15 Games to Play This April

Games that deserve your attention this month: sequel of the hardcore Super Meat Boy, new Mortal Kombat, industrial revolution in Anno 1800, and much more

Borderlands Mask of Mayhem Trailer Analysis and How it Compares to Borderlands 3 Leaks

We look into the recent teaser trailer and see if the leaked information about new vault hunters, NPC characters and villains was true while waiting for the real announcement at PAX East 2019

Meet Stadia, Google's Take on the Future of Gaming

Here’s everything you need to know about the new streaming platform: technical parameters and service integration, supported games and multiplayer, launch details, and what the industry thinks

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Developer on Collaborating With the Quake Modding Scene

3D Realms turned to the Quake modding and mapping scene to work on their new game

Experience Russian Sadness and Loneliness in It's Winter

Recently released on Steam, It’s Winter gives you a feeling of what it’s like being alone on a winter night living in an old panel apartment building

16 Games to Play This March

The most noteworthy games of this month: a new project from Dark Souls creators, the long-awaited sequel to Dante and Nero’s story, The Walking Dead’s finale, and many more

19 Craziest Dead or Alive Costumes

Red latex dresses, rabbit costumes, nurse coats, and other revealing and fancy heroines’ dresses from the Dead or Alive series

112 Facts About the Metro Series: Books, Games and Glukhovsky

The connection between the books and games, the history of the games development, Glukhovsky’s political views and other facts about the Metro franchise that you might have missed

26 Best Cosplay Sets of Winter 2019

A collection of the best cosplay works released this winter: Booetta, Miranda, Mera, Catherine, Warhammer 40K, Captain Marvel and many others

Atomic Heart Developers Talk About Characters, Humor and Making the Game 'West-Friendly'

In a recent interview, Mundfish studio heads talked about the number of characters in the game, casting, humor, localization, and how it resembles Deadpool and The Man in the High Castle

Atomic Heart Development Goes Smoothly, Developers Confirm

Mundfish, the studio behind Atomic Heart, explains lack of information about the game and talks about plans for more transparent communication with the media

Atomic Heart: Understanding Soviet BioShock

Looking into the details of the bizarre first-person shooter with Soviet aesthetics: retro cars, sgushenka, architecture and style, research facilities, and murderous robots from children’s cartoons 

Fortnite Could Be the Start of the Metaverse

Fortnite has the opportunity to go beyond gaming and create the first digital economy if Tim Sweeney’s dreams come to fruition

Metro Exodus Russian Localization Team Talks About Anna's Voice Over and Accents

The localization team talks about what surprised them during their work, how many Annas there were in the Russian version of the game, and why a hereditary Kazakh speaks without any accent

Metro Exodus Russian Localization Team Talks about Voicing, Issues they had and Scenario Changes

The team behind Russian voices of Metro talks about Glukhovsky’s part in the development, difficulties with localizing the game, and how changing of the story affected the localization process

What's up With We Happy Few Season Pass: Current Status, Working Titles and Plot Theories

The release date of new DLC content for We Happy Few is still to be confirmed, so we look at the expansions in development to see what we can expect from the upcoming return to Wellington Wells

Major Gaming Anniversaries of 2019

We have selected all the important gaming industry dates of the current year: the launch of classic game series and their sequels, recent hits, game companies foundations, mergings and closings

Fallout: The Frontier Devs Talk Plans, Expectations and Development

The team behind the ambitious fan project spoke to Nexus Mods about their progress and their design decisions

8 Infamous Resident Evil Games That Should Better Stay in the Past

We picked eight Resident Evil games from various platforms known for poor execution and technical issues, clumsy and non-canon gameplay, and obsolescence to see if it’s better to forget about them

The Largest Dota 2 Tournament in Kyrgyzstan Gets Disapproved for Being Held at the Theater

‘’This is horrible. It’s a place where great names of Kyrgyzstan, its sons and daughters, performed, and now the event called ‘’Dota’’ is taking place here’’, says opera singer Tair Beisheev

Fallout 4: New Vegas Dev Talks Progress and Faithfulness of the Remake

Modders are well on their way towards bringing good old New Vegas to the new Fallout engine while keeping the original gameplay intact and restoring cut content

Caliber's Creative Producer on Video Game Journalists: ''They Are Trash That Needs to Be Fed and Drunk''

In a recent stream, creative producer of online shooter Caliber goes off on video game journalism calling it a ‘’useless parasitic activity that has degenerated into clickbait’’

Link's Crossbow Training Was Originally Meant to Be a Twilight Princess Sequel

How Twilight Princess sequel become a Wii Zapper game

Paradox Interactive Talks Prison Architect Purchase, Answers Fan Questions

They discuss what is next for Introversion and if there will be a sequel

What We Lost and Gained in 2018: Game Studios Shut and Merged, Employees Laid off and Moved, Games Closed and Acquired

All major events in the gaming industry in 2018: from Telltale Games shuting down to Cliff Bleszinski leaving the gaming industry

Main Video Game Industry Facts and Figures of 2018

All the main indicators of the interactive entertainment sphere over the last year: records, sales, money, market volume, and events

The Best Game Trailers of 2018

2018 was quite generous with new games and trailers. Exhibitions, conferences, unexpected announcements and big events were accompanied by bright trailers and game demonstrations

Ostrog's New Year Reading List: The Best Guides and Features of 2018

The most interesting materials published in 2018: guides and walkthroughs, feature articles, and news

90 Happy Holiday Cards From Game Developers

Game developers wishing Happy Holidays in 2018

7 Best New Year Cosplay Sets 2018

We picked seven beautiful cosplay photoshoots from cosplayers around the world which perfectly recreate the atmosphere of Xmas and New Year 
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