Everything You Need to Know About Gamescom 2019: Schedule, Companies and Games

When and where to watch the conferences, which companies will be attending the event, and what games to expect 

10 Remarkable Game Covers and Their Creators

We talk about the history of creation of several iconic game covers, people behind them and sources of inspiration that helped to create these masterpieces

120 Memorable Warren Spector Quotes

We selected a few words of wisdom that the creator of System Shock and Deus Ex has to share, ranging from his thoughts on game development to collaboration with Disney

19 Games to Play This August

Here’s what gamers should pay attention to in the last summer month: a slasher from Platinum Games, supernatural shooter from Remedy, interactive horror game from the creators of Until Dawn, and more

Infographics: How Much The Infinity Saga Made

In this article, we compare Marvel Universe revenues with other films, franchises and budgets of individual counties

The Best Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2019

We collected the best cosplay from the recent convention in San Diego, including five Spider-Men, seven Indianas Jones, eight Sisters of Battle, two Jessicas Rabbit, and many others

How Sony and Microsoft Prepare Themselves for the New Console Generation

Media believes that the Japanese company can make a major mistake while the Americans are looking for universal solutions

How to Prevent Your Microsoft Account From Being Closed After Two Years of Inactivity

There are exceptions to the rule

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Answer these 20 questions about the MCU movies, including Avengers: Endgame, to check your superheroes knowledge

How to Build Full HD Gaming PC for Under $800 in 2019

Check out our PC building guide for living classic Full HD with more than a reasonable price

10 Cosplay Genres Explained: From Fan Service to Crossplay

To help you distinguish one cosplay genre from another, we explained each in plain English, with the help of cosplayers themselves, and prepared a quiz to check your knowledge

Infographics: How Game Distributives Have Increased Over Last 30 Years

We are looking at 14 well-known game series, most of which appeared in the ‘90s, and how their distributive size increased since the release of the very first entry

16 Best Detective Games Everyone Should Play

Glass of whiskey, pouring rain, and tangled cases —  we made a list of games that can make you feel like a real detective, either on the sunny streets of Los Angeles or filthy alleys of Ankh-Morpork

That's What Video Game Characters Would Look like in Their Ripe Old Age

We took famous game characters and ran them through the FaceApp filters to see their older versions

Video Card Buying Guide: What GPU to Choose in 2019

We selected the best models and prepared a bit of advice on building a gaming PC to help you choose the best components for your needs

Processor Buying Guide: What CPU to Choose in 2019

In this guide, we selected the best AMD and Intel models and prepared some advice on building a gaming PC to help you choose the best components for your needs

80 Memorable Todd Howard Quotes

Famous game designer talks Bethesda games, game development and inspiration

Best Animated Backgrounds of Samurai Shodown Series

We have selected the most beautiful backgrounds of the legendary Japanese fighting game

17 Games to Play This July

Here’s what July has to offer: shooters in the Wolfenstein universe, official games based on Stranger Things and Kill la Kill anime, and Beyond: Two Souls on PC

Richest People in the Gaming Industry

We look into those who made a fortune out of video games and how they did it, what impact they had on the gaming industry, and what they do with all this cashload

Best Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart Cosplay

We selected the most beautiful Tifa Lockhart cosplay created by cosplayers from around the world

Judgment Review Highlights

We selected the most interesting pieces from the reviews of the new game developed by Yakuza devs

The Ultimate List of Video Game Movies and Series

Over 130 movies, series and anime titles that feature video games: notable references, plot premises, parodies, and more

Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok

An unusual cosplay experiment with Mortal Kombat elements

Triss' Victory

What if the the red-haired sorceress wins

Yennefer's Victory

What if Yennefer wins

16 Best Metroidvania Games Ever

We selected 16 games, from good old classics to modern titles, both hardcore and relatively easy to play, which we believe are the best representatives of the genre

13 Patches That Broke Games Instead of Fixing Them

Not all patches are made equal: let’s look at updates that made the games worse by downgrading graphics, causing frame drops, and introducing new bugs

Stadia Connect Highlights: Everything You Need to Know

Games list, prices and subscriptions, Founder’s Edition, internet requirements, launch date and countries

15 Games That You Can Beat in a Couple of Minutes

We selected 15 games including Far Cry 4 and 5, Nier: Automata, Devil May Cry 5 and other titles that take less than 15 minutes to finish and explained how to do it
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