Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Release date: March 31, 2017
Platforms: Android, iOS

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

This guide will explain to you the basics of the game, how to get resources and what they are for, what buildings and troops are present in the game, how to fight monsters and do research

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a new breed of game in the Final Fantasy Universe. For over 30 years, Final Fantasy games have been known for its amazing artwork, unique storylines and exceptional combat mechanics. FFXV: A New Empire is an empire-building massive multiplayer game (MMO) with elements of RPG designed for mobile gaming.

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FFXV: A New Empire is an inspiration of the very popular Final Fantasy XV game. The game offers some characters of the original game but this iteration does not have a storyline. You will directly control an empire, build it together with your hero and team up with other people to dominate your realm.

In this guide you fill find information about the following aspects of the game:

  • Game basics
  • Empire view interface
  • Heroes, their skills and boosts
  • Monsters, levels, rewards and monster lairs
  • Resources
  • Buildings list
  • Research options
  • Crafting and recipes
  • Troop types
  • Traps
  • Quest types
  • The Crystal

Game basics

FFXV: A New Empire is primarily building and conquering game with a touch of RPG. Build an empire while developing a strong hero that will help you with your aim to be the strongest in your realm.

The game offers a very great early-game deal to paying players. The early $5 and $25 packs can let you have double construction queues, double tier 1 resources and double production capacity. This will give them an edge on the early game.

A great majority of the players are F2P, so you can still establish dominance by maximizing use of resources and gaining levels. Check on the tips within this guide to understand the optimal leveling and gaining resources strategies for non-paying players.

Empire View Interface Overview

The Empire view is the main interface that contains all your buildings. Here are the important functions you need to know.

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  • Timers. Building, researching, training and marching timers will appear in the upper left part of the empire view. The ‘’help’’ option will allow you to ask for help from your guild mates. Every help you get from your guild mates will reduce the timer.

The speed up option will allow you to use your items to instantly finish the task or reduce the timers. Once the timer reaches a certain time, you can finish it for free. Upgrading your ‘instant construction time’ research will increase the minimum time you can instantly complete a research.

  • Hero Portrait. The hero portrait in the upper left part of the interface displays your hero level and the XP progress. When the portrait glows gold, it means that you have unspent ability points. Click on the portrait will allow you to access the hero interface.
  • Gold and Resource Bars. The 5 basic resource and your gold details will always be displayed in the upper part of the interface.
  • Secret Gift. The secret gift is a chest on the lower left part of the interface. You can open the chest every time the timer runs out and you can claim your free gift. The secret gift has a low cooldown and you can get a good amount of resources from here including gold.
  • Guild Help Requests. The button showing clasping hands in the bottom right of the interface will allow you to access the guild help requests. Helping will reduce the countdown timers for your guild mates while it adds to your loyalty bar.
  • Watchtower Button. A red warning button will appear in the right part of your interface whenever there is an incoming trade, reinforcement, march or war rally.


Even though this is an empire building game, your hero is still the main factor in your progress in the game.

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The hero has its own set of skills which can be learned by spending Ascension Points that are earned every time it levels up. The AP points are limited, so you need to focus on a certain category (hero attacking, construction, research, training, resource production). Choosing the category depends on your play style but you can balance them out at the early levels if you are still unsure.

The skills become stronger as you go down the Ascension Skill Tree. They will cost more APs but they should be worth investing in.


You can equip up to 7 items on your hero:

  • weapon
  • helmet
  • body
  • armor
  • footwear
  • 3 accessories slots

Once you have reached citadel level 10, you will unlock the armory. The armory enables you to craft weapons, armors and accessories.


Your hero has a mana bar which is used to attack monsters that appear in the realm. Fighting monsters give good loots so it is advised to always spend your mana on attacking them. When your hero levels up, your mana is reset to max.

Upgrade maximum mana and mana regeneration in the university to allow your hero to attack more often.

Hero Boosts

The hero boosts tab will allow you to all existing bonuses your hero currently have. This is a very helpful information and reference point if you want to focus on a certain aspect of the game.

