Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Far Cry 5: How To Get An Impulse Gun (Not Of This World)

How to complete ‘’Not of this world’’ quest, get an impulse gun and a ‘’Scientific fact’’ achievement

To the left of the Falls End, you can find a ‘’star’’ marker that points to a character called Larry Parker. Near his house, you’ll find a man that is trapped in the electric field. Just switch off three generators that will be highlighted by markers (don’t forget to highlight the quest ‘’Free Larry’’ in the journal) and then talk to NPC.

Fly after Larry and destroy Impulse plates. This will be a quest titled ‘’Hero’s way’’.

The next quest from Larry is ‘’Touch the unknown’’. Go to the field and find four hidden objects. Locate a small meadow with turkeys and find a sparkling object on the ground. You can be attacked by the turkeys.

The other item will be in the dog’s mouth. Shoot at the dog a couple of times to make it drop the item.

The third item is in the place with dead cows and a ferocious bear.

The fourth item is at the top of the silo tower. To climb on the silo tower, use the stairs on a smaller tower, then jump on the nearby tower. After this, you can jump to the platform of the silo tower that has stairs that lead to the roof with an extraterrestrial item.

The last quest is titled ‘’Not of this world’’. It requires you to switch off five transformers. Just follow the markers and interact with levers. Start the generator and see how Larry teleports himself. On his place, you’ll see an impulse gun and boots for character’s customization.

John Davis