Europa Universalis 4

Release date: August 13, 2013
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, SteamOS

Europa Universalis 4 Cheats and Console Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of most useful Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands and instructions on how to use them.

How to activate the console

To access the console, you can press "~" key, Shift + 2, or ALT+2+1, depending on your keyboard layout. The console can only be accessed on non-ironman games. You can press UP and DOWN keys to go through previously executed commands. Using the commands might result in damage or considerate changes in your save file, so use them with caution and create back-up files. Sometimes you will need to reload the save to disable an effect caused by a command.

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List of commands

To display Country Tags and Province IDs, use "debug_mode".
  • cash <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of money.
  • manpower <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of manpower.
  • sailors <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of sailors.
  • prestige <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of prestige.
  • legitimacy <value> <CountryTag> – Sets the legitimacy of current ruler.
  • adm <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of administrative power points.
  • dip <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of diplomatic power points.
  • mil <value> <CountryTag> – Gives the specified amount of military power points.
  • yesman – Makes AI accept all diplomatic offers.
  • fow – Disables or Enables the fog of war.
  • ti – Disables or Enables terra incognita.
  • debug_mode – Displays Province IDs and Country Tags when hovering over them with cursor.
  • absolutism <value> <CountryTag> – Adds absolutism to the player.
  • age_ruler <value> <CountryTag> – Sets the age of the ruler.
  • age_heir <value> <CountryTag> – Sets the age of the heir.
  • add_claim <ProvinceID> <CountryTag> – Adds claim to the specified province.
  • add_colonist <CountryTag> – Adds a colonist.
  • add_core <ProvinceID> <CountryTag> – Adds a core to the specified country.
  • add_diplo <CountryTag> – Adds diplomatic enroute.
  • add_heir <CountryTag> – Adds an heir. (The current heir is immediately killed)
  • add_liberty_desire <value> <CountryTag> – Adds liberty desire to the player.
  • add_missionary <CountryTag> – Adds a missionary.
  • add_natives <ProvinceID> <value> – Adds natives to given province (the amount added will be the specified value multiplied by 100).
  • add_permanent_claim <ProvinceID> <CountryTag> – Adds a permanent claim.
  • add_pi <CountryTag> – Adds papal influence to the specified country.
  • add_republican_tradition <value> <CountryTag> – Adds republican tradition to the player.
  • army_tradition <value> <CountryTag> – Adds army tradition to the player.
  • autosave – Triggers an autosave.
  • clear – Clears the console menu.
  • combat_dice <value> – Sets the combat dice to the specified number.
  • change_religion <CountryTag/ProvinceID> <religion> – Changes the religion of the specified country or province.
  • corrupt <value> <CountryTag> – Sets the corruption to the specified value.
  • debug_reload_areas – Reloads the map areas.
  • delete_wars <CountryTag> – Delete all country's wars (doesn't influence truces)
  • kill <CountryTag> – Kills the ruler of the specified country.
  • epicfail <CountryTag> – Makes all spies of the specified country fail.
  • exhaust <value> <CountryTag> – Sets the war exhaustion to the specified value.
  • fast_colonize – Enables fast colonize cheat. (Influences AI as well)
  • frenzy – Enables Great Power frenzy.
  • god – Enables god mode.
  • help – Shows a list of all commands.
  • help <command> – Gives a description to the specified command.
  • inflation <value> <CountryTag> – Sets inflation to the specified value.
  • nextsong – Changes the soundtrack to a next song.
  • observe – Enables the observer mode, taking away control of your country and letting you observer the map freely.
  • own <ProvinceID> <CountryID> – Sets the specified province into the specified country's possession.
  • repair <CountryTag> – Repairs all ships.
  • set_base_tax <CountryTag> – Sets base tax.
  • savegame – Creates a save file.
  • trust <CountryTag> <value> – Sets the trust of the specified country towards the player to the specified value.
  • winwars – Makes you win all wars.

John Davis