Dragalia Lost: The Complete Beginner's Guide

This guide will introduce you to the basic mechanics of the game, characters classes and skills, summoning and rerolling, crafting and upgrading, in-game collections and buildings

Dragalia Lost is a character-collecting RPG mobile game developed and published by Nintendo. It offers unique gameplay, simple controls, well-drawn graphics and deep story lines.

Embark on an adventure to hack-and-slash your way through dungeons, make pacts with Dragons, and develop the strongest team of Adventurers.

Summoning and Rerolling

The game uses Gacha mechanics (like Fire Emblem Heroes, Fate/Grand Order or Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth]) and the rarest characters have very low chance of appearance. However, the game makes it up by making summoning materials very easy to acquire.

After the tutorial, you will get enough materials to perform a 10-fold summon. This makes rerolling for a 5-star character an easier task.

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Rerolling is generally recommended because the benefit of an easier start because 5-star characters are stronger than the next character rarity by a wide margin. The only con of rerolling is delaying the game start and spending time on downloading a lot of game data.

Characters and Rarity

You will start the game with the protagonist, a fire-based attacker Adventurer, which is decent enough to carry you in the game quests and events. If you opt to reroll, any 5-star attacker should be a good team leader.

The game characters are called Adventurers and they can appear as 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star rarity. The game offers an option to promote your characters to the next rarity you can still have 5-star characters of you have tough luck in summoning.

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Combat Mechanics

Organize a team of 4 Adventurers to fight against fiends and strong bosses. You need to master controlling your characters, understand their strength and weaknesses, and play with real people to fight against strong enemies.

Controls and Interface

The game can be played using one finger:

  • Movement: Drag your finger in your phone screen to move your character around the dungeon.
  • Dash/Dodge: Quick swipe your finger to a direction of choice.
  • Attack: Tap repeatedly anywhere on the screen. Your character will attack the nearest enemy.
  • Special Attack: Hold your finger on a location for a couple of seconds to trigger a special attack. Some special attacks require you to specify a direction, so you need to drag your finger to it.
  • Change character: Tap on the Adventurer icon on the bottom left part of the screen to change your active character.
  • Skills and Helper skills: Clickable skills are present at the bottom of the screen and the helper character skill at the bottom right. Helper skills of your friends have 3 charges.
  • Activate Dragon Transformation: The dragon icon right above the Adventurer icon. Changing adventurers will also change the dragon icon.
  • Auto-Battle: The game AI will control movement and fight using your character. You can still freely control your character even if the auto-battle mode is on.


  • Auto-battle does not use character skills. You can perform skills while the auto-battle is on. Auto-battle automatically resumes after you stop doing any action.
  • Auto-battle does not attack chests and crates. You need to know this in case you are planning to farm dungeons using auto-battle
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Each character and dragon have a specific element. The game has an offense triangle like most combat games.

  • Fire (red) > Wind (green) > Water (blue) > Fire (red)
  • Light (yellow) >< Dark (purple)

This means that fire inflicts more and takes less damage against wind characters and so on. Light and dark characters are strong against each other.

To be able to remember this easily, you can think of the primary colors: red, green, blue (RGB). Red is stronger than Green. Green is stronger than blue, and blue is stronger than red.

Solo and Co-op Modes

Quests and Event dungeons offer you an option to complete it using your own team or team-up with other players.

In co-op mode, you can only bring 1 character (leader). In most dungeons, using all attacker characters will not be a problem. In very hard dungeons, you need to coordinate with your team and have someone use tanks or healers.

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Events are special dungeons with specific loots. They are the farming spots of the game and they are essential to getting your team stronger for a short amount of time.

The different dungeons in the Events have different team power requirements. The higher the team power requirement the better the loots.

Events are usually set for a limited amount of time, but some events listed below are recurring and are always available.

  • Avenue to Power — This dungeon will allow you to acquire bronze, silver and gold crystals which are used to level-up your characters.
  • Avenue to Fortune — This is the place to farm for Rupies. This dungeon also drops weapons and light orbs.
  • Dragon Trials — In this dungeon, you can fight against specific dragons and earn lots of dragon upgrade materials. Since you will be fighting the dragon directly, this is a good place to quickly farm materials.
  • Element Ruins — There is a different dungeon for every element. You can farm element-specific orbs, weapons and other upgrade materials here.

