Fallout 76

Release date: November 14, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

46 Useful Tips and Tricks to Beat Fallout 76

Useful recommendations and tips on the game: what you should know before starting the game, how to craft and level up, how to scrap items, what to keep in mind when fighting and dying, and more

Please review the basic information about the online co-op action game Fallout 76. These tips and recommendations, however, are based on the beta version and can differ from the version that you play at the time you read the article.

Getting Started

  1. Many players do not like that Pip-Boy fills the whole screen and makes it difficult to see your surroundings. As long as it is an online game, you can't pause it. So an enemy can attack you at any time, for example, when you examine Pip-Boy. From now on, there is a function that allows players to switch the view of the Pip-Boy's menu and make it transparent. As a result, you can see what’s happening around.
  2. Use the View button on Xbox One controllers to do that. During the game process, this button is responsible for switching between first and third person views.
  3. You can change your character's appearance, gender, hairstyle or clothes at any moment of the game. Open the start menu and choose Character Customization. You shouldn't exit the game.
  4. You can change loading screens in Fallout 76. Random screenshots you make in Photo Mode will appear on loading screens when you use fast travel or load your character.
  5. Pay attention that you can spend your Atom Points on customization of your character. You should complete diverse mini-challenges to obtain them. They are very simple if you look at their descriptions, but the reward always depends on the difficulty of a task. (e.g. to get 40 Atom Points you should kill 1111 robots). Just keep playing, and most of these challenges you will complete during the walkthrough.
  6. In addition to standard challenges, weekly and daily challenges will appear. That's why you can always earn Atom Points.
  7. Unlike other games of the Fallout series, hats and outfits (except gas masks) in Fallout 76 don't grant any bonuses. Use leather body armor and power armor to improve your protection.
  8. Thus, any stylistic changes of your character's appearance will neither improve nor worsen him.
  9. Remember that all containers and unique keys are created for each player individually. On the other side, all items lying on the ground go to whoever grabs it first. It refers to bobbleheads, magazines, and treasure maps. These items will respawn over time in the same spots.
  10. It's important to quench your thirst and hunger in time in Fallout 76. Although these negative effects progress slow, if you keep them on the level higher than 75%, you'll get bonuses.
  11. Fallout 76 is an online game, so you can't pause it. You should know how to switch between Stimpacks when you look at Pip-Boy using direction switch buttons on a gamepad.
  12. Put your favorite items in your favorites wheel so you won’t need to search them in your invebtory.
  13. You can find workbenches everywhere, especially in Vault 76 and in the Overseer's Camp. Only one player can use a workbench at a time. While it’s occupied, other players can use it only to utilize items.
  14. You can create your own workbench in a CAMP.
  15. You can fast travel to any place you've visited earlier. You can do it for free if you travel to CAMP, Vault 76 or to your party member. In other cases, cost depend on the distance (farther distance — more Caps).

Collection of items, scrap and storage

  1. Most part of the game you'll spend exploring various locations and collecting items necessary for survival. These items can be scrapped into base components, which allows reducing total weight of the inventory. If your character dies, all the stuff ramains on the ground, but you can return it after revival.
  2. To improve the efficiency, scrap undesirable items into components. Fill your inventory and return to a camp (on foot or using teleportation), then build a Vault-Tec Stash and place your inventory in it. The capacity of the Stash is 400lb, that's why you should delete duplicates of weapons, scrap junk into components, etc.
  3. You can get an access to the contents of the Stash from your camp or open places including Vault-Tec posts, Overseer's Camp, and filling stations.

Combat tips

46 Useful Tips and Tricks to Beat Fallout 76-1
  1. There are more fire-arms in Fallout 76 than ammunition for it. The Scorched, that you fight with during the game, drop weapons when dying. To save ammo, keep some melee weapon in reserve. You can also make ammunition on special workbenches.
  2. VATS has changed too. Your target is highlighted in real time, the chance of hitting and critical damage is inconstant. The chance of hitting depends on the distance to an enemy, your skills, weapons, etc. You shouldn't aim manually: using VATS increases your chance to do a critical hit.
  3. Using VATS you can identify diverse threats including minefields and small enemies.
  4. You can participate in PvP after you reach level 5. From now on, enemies can attack you, but you can shoot them too. When killing another player, one gets a temporary debuff. He will be highlighted as a Murderer for all players on a server. Killing a Murderer grants a reward. If you don't want to injure someone by an accidental shooting, you can activate the pacifist mode. You won’t be able to damage anybody, but enemies can still attack you.


