Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How To Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5

All methods of rapid moneymaking including profitable activities and cash containing locations

At first glance, Far Cry 5 does not have much ways of making money. However, once you are comfortable with main mechanics of the game, you’ll be able to find the most obvious and efficient ways to help increase the content of your wallet.


You’ll get a monetary reward for both storyline and side quests. On average, each quest brings you $400 – 500 and you also get rare items that you can sell if you want. I recommend seizing a whole region by completing storyline quests before proceeding with side quests as you’ll get a 50% bonus for the seized region.

Survivalists’ caches (bunkers)

When talking to various characters, you’ll learn about various survivalists’ cashes (survivalists are a separate fraction whose members have either died or left the state). Find how to get into the desired cache and get a $400 – 500 reward and three journals that provide ability points.

How To Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5 -1

Besides getting into survivalists’ cashes, you can break safes. The game has two skills that allow you to break safes. Typically, there’s some money in safes, but sometimes you can also find silver bars. You can’t sell them, but they can be used to buy more expensive vehicles (as an alternative to spending your dollars). I’d note that silver bars may just lie in the open space – on a shelf, table etc.

Fishing and hunting

It could seem that fishing and hunting are an ordinary entertainment provided to diversify the game. However, fishing, hunting and skinning allow you trade with any merchant in the game. I’d say that hunting provides more profits than other methods as there are many animals in the game and you can kill them both with a crossbow and a gun as you don’t need to protect the animal’s skin.

How To Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5 -2

For hunting and fishing, unlock useful skills that increase prey, decrease the probability of animals running from the main hero and other bonuses. You can also be involved in gathering, but this method is less interesting and effective.

Keep in mind that you can collect maps, fishing journals and other items that can be sold to merchants.

John Davis