Collections: Adventurers, Weapons, Wyrmprints, and Dragons

Technically, Adventurers, Wyrmprints and Dragons are the 3 different character types of the game. Your objective is to collect and upgrade them. Wyrmprints, however, only act as stat booster and buffs.

Adventurers (Characters)

These are your game characters. The game is so deep that each Adventurer has its own storyline.

Ideally, you would want to get 5-star Adventurers in your main team but since they are extremely hard to get, 4-star Adventurers are still viable options in any mode of the game. Please note that you can promote your 4-star Adventurers to 5-star using Eldwaters.

Adventurers have their own roles, skills, abilities, and elements. Details about elements are present in the Combat Mechanics section.

Adventurer roles

  • Attack units have skills mainly used for dealing a lot of damage. The main character of the game is an attacker type and they are usually the best characters to be used in auto-battles.
  • Support units have special buff skills that can improve combat capabilities. Their co-abilities also provide special buffs. They are normally ranged attackers.
  • Defense units are your tanks and they normally have strong defensive skills.
  • Healing units are characters that have team healing skills.

Adventurer Skills, Abilities and Co-abilities

Skills are the actions that can be used during combat. Abilities are passive effects that give benefits the character alone.

Each adventurer also has a co-ability that provides a buff to the entire team. You can check the co-abilities on the upper right part of your team. Similar co-abilities do not stack so you need to take this into consideration when forming a team.


Each Adventurer can be equipped with 1 class-specific weapon. You can acquire weapons through loots and crafting.

There are 8 weapon types in the game (swords, katana, daggers, axes, spears, bows, wands, and staffs). The attack styles, skills and animations depend on the weapon type.

Like Adventurers, weapons can have up to 5-star rarity as well. Weapons can drop in most story quest dungeons and events. You can also craft weapons, but you will need to have a Smithy in your Castle first.

Weapons can be upgraded to improve its stats. You can also create powerful element-specific weapons using crafting. For more details check on the Upgrading and Crafting section.


Wyrmprints are powerful buff cards that can be equipped in your Adventurers. They can be acquired through summoning or drops in various quests and dungeons.

They can also have up to 5-star rarity and can be upgraded/unbound to improve stats.


Dragons are your secondary characters in the game. They are also the most powerful but can only be used for a short period of time.

Dragons have a specific element and can also have up to 5-star rarity. Adventurers can still use dragons on different elements, but they cannot benefit on the same element bonus. You can also unbind dragons to increase their maximum levels but sacrificing a similar dragon.

You can upgrade dragons using dragonfruit or sacrificing other dragons. Dragonfruit can be acquired from the Dragontree in the castle.

Dragons also have a special attribute called dragon bond and it increases the length of the dragon transformation time. You can increase the bond level by giving items to the dragon via the Dragon Roost in the Castle. When you give items to the dragon, it also gives a lot of upgrade materials in return.

Upgrading and Crafting

Upgrading and crafting are the essential actions needed to strengthen your Adventurers.

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The experience earned by your Adventurers the quests and dungeons are low so your main method to level up them is to use Crystals earned from rewards and events.

The upgrade option allows you to level up Adventurers using upgrade crystals. The following are the maximum levels for each Adventurer rarity

  • 3-stars – level 60
  • 4-stars – level 70
  • 5-stars – level 80

The promote option allows you to increase the rarity (number of stars) of your Adventurers.

  • 3-star to 4-star = 2500 eldwaters
  • 4-star to 5-star = 25000 eldwaters

Mana Circles

Mana circles give your Adventurers additional stats. It will also allow you to learn and improve your skills. You will need mana, orbs, and scales to upgrade your mana circles.


You can upgrade your weapon using whetstones or other weapons. You can unbind a weapon to increase its maximum level. Unbinding requires up to 4 of the same weapon.


Upgrade your wyrmprints using blessed waters or other wyrmprints. You can also unbind wyrmprints using duplicates.


Dragons can be upgraded using dragonfruits or sacrificing other dragons. You can also unbind dragons to increase maximum level by sacrificing up to 4 of the same dragon.


To be able to craft, you must have a smithy in your Castle.

