Release date: July 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Earthfall Beginner's Guide

Everything you need to know about the gameplay, weapons presented in the game and types of enemies

In this guide, we go over all the bits and bobbles you’ll need to become a professional Earthfall marksman – one that people would be proud to have on their survival team. We cover the enemies, the weapons and some general tips on what you need to know in order to survive.


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The game is built around a basic first person shooter formula with extremely responsive controls and smooth immersive gameplay. You point, you shoot, the bullets go where they need to go. There is no next-gen accuracy system that serves to tease you into bettering your meta-aiming technique. It’s a shooter that doesn’t fight you trying to enjoy yourself.


There are many different types of firearms that serve you well in different scenarios, and since this is a monster survival game, conservation of ammo and proper gun use is key. There is also the very interesting mechanic of 3D printing at a station, that essentially lets you produce weapons that you don’t own, but not all weapons are 3D printable. Most weapons are also refillable at ammo stations.
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For the complete breakdown let’s get to the weapon list:


  • SW22 – Infinite Ammo. Your starting weapon – a basic pistol with 15 rounds per clip, that, like the other pistol in the game, can be dual wielded.
  • Vendetta – Infinite Ammo. A ridiculously overpowered handgun, and the only other pistol in the game, with sniper rifle damage and extreme accuracy. It can also be dual wielded, but beware that dual wielding any pistol combo will come at the cost of some accuracy at longer range.


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  • Berg 930 – 3D printable, refillable. 10 shots per clip + 50 extra on the side, for a total of 60 devastating short range kill shots, especially if you’re up close and aiming for a headshot. This gun is great for one-shotting some of the more common enemies like the sappers and drones.
  • EF18 – 3D printable, refillable. A significantly more powerful shotgun, with 14 shots per clip and 56 on the side. This gun can kill any enemy in two shots, save for the Beasts.


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  • AK67 – 3D printable, refillable. Automatic assault rifle, 40 shots per clip plus 160 for reloads. Aim for the head and hope for the best.
  • AK47 – refillable. Same as the AK67, with a bit more damage.
  • Combat CVA Rifle – 3D printable, refillable. Burst fire rifle, great for medium range shots against swarms and specials.
  • Glintek Sniper Rifle – refillable. An optimal long range weapon, with a whopping 20 shots per clip plus 80 in your pocket.


  • MP5 – 3D printable, refillable. The good old sub-machine staple, with decent accuracy, great for headshots and boasting a whopping 360 shots, 60 per clip.


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  • Frag and Napalm grenades, as well as proximity mines, best used as traps for swarms or beasts.
  • Harbinger. 300 Round Minigun. An absolute beast slayer. Save it for tight squeezes.
  • Reaper. Flamethrower with 160 points of fuel, best saved for large swarms of enemies.


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The gameplay is surprisingly straightforward, especially if you have experience with games like Left4Dead. The game has constant objective reticles to guide you to the next pivotal game point. Most of the time they have to do with finding the next necessary tool for your team to progress, and the rest of the time you need to have your eyes peeled on your team and make sure that the aliens don’t reach them.

Ideally, your team should be doing the same, keeping the aliens off your back while you all scatter to get to the objectives.

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Regarding the weapons, you’re generally going to want to aim for critical hits, which are mostly headshots or marked areas on the aliens’ bodies, with either rifles or pistols. Save the sniper rifles for long range elimination of bigger enemies, and definitely save the overpowered weapons like the Harbinger and the Reaper for when your team is down or when the Beast shows up.

Enemy Breakdown

  • Drones. The bread and butter of the alien force. Shoot them in the head. No mercy.
  • Spitters. They spit toxic acid around, endangering your whole team. Stay away from them and try to eliminate them as soon as possible. They too are susceptible to headshots.
  • Sappers. Big, green and mean, and they blow up when you kill them, releasing toxic gas. You’ll want to kill them from a distance, or kill them with napalm or the flamethrower. Those two weapons prevent the explosion, making for a safe kill.
  • Whiplashers. Big scary giraffe type aliens that can grab you and pull you away from your team. They are your top priority.
  • Threshers. These buggers crawl around on the ground and pounce on you, pinning you down. They, along with the whiplashers, need to go down first, else you’ll be down a teammate.
  • Enragers. Floating, roaring blobs, that summon tons of drones as they assault you. You can think of them as a sort of boss monster that your team needs to focus carefully, making sure the adjoining drones don’t whittle you down as well.
  • The Beast. The boss of all boss aliens. He’ll pick one of you to target, and the other three of you need to wail on him like there’s no tomorrow. You want to go all out with your powerful weapons on this one.
  • The Blackout. Arguably the hardest mob in the game, this fellow comes with three spinning shields that protect him, and he likes to run around giving himself time to regenerate them. Best tactic is to bathe him in grenades and shoot for the head.

And the rest…

The game has a very interesting story broken up across 4 chapters, each with 5 levels. The story is fun, albeit not very original and we are not going to spoil it for you. We hope our guide prepared you to kick some serious butt, however, as you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Viktor Zafirovski