Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Far Cry 5: Walkthrough Tips

Below, you’ll find tips that will help you at the beginning of the game

It looks like Ubisoft set the task to make each following episode of the Far Cry series better than the previous one. This applies to all game’s aspects including the quantity of the content. Indeed, Far Cry 5 provides many occupations, including fishing, hunting and cache searching, all despite the fact that the task of the main hero is to fight doomsday sectarians.


You have a main enemy – the Father, Joseph Seed. To get close to him, you’ll need to kill three main allies and family members – Vera, Jacob and John.

Far Cry 5: Walkthrough Tips-1

The huge map is divided into five main parts. Three parts can be called «main parts» and are controlled by brothers and a sister of Joseph. The two other parts include the Dutch’s island, that you reach after the escape in the prologue, and the location of the church of the Father, where you find yourself at the beginning and at the end of the game.

To get to the Father, you must kill all three family members. In turn, you’ll have to increase the resistance level on each location to the maximum to get Vera, Jacob and John to attack you. We speak about a special scale that is increased due to certain actions:

  • Completion of storyline and side quests;
  • Release of prisoners;
  • Assistance to civilians and resistance members;
  • Seizure of outposts;
  • Sectarians property destruction, etc.

Thus, you are not obliged to complete all storyline quests on a location. Your secondary activities can increase the resistance level and lure a family member out of the shelter.

Besides, the resistance scale is divided into several parts. At certain points, more powerful opponents appear. On the other hand, the more prisoners you release and the more outposts you seize, the more Resistance fighters will appear on locations. In this case, you won’t have to fight alone against multiple enemies.

The seizure of each territory is based on the complete filling of the resistance scale, killing of the Seed family member and destruction of their shelter with the subsequent liberation of your ally.

Fast travel

On the map, fast travel points are denoted by two blue triangles pointing to the right. To open a fast travel point, you must seize an enemy outpost. Also, you can fast travel on blue markers (droplets).

Far Cry 5: Walkthrough Tips-2


Weapons can be obtained from enemies. To get access to new types of weapons, find them or buy for money in any shop of your outpost.

To switch between your weapons, use the mouse wheel or a special selector. On PC, press «Q», hover the cursor over the desired slot and scroll the wheel. If your cursor points to a submachine gun and it supports armor-piercing shells, you can switch to them (if you bought them before). The same method is used to switch between explosive shells – dynamite, grenades, remote-control explosives etc.


You’ll need ability points to unlock skills. To earn them, complete certain achievements. A similar system was used in the second part of Wolfenstein.

Open the inventory, go to the ‘’Trial’’ tab and read what you need to get this or that amount of ability points. Then, you can spend them on the corresponding tab.

Skills are divided into five main categories. The lower of them allows to strengthen your companions (one skill to each companion). Here are the remaining categories:

  • Survival expert – increases loot, health and reduces damage.
  • Defector – additional ways of moving, including parachute, wingsuit and explosives.
  • Assassin – everything that involves secrecy. Unlock the “cat”!
  • Survivor – abilities that increase ammunition capacity etc.

Special journals that offer free ability points can be found on locations, typically, inside buildings.

You can earn money and ability points in the Arcade mode.


In the game, you can unlock nine companions – three animals and six people. Each territory of the Seed family has two human companions and one animal.

Far Cry 5: Walkthrough Tips-3
  • The dog Boomer is great for scouting as he can mark targets.
  • Peach is a secretive wild cat for silent assassinations.
  • Cheeseburger is a bear that crashes everything.

For secretive walkthrough, I recommend Jesse Black.

Important! Don’t forget that you can give weapons and other items to your companions!

Markers on the map

Let’s discuss markers on the map and interface. Characters that provide storyline quests are marked by the American flag. Big icons depicting animals or people are missions that will allow you to get companions.

Icons with a star show characters that provide side quests. Icons with the exclamation mark show people that have interesting information (you’ll see the location of the cache, outpost etc. on the map).

The black flag with a white cross shows the location of the sectarians’ outpost. The blue diamond is a cache with valuable supply.

The yellow rhombus shows the active quest which you track. The white rhombus shows the active quest which you don’t track.

Outposts’ seizure

Each outpost has a safe containing silver bars. To unlock the safe, you should activate the relevant ability in skills or search for the ability that provides you with a burner.

Far Cry 5: Walkthrough Tips-4

You will get an additional reward for silent passage of the outposts (if alarm was off). For this, you’ll have to move secretly, disabling all alarms. Each outpost has two towers with alarm – yellow boxes below, loudspeakers above. These boxes can be switched off silently or shot down from the distance.

The outpost is seized when the last enemy is dead. Your task becomes harder if reinforcements are called.

Instead of the seized outpost, you’ll get resistance fighters, quest characters, a merchant, a garage, a helipad etc. Also, outpost is your only opportunity to create a fast travel point. Keep in mind that the fastest way of travel is a helicopter.

John Davis