Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Beginner's Guide

A description of the main elements of the game including fights, skills, quests, and resources as well

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is a role-playing tactical game for iOS and Android. Below, we will discuss the main aspects of the game that will help you start your journey.

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Storyline missions screen


The damage done by your troops greatly depends on the interaction between various elements. This is especially important in PvP battles when you combine strikes and, for example, attack a red opponent with blue elements (fire and ice respectively), the enemy gets double the damage.

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Battle screen

The rules and the relationship between five main elements is easy to understand. Also, you can check the tip at the top left corner of the screen that is there during all battles, be it storyline missions or raids on other players.

Here’s the relationship between elements:

  • Fire wins over nature, nature wins over ice, ice wins over fire. If we translate this into colors, we’ll get that red element is stronger than green, green is stronger than blue, and blue is stronger than red.
  • Purple and yellow elements are strong against each other but are weak again elements of the same color. They are “darkness” and “light”.

By attacking the weak element, you deal double damage. If you attack unrelated elements (for example, you attack darkness or light with fire), you deal standard damage. The same is true for cases when you attack the identical element - red with red, green with green etc. If you attack ice with fire, you’ll deal half the damage as fire is weaker than ice.

Special skills

During the battle, each hero fills his mana scale (blue bar above avatar) that it used to activate a special skill. Mana is filled in the case when you attack the opponent with the element of the hero. For example, if you want to fill the scale of the red hero, you must collect red cells etc.

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Heroes screen

It sounds simple, but you’ll soon notice one nontrivial thing:

  • On the one hand, you can collect elements and attack the enemy. In this case you’ll get minimum amount of mana.
  • On the other hand, you may collect elements in a certain manner so that troops (troops attack the enemy when you collect elements) fly past the enemy to the end of the battlefield. In this case, you’ll get a huge amount of mana.

Thus, you’ll have to make a choice each time: attack the opponent or send the attack past him but get much mana to deal critical damage with a special skill on the next turn.

Battle items

You can bring items from four different categories into each battle. Four slots are available, but this does not mean that you can’t get more than 1 potion of mana or HP in one slot. Do not lose the opportunity to use the items in the battle even if you think you can fight without them.

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Item settings screen

Soon, you’ll get access to several useful items, including the scroll of revival, which resurrects one of the fallen heroes during the battle. These items may play a decisive role especially at the last stage of battles where you need to destroy the boss.


Don’t forget to check squads that were established for each hero. Make sure that you have chosen the strongest ones to deal the maximum damage to your opponent. Also, don’t forget about the portal that can be used for free one time per day. You get a chance to get unusual or rare squads that will make your hero significantly stronger. Furthermore, you can open the portal for special badges. You’ll get the lion’s share of your badges for full completion of a separate region in the storyline.


To fight with other gamers, you should repair the watchtower in the right side of the location. You can do it at the early stage of the game as well as later. However, I’d recommend repairing the watchtower as soon as possible.

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Duels against other gamers are a great pastime which will also allow you to win a certain amount of resources. The main thing to keep in mind is that PvP allows you to learn if your heroes’ squad is good. You’ll notice that some heroes are working well especially after they meet enemies of a certain type. You’ll have to study this information carefully.


The quest map is unlocked at the 10th level. Completing tasks requires effort but it is worth it. The map has new quest levels that are available daily. On completion, these levels will reward you with a guaranteed loot of a certain type. Unusual tasks will offer you rare materials to modernize your heroes etc.


Alliances are available after you have upgraded the citadel to the 4th level. The biggest benefit that comes with joining an alliance is the opportunity to hunt titans. To eliminate titans, several alliance members must work together – this is the only way to deal enough damage to kill these huge monsters. If the alliance is able to defeat the titan, all members that took part in the battle receive their fair share of the loot.

“Required” missions

Note the chests at the top left corner of the screen. Inside, there are gems (premium currency) and other loot that will come in handy. To open the chest, you’ll have to fill the separate scale near it. The monster chest is available right from the start, while you have to repair the watchtower to get the heroes chest. The alliance chest will be available after you join an alliance. It goes without saying that you need to fulfill specified requirements to open these chests and get additional loot and gems without investing real money.

Advanced PvP strategies

You’ll notice various methods of optimizing your play once you have completed a couple of battles at the PvP arena. Here’s a good advice: the order of your heroes in the line-up is very important. The hero in the center of the line-up is in the frontline and will receive most damage. This position is for the hero with most health and best defense.

Farming resources

You’ll need much food, iron and other materials in the game. By going to earlier levels and auto-completing battles (rewind icon at the top right corner of the screen), you’ll earn additional resources without problems, if you are stuck in the storyline. On the other hand, keep in mind that AI is not that great as you could have been if you were to complete these battles manually.

John Davis