  • Troop Boosts – Details on the attack and armor bonuses of your different troops.
  • March Boosts – Refers to the bonuses in marching towards your target in the realm map. This includes march size and speed bonuses.
  • Hero Boosts – Details on the attack and MP bonuses on your hero.
  • Economic Boosts – Details on construction, research and training speeds.
  • Resource Boosts – Information on all your resource production multipliers.

Hero Combat

Your hero can be captured if you experience a defeat starting from citadel level 15 and above.

How to set your hero free

  1. Set a bounty on your hero. Other players can rescue your hero from captivity in exchange for a large amount of Gil.
  2. If your citadel is below level 20, your hero cannot be banished and it will only be detained within a specified amount of time. When the time is up, your hero will automatically return to your empire.
  3. You can march to the empire that captured your hero and rescue it. Without your hero bonuses, this might be difficult to do unless you have a really good army.
  4. The captor can release your hero any time. Consider yourself lucky if they do so.
  5. Your hero will attempt to escape if the captor has the option to banish your hero but did not do so. The higher your hero level, the quicker it can be able to escape.

What happens if your hero is banished

If your hero is banished, it will display in your memorial. There is still the last hope to rescue your hero by using a premium item, rescue stone. If not, that hero is forever gone and you can get a new hero.


Monsters are your primary target in the RPG aspect of the game. They spawn randomly in your realm map. Attack them using your hero to gain a good amount of resources and materials. Each attack will require mana, but the good thing is that you earn loot on every attack.

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Click on the monster in the realm map to check its details and it will display your attack options (left). Once you finished attacking a monster, you can view the combat log with your damage details and loots (mid). The Proving Grounds building will allow you to attack monsters within your empire but attacking there costs ether, a rare and expensive resource (right)

Level and Rewards

There are 6 monster levels and each level corresponds to the 6 levels of item quality:

  1. Basic
  2. Common
  3. Uncommon
  4. Rare
  5. Epic
  6. Legendary

Each level also has a significant increase in the total resource loots.

How to attack a monster

Monsters appear randomly on the map and the best monster is the nearest one with the highest level you can attack. You have an option to attack once or perform the maximum number of attacks your mana can accommodate. You must fulfill the following conditions before you can attack a monster:

  1. You have researched the corresponding Monster Tactics level in the Hero tab.
  2. You have enough mana to perform at least a single attack. The farther the monster from your empire, the greater the mana cost.
  3. Your hero must be available and not occupying or gathering resources.

Monster Lairs

After you defeated a monster, it has a chance to spawn a monster lair. A monster lair is a resource tile where you can acquire crafting materials and items. This is a priority resource because crafting materials are hard to come by.


The 5 main early-game resources of the game are Gil, Stone, Energy, Metal and Food. You will need a bit of them in research, troop training and upgrading buildings.

At certain levels, each basic production building will unlock the ability to make advance resources.

  • Gil can be acquired from banks and you will need a lot of them to craft items or set bounties for your captured hero.
  • Stone is the most important resource early in the game because you need more of it in upgrading your buildings compared to other resources.
  • Energy can be acquired from energy extractors and Metal comes from mines.
  • Food is produced by farms. Food is needed for your troop upkeep so if you are rushing to build a lot of armies then you should focus on your food reserves as well.
  • Gold. This is the premium currency but it can be acquired at a decent rate in the game. It can be used to purchase resources and finish building and research instantaneously.

How to get gold

Acquiring gold is easy if you are a paying player because most packs give a lot of gold. If you are a free-to-play gamer, you can acquire gold in the following avenues:

  1. The Treasury lets you earn 10 gold every 2 hours on interests.
  2. A Gold Mine can be built in the outer node and you can earn gold from your Facebook friends that are playing the game. If you don’t have friends actively playing the game then it is better to demolish the gold mine and build another production building.
  3. Perform Events that pop-up on the right side of your interface. Completing the tasks will net you a good amount of gold.
  4. Secret gifts, the chest at the bottom left of your interface can give gold from time to time. Guild gifts are acquired on completing the gift bar by helping guild mates reduce their build times. It is a good idea to look for an active guild so you can complete the bar easily.
  5. Gold caches will randomly appear in the realm maps. You can get good amounts of gold from there but you will surely get a lot of competition.
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Loyalty points can be earned when helping your guild mates. They can also come from events and quest rewards. Loyalty is a very limited resource because you can only earn it as you play gradually in the game. It is more precious than gold and a lot of items in the game can only be purchased using loyalty.