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How to craft weapons:

  1. Click on Upgrade > Crafting.
  2. Select the weapon type. Weapon types are specific to each character, so you need to make sure that you are selecting the correct weapon.
  3. Select the weapon rarity. 4-star weapons become available for crafting if your smithy is already level 4 and 5-star on level 7.
  4. If you lack materials for crafting, long press on the material and click on ‘’How to Acquire’’ to know where you can farm for that material.
  5. If you are planning to use the weapon for a long time, it is recommended that you craft 5 of them so that you can use the extra 4 for unbinding.

How to enhance weapons:

Enhancing is just advanced crafting. You can craft element-specific weapons to maximize your elemental attack power.

  1. Click on the Upgrade > Crafting > Enhance.
  2. Select on the weapon you will enhance. The weapon must be on the max level and max unbinding.
  3. Make sure you select the correct weapon branch where the target element is located.
  4. Click on Craft. The new weapon will appear in your inventory and it goes back to level 1.
  5. Enhancing to the next weapon branch follows the same principle in number 2. Weapon must be max on the level and unbinding.
  6. If you lack materials for crafting, long press on the material need to determine where it can be acquired.

Game Resources and How to Acquire Them

  • Rupies are the basic currency of the game and it is used in crafting weapons, building and upgrading your Castle buildings. Rupies can also be used to purchase Upgrade items in the shop. They can be acquired in any dungeon, but you can farm them from the Avenue of Fortune Dungeon in the Events.
  • Wyrmites are the most important resource of the game. They are used for summoning (Adventurers, Dragons, Wyrmprints), reviving in combat, replenishing stamina, and instantly finishing building construction.
  • Diamantiums are the premium currency and they can only be available via real money purchase. They serve the same purpose as Wyrmites.
  • Eldwaters are used to promote your Adventurers (increase rarity/stars). This resource can be acquired from summoning and rewards. This is a very scarce resource, so it is recommended to save for the 25000 eldwaters in order to promote a 4-star adventurer to 5-star.
  • Skip tickets are used to automatically complete previously-completed dungeons. They can be earned as rewards or you can purchase them from the Shop for 50 diamantiums each.

Resources needed in Upgrades

These resources can also be purchased in the Shop using Rupies.

  • Orbs, Scales and Scaldscales are used to upgrade and unbind Mana Circles. They are also used to upgrade element Altars in your castle.
  • Dragonfruits are used to upgrade your dragons. They can be acquired from the dragontree in your castle.
  • Whetstones are used to upgrade your weapons. They can be acquired from story quests loots, events, and rewards.
  • Waters are used to upgrade your Wyrmprints. They can be acquired from rewards and dungeon drops.
  • Crystals (bronze, silver, gold) are used to increase the levels of your Adventurers. They can be acquired from the Avenue to Power dungeon.
  • Weapon crafting materials. There are also a lot of different materials needed in crafting weapons. They drop in most dungeons and quests. If you lack a material, you can click on it to determine where they can be acquired.

The Castle

The game offers a Castle mini-game that allows you to construct buildings that are beneficial to your game progress.

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You will start with 2 builder characters called Smithwyrms but you can purchase additional ones (up to 5) using Wyrmite or Diamantium.

  • The Halidom is your headquarters which is the costliest to upgrade. Leveling up this building will increase the level cap of your Smithy and unlocks new areas for construction.
  • Rupie mines automatically earn Rupies passively. Upgrading will increase the mining speed and the storage capacity.
  • Dragontrees can grow Dragonfruits which is a source of EXP for your dragons. Upgrading will increase the gathering rate and storage capacity.
  • Elemental Altars are buildings that give buffs to specific elements. They boost HP and Strength of your Adventurers. Upgrading them increases the % stats boosted.
  • The Smithy unlocks weapon crafting making this one of the most important buildings. Upgrading this will increase the rarity of weapons you can craft.
  • Dojos give buffs to Adventurers based on their chosen weapon. This building can be unlocked by clearing Chapter 6 and participating in the Imperial Onslaught event. Because of the benefits of their buffs, Dojos are priority buildings to upgrade.
  • Dracoliths boost damage output during dragon transformation. Upgrading will cost rupies and orbs of the corresponding element.
  • Decoratives are design and filler buildings in your Castle. They do not add to the facility level, but they are cheap to buy so they are just good fillers to areas where the main buildings do not fit.

Thank you for reading this beginners guide. Hope it has been a helpful resource in understanding the basic game functions, terms and mechanics.

Ian Leo Bertoldo