Caliber's Creative Producer on Video Game Journalists: ''They Are Trash That Needs to Be Fed and Drunk''

In a recent stream, creative producer of online shooter Caliber goes off on video game journalism calling it a ‘’useless parasitic activity that has degenerated into clickbait’’

Link's Crossbow Training Was Originally Meant to Be a Twilight Princess Sequel

How Twilight Princess sequel become a Wii Zapper game

Paradox Interactive Talks Prison Architect Purchase, Answers Fan Questions

They discuss what is next for Introversion and if there will be a sequel

What We Lost and Gained in 2018: Game Studios Shut and Merged, Employees Laid off and Moved, Games Closed and Acquired

All major events in the gaming industry in 2018: from Telltale Games shuting down to Cliff Bleszinski leaving the gaming industry

Main Video Game Industry Facts and Figures of 2018

All the main indicators of the interactive entertainment sphere over the last year: records, sales, money, market volume, and events

The Best Game Trailers of 2018

2018 was quite generous with new games and trailers. Exhibitions, conferences, unexpected announcements and big events were accompanied by bright trailers and game demonstrations

Ostrog's New Year Reading List: The Best Guides and Features of 2018

The most interesting materials published in 2018: guides and walkthroughs, feature articles, and news

90 Happy Holiday Cards From Game Developers

Game developers wishing Happy Holidays in 2018

7 Best New Year Cosplay Sets 2018

We picked seven beautiful cosplay photoshoots from cosplayers around the world which perfectly recreate the atmosphere of Xmas and New Year 

What It's Like Being Anime Fan In The Northern Caucasus

Why geeks in Dagestan become targets of cyberbullying and the reasons why anime festivals and concerts get cancelled in the republic

Steam Spy Creator Talks about Epic Games Store

Epic Games Director of Publishing Strategy and the creator of Steam Spy talks about the philosophy of the store, upcoming and potential features and future perspectives

Gaming PC Build Guide for the Upcoming 2019

How to build the best gaming PC when you are low on budget or ready to spend some cash

The Reasons Why TGA 2018 Was A Huge Success

The yearly show had tremendous growth, and it’s due to some key factors

What Yakuza Developers’ New Game Judgment is Like and How it Relates to the Story of Kazuma Kiryu

If there are any characters from the Yakuza series, where the events take place, gameplay variations and more information on Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s new game

How The Ongoing Adult Content Purge May Affect Erotic Cosplayers

Cosplayers talk about strict adult content policy affecting their means of monetization

Beyond Good and Evil 2 New Gameplay Video Highlights

Beyond Good and Evil 2 developers presented a new gameplay demo demonstrating combat, the world of Soma and System 3 as well as customization of the main character and his fighter ship

How True Are Chechen Vampires From Vampire: The Masquerade V5 Camarilla Book

We compared the real life Chechnya, its leader Ramzan Kadyrov and the FSB with the way they were shown in White Wolf’s 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade RPG

The Epic Games Store is Now Live, Here's What You Need to Know

Only three games are currently available for purchase, but many more are on the way

All The Trailers Revealed At The Game Awards 2018

Plenty of new games and DLCs were shown at the yearly event

The Game Awards 2018: Confirmed Announcemets, Rumors and Guests

All facts and rumors about the upcoming ceremony: confirmed game announcements and new trailers, rumors, studios to skip the ceremony, performers and presenters, and more

What Do We Know About Alien: Blackout So Far

Looking into the team behind the new Alien game, its genre and when it could be officially announced

Rumor: A Brand New Rocksteady Game May Be Announced At The Game Awards

There are good reasons to believe Superman: World’s Finest may be officially revealed during The Game Awards 2018 taking place on December 6th

What You Might Not Know About Half-Life Remake Black Mesa

Things you might have missed: how developers managed to make their mod commercial, how it is different from Half-Life, how big is Xen and when it will be released and what are developers’ future plans

Indie Developer Uses Swear Words to Name His Games

‘’Names like these allow us to come up with an interesting idea and to keep a certain mood throughout the development phase,’’ says Peace, Death! developer

Understanding The Controversy About Nintendo Russia General Manager Yasha Haddaji

The Nintendo Russia boss has come under fire and is currently being investigated

20 Years of Half-Life: The History of Valve Classic's Development

How a debut game by an unknown studio changed the entire genre

Latest Viral Cat Video Highlights How Faithful Yakuza 6's Onomichi Is

It received over 100,000 upvotes on Reddit

Former Nintendo Russia Employees on Toxic Atmosphere and Harassment

The scandal with Yasha Haddaji continues as former employees comment on his ‘hypercontrol’, readling ‘all the social networks of his subordinates’, ‘terrified staff’ and sexual harassment

Developers of Skyrim Mod Enderal — The Shards of Order Talk The Future of The Mod, DLC and Books

The developers of the total conversion mod for Skyrim talk its upcoming DLC, a spin-off novel, future plans and much more

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developers on Working with Obsidian, ''Mentality Check'' and Console Release

We’ve listened to an 80-minutes podcast with Owlcat Games and picked the most interesting things on the game development, Pathfinder roleplay system and working with Chris Avellone
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