  1. To unlock new craft recipes buy them from traders, find them (e.g. in chests) or receive from other players.
  2. When you find a plant or some kind of food for the first time, you'll receive a recipe automatically.
  3. You can find weapon and armor mods in the world or in chests. You can also learn some of the recipes of modifications if you scrap a weapon which was equipped with it.
  4. Over time, weapons and armor could be broken. They remain in your inventory, so you can repair it. But you can't equip broken items.
  5. When you build your camp using CAMP, you can save recipes of the structures you've created. It allows you to deploy a base in a new place in a very short period of time.
  6. You can't place a camp near quest markers, missions or other players’ bases.
  7. Scraping created buildings you receive only a small part of resources. It's better to create a recipe of this construction and restore it after the base displacement. There is no need to pay for it (except the base displacement).

Perks and attributes

  1. In Fallout 76 for each new level, you'll receive 1 point that you can spend on improving strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck You can level up each category to level 15. The level cap in Fallout 76 is 50.
  2. You can unlock one of the cards with perks after you've reached the next level. All these cards are connected with one of the categories of attributes, but it's not necessary to unlock a perk in the category you've leveled up. For example, if you leveled up strength, you can choose a card from any category. Not only from the strength category.
  3. If you level up charisma to 3 points, you'll be able to share cards with members of your team. If you combine 2 cards with the same perk, your perk will be boosted.
  4. You can change a set of cards during the game. It allows to switch to another role in a group.

Death, radiation and diseases

  1. When your health reaches 0, your character will fall on his knees and wait for help or death. Another player can save you using a stimulator (or other items if he has unlocked perks). If someone damages you, your character will die.
  2. If your character is dead, you lose all your stuff and components from your inventory. On the other hand, there will be a quest marker on the map indicating the location of your loot. Note that other players can find and take a bag with your stuff.
  3. Before you start to explore some dangerous area, it's better to place a camp nearby to have an opportunity to return and pick up your items.
  4. Radiation reduces your maximum possible health level. Use RadAway to get rid of it. If your character dies, radiation remains in his negative effects, but only if he dies of radiation. Your character will respawn with a reduced health point level.
  5. After you reach level 5 your character can catch diseases or mutations. Diseases can be transmitted in different ways. To get rid of them, you need the treatment. Death will not help you. Mutations can be acquired randomly because of the impact of radiation. Mutations stay after death. A disease could be removed (e.g. using treatment), but mutations, as well as radiation, can be removed with help of RadAway only.
  6. Some mutations are useful, that's why you should pay attention to the card The Starched Genes. It allows you to save current mutations and to avoid new ones.

Additional tips

  1. Bobbleheads and magazines grant you temporary bonuses. After picking up a bobblehead, it can be found in the inventory. Wait for the right moment to activate buff. If you find two identical bobbleheads, buff time will be increased.
  2. You'll receive bonuses if you keep your level of thirst and hunger at a minimum (you should be well-fed).
  3. Wood is the most valuable resource, always pick it up whenever you can.
  4. Don't drink dirty water if you don't want to catch some disease or to receive a dose of radiation. It's better to gather dirty water then boil and filter it.
  5. You shouldn't put cards with temporary effects into slots. For example, you don't need to use Lockpicking or Hacking skills if there are no terminals or locks. Equip them after you've found these objects.
  6. Don't be afraid to fight with strong enemies. They can deal a great amount of damage, but if you kill them, you'll receive more valuable awards. Just try to dodge their attacks.
  7. Rest on a warm bed grants you a temporary bonus.

John Davis