: Max upgrade your castle early on to boost XP earned by 100%. The castle can be found in the upper left part in the Home menu or the Upgrade Castle option in the Shop.

Set-up your Summoner Support and Ally Support

  • Select a hero that will be your Summoner Support in Allies > Interact with Allies > Summoner Support. The Summoner Support hero will gain HP+3 and Res+2. They will gain more stats if they fight level 35 and above enemies.
  • You can also select 2 heroes to be ‘Ally Support’ and they will get Res+2 if they are beside each other during combat. To do this, go to Allies > Interact with Allies > Ally Support.

Learning Skills

  • Make sure to learn the skills of your heroes in Allies > Ally Growth > Learn Skills. There is also an ‘’'auto-learn’’ function in case you are unsure which skills to prioritize. You will have enough skill points to learn all skills. You need to learn and understand your hero skills to be able to utilize them properly in combat.

Summoning Heroes

The real progress in the game is acquiring the best heroes for your teams. This makes summoning the most important activity of the game.

Orbs are abundant and can be acquired mainly in the story mode. Login bonuses also give a lot of orbs, so make sure to check on them daily. However, you will be doing a lot of summoning, so you need to maximize their usage.

Always summon in sets which means that if you start a summon, you need to summon all 5 heroes within that set. The number of orbs required will go down after every 1 or 2 summons.

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Understanding the Maps and Battle Modes

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Fire Emblem Heroes Maps and Battle Modes
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Fire Emblem Heroes Maps and Battle Modes
  • Story Maps contains the main story, paralogues, drills, challenges and assaults. Focus on completing the main story and paralogues early on to gain a lot of orbs or summoning.
  • Blessed Gardens is a good place to earn a lot of orbs, feathers, divine dews and blessings. However, only legendary heroes (5 stars) can enter here. There are 4 element gardens (water, wind, earth and fire) and you can only enter the garden with the same element as your whole team. You can change the element of your legendary heroes using confer blessing in Allies > Ally Growth > Confer Blessing. Some heroes have fixed elements and you cannot perform confer blessing on them.
  • The Training Tower is a good source of EXP and SP for your heroes. This is also the main source of badges, shards and crystals which are needed to level up and unlock potential (increase the stars) of your heroes.
  • The Arena Duel is a pseudo-PVP aspect of the game where you can fight against the main team of actual players. Your enemy is controlled by AI, so there is no real-time battle between players.
  • Special Maps are bonus maps that are not related to the main story. Some of these maps have special win conditions and are attached to quests. The special training map can be found here and it is the best place to level up your heroes.
  • Events is also a collection of different modes with different rewards. Events are also time-limited, so make sure you complete them before the event is concluded. Each event will have an overview on how many days are left.

Ally Growth

Getting legendary heroes is not enough. You need to know how to develop and improve your heroes to maximize their potentials.

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  • Leveling up your main team heroes is your top priority. Your hero level the greatest factor on its strength but since getting to max level (40) is quite easy, this should not be a problem. Aside from fighting, you can also level-up your heroes using badges.
  • Make sure to Learn Skills for your heroes. Each hero has its own set of skills that can be learned by spending SP. Always level up your hero skills as you progress in the game. There is an auto-learn option in case you don’t know or don’t care which skills will be leveled up first. Eventually, you will have enough SP points to level-up all your skills.
  • Inherit Skills will allow you to learn up to 3 different skills from 3 different heroes. This option is very important in strengthening your heroes since this will allow you to acquire skills that could greatly boost your hero power or cover-up its weaknesses. It is important to know that the hero which is the source of the skill get sacrificed in the process.
  • The Unlock Potential option allows you to increase the number of stars in a particular hero. This means that you can develop all your heroes to 5 stars with enough resources. The best heroes are not limited to the legendary ones. There are a lot of heroes that have very good skills but started out as 3 or 4 stars.
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  • The Merge Allies menu allows you to combine duplicate heroes to gain benefits. The benefits depend on the heroes you are combining. For example, if you merge a duplicate 5-star hero, the main hero will earn 2 stat points and SP. Inherited skills, refined weapons, and conferred blessings will be passed on to the primary hero.
  • Weapon Refinery allows you to upgrade and evolve weapons. You can unlock the refinery once you have completed Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline and the Intermission: The Rite of Blades from Book I.
  • The Confer Blessing option allows you to use blessing and confer a bonus to any non-legendary hero. The confer blessing will allow you to customize the elements in your heroes so that you play on the Blessed Gardens.

Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it has helped you understand the game better.

Ian Leo Bertoldo