How to Maximize Basic Resource Gains Early in the Game

  1. Fully-build all slots in the outer node. Resources facilities are your main focus in the early game. Distribute all building slots in the outer node with production buildings but focus on stone first because you will need a lot of it early.
  2. Use production buffs. Check on your items if you have a production buff. If activated, you will increase the production of a particular resource by a certain percentage in a specified time frame. You can also save this item for later when you have decent levels of production buildings to maximize the gains.
  3. Research Monster Tactics level 1 quickly and get a lot of resources by attacking level 1 monsters in the realm.
  4. Use your gold for resource caches early on. Early in the game, the 10k and 50k resource caches are worth the gold if you want to jumpstart your progress.
  5. Upgrading your production buildings is your top priority to maximize resources gained per hour.
  6. Always send your troops on resource tiles in the realm map if you are not attacking or defending from an attack.


Since this is an empire-building game, your buildings determine your kingdom size and power. Each building has a specific role in your empire so it is important you understand their functions. Part of your strategy and play style depends on how you allocate building layouts and how you balance leveling them with your limited resources

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Buildings List

  • Farms (food), Energy extractors (energy), Quarries (stone), Mines (metal) and Banks (Gil) will occupy most of your building slots to produce the 5 basic resources.
  • The Citadel is the main building of your empire. Your citadel level is your empire level that will display in the realm. You can check on the overview of your empire economy by clicking on the citadel.
  • Training Grounds allow you to train troops. The training grounds level determines the maximum number of troops you can train at a time.
  • The Embassy houses troop reinforcement from your guild mates. Upgrading the embassy increases the maximum number of reinforcements you can hold.
  • The Armory is an important building allows you to craft items for your hero. You can also craft and combine gems that can be socketed on the items. Upgrading the armory will decrease the craft times.
  • You can build traps in Walls and they are the primary defense of your empire. Upgrading the walls increases the number of traps you can create.
  • The Watchtower will warn you on all incoming marches to your empire and encampments. This will help you prepare more troops or ask for reinforcements.
  • The Prison will allow you to capture, detain and banish enemy heroes. Upgrading will allow the prison to capture more heroes and decrease the time needed to banish them.
  • Banishing a hero in prison will activate the Banishment portal and it will provide powerful boosts for your empire.
  • The Hero Monument gives bonus experience to your hero and it retains EXP for descendant heroes. When your hero gets captured, you can retain a portion of its EXP which can be used for your new hero. Upgrading this building will increase the EXP bonus and amount of EXP retained.
  • The Guild Hall is the gathering place for War Rallies. You can donate forces here for the ultimate call for Guild War battle.
  • Gold mines can be built in the outer walls and you can earn gold if your Facebook friends send it.
  • Hospitals will allow you to recover injured troops when defending your empire. Upgrading will increase the number of troops you can heal.

How to heal your troops

Injured troops will automatically be placed in hospitals. Simply tap on a troop type and set the number of troops you want to heal. Take note that healing will cost a certain amount of the 5 basic empire resources.

  • The Trading Post will allow you to send resources to your guild members. Upgrading will increase the number of resources you can send.
  • The University is one of the most important buildings. You can perform all research and improvements for your hero, troops and your empire. Upgrading will allow you to unlock new research options.
  • The Resource Vault will protect a percentage of your resources in case you are attacked. Upgrade this building to protect more resources from enemy attacks.
  • The Proving Grounds will allow you to fight monsters without leaving your empire. Fighting here will net you rare gems, crafting materials, boosts and other exclusive items.

However, fighting monsters here requires ether, a resource you can only buy with loyalty points. They are very expensive so it is not advisable to spend your loyalty here. You have 1 free attack every day so you can make use of that.

How to destroy buildings

Click on the building and select the deconstruct button. If you have demolish tokens, you can instantly destroy a building. The deconstruct option has a timer and you cannot build a new building until the timer is completed.


Research is a very important aspect of your empire. The research options can be performed in the university and you should always work on a research at all times.

The following are the types of research options:

  1. Adventurer. This is a special research tab and the skills here can only be upgraded using special shards and fragments (proving ground shard, secret gift fragment, gatherer’s fragment, looter’s fragment, etc.).
  2. Economics. All skills and upgrades here are related to the basic resources production. Construction, research, and training speeds can be improved here.
  3. Combat. This skill tree is focused on troop improvements. You can research the different troop tier levels (up to tier 3).
  4. Defense. This tab is focused on empire defense. Here you can research and develop your empire defensive troops: barricades, archers and pits.
  5. Hero. All skills and upgrades here are related to your hero fighting capabilities. The ability to fight monsters in different levels can be researched here.


The armory is unlocked at citadel level 10 and you can start crafting equipment for your hero by then.

Crafting requires materials and hero level. You can find materials from Proving Grounds, quests, resource tiles, attacking monsters or buying packs from the gold store.

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There are 5 equipment categories: weapons, helmets, armors, footwear and accessories.

Once you click on a certain equipment type, the items with completed materials for the recipe automatically appear on top. Always check on the materials to be used. If there is a rare material for a rarer recipe which you are waiting to unlock, you can wait for the better recipe.


Items, materials and gems have different quality levels. Higher quality levels mean better bonuses.

  • Level 1. Basic – grey
  • Level 2. Common – white
  • Level 3. Uncommon – green
  • Level 4. Rare – blue
  • Level 5. Epic – purple
  • Level 6. Legendary – orange

Crafting will display the quality meter (probabilities) and the bonus it will give.


Combining will allow you to get higher quality materials or gems. Combining 4 gems or materials will make a new one on the next rarity.

Troop types

There are four troop types: Warrior, Mage, Cavalry and Siege Engine. Troops are used for attacking, defending and reinforcing points of interest in the realm map.

Researching combat in the university will allow you to research stronger level 2 and level 3 troops.

  • Warriors – They are strong versus cavalries but are weak against mages.
  • Mages – They are strong versus warriors but are weak against cavalries.
  • Cavalries – They are strong versus mages but are weak against warriors.
  • Siege Engines – They are strong against wall traps but are weak against the 3 other troops types. They are mainly used for attacking empires.


Traps can be built in your walls and they are the first line of defense against enemies. Traps are very important in the game as it can help you hold on against very strong attackers.

Trapping has become an effective strategy if you want to play defensively especially if you are surrounded by higher level empires. The concept of trapping is to make your empire look weak defensively while focusing your upgrades and research to combat and defense.


Quests are accessed directly at the bottom of your interface. You will regularly earn rewards by completing quests. The following are the types of quests:

  1. Empire quests are the main quest that you will always see below the secret box at the bottom of your interface.
  2. Hero quests do not require you to do anything but press the start button. Each quest has different timers so you can earn the reward after the timer has run out. The rewards here are mostly basic resources.
  3. Guild quests are just like hero quests, you will only need to click on the start button. This is also a source of loyalty points so make sure to always perform the guild quests.
  4. VIP quests depend on your VIP levels. You can earn rare crafting materials here.
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What is Chance

Chance is an option to re-roll the current available quest with a good chance to increase quest rarity. Just like items and monsters, there are 6 types of quest rarity. The rewards are always better the higher the rarity.

The Crystal

The Crystal is a special building in your realm which you need to capture if you want to be the Emperor of the Realm. Because of this, the crystal is a very highly contested building and too many people are going to battle for it.

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How to capture the crystal

Just like any other tile in the realm, you just need to march to it and evict the current occupant. The crystal will be available for capture once the Contested Mode timer is up.

This will be chaos as everyone will be attacking and evicting each other in the attempt to control the crystal. When the timer hits zero, the latest occupant will be declared as the Emperor. The crystal will then temporarily gain a state of protection which means that the Emperor will remain at reign for a period of time.

Being the Emperor will allow you to assign titles to any player. The titles can either be powerful boosts or punishments. Simply click on the player’s empire and you can assign a title to it. The titles will be available in 7 days or until the current Emperor will be replaced.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide. If you have questions or important information, you can make a comment below.

Ian Leo Bertoldo