Dota Underlords

Release date: June 20, 2019
Platforms: Android, Mac, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Breaking down the basics of the popular Auto Chess game from Valve: game rules, useful tips, best items and alliances

Underlords is a cross-platform adaptation of the super-popular mode for Dota 2 from Valve. We all remember the failed attempt to enter the CCG market with Artifact – this time, everything is different. The authors of Half-Life approached the matter seriously and worked on access for mobile devices, cross-platform gaming, balance, and thoroughly implemented the management of items in the ‘’chess’’ game. Valve released not a raw product but a pleasant adaptation with familiar graphics and heroes. There are many differences from the original map, so we’ll analyze all the subtleties of the new game and provide advice to both Auto Chess beginners and experienced players.

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Game rules and interface

In Underlords, the interface differs materially from the original game. This was done to facilitate transfer to Android and iOS devices, although the interface in the original mobile game from the authors of the mod was much more convenient and contained many social functions. Let’s hope that Valve will not fall behind.

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  • So, 8 players participate in the match. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see their portraits, names, level, current health and gold amount.
  • The player level determines the quality of the heroes who are offered in the shop and the maximum number of ally figures on the board.
  • By default, the portraits are sorted in descending order of health and number of victories. When you defeat a player, his avatar loses health. The match is won by the last standing player.
  • Your avatar is highlighted by size and is duplicated to the right of the main list.
  • The ‘’green tick’’ symbol indicates that the player won the fight, ‘’red cross’’ is a signal of defeat.
  • The blue, purple or orange glow next to the player’s portrait means that the player had several games without defeat (3, 5, 7 or more wins in a row).
  • You may observe the board of any player by simply clicking on his portrait. You can watch both the current composition of the enemy army and its bench, where heroes get straight after they are bought in the shop. Eight cells are available to each player.
  • In the upper left corner, you’ll see a timer that shows the current round and the stage of the game.
  • By default, you’ll see icons of your items and global upgrades, which you get as a reward for fighting neutral monsters, right under the timer.
  • You can change the information that will be displayed in the right block. To do this, switch between tabs. Choose the middle ‘’list’’ icon to see stats on damage (yours and enemy’s). By clicking on the topmost icon, you’ll see which alliance bonuses affect your army.
  • In the lower right corner, you’ll find a shop. Your current stock of gold is also indicated there.
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The number of pieces on the board cannot exceed the player’s level. At the end of the battle, extra pieces will be put on the ‘’bench’’
  • All players start with level one. Each round that you have won brings you one experience point. You also have the opportunity to buy four units of experience for five gold. We recommend doing this for the first time in round 6 so that you do not fall behind other players. In the future, you should spend gold to increase your level depending on the game situation.
  • In the first three rounds, you fight against neutral monsters and obtain items for this. It does not matter if you win or lose – you’ll get an item in any case. However, in the event of defeat, you’ll get a random reward. If you win, you’ll get to choose from three options. This is much more friendly to the player in comparison with the original map. The next battle with neutral creeps will take place in rounds 10, 15, 20 and so on.
  • In other cases, you fight against a random player.
  • The combat is automatic, and you only determine the positioning of your fighters before the battle. It plays a big role in Dota Underlords as many bonuses, hero abilities or item effects impact a certain number of cells. For example, the knight alliance boosts its bonus when the heroes are located one cell apart from each other.

Heroes basic guide

  • Heroes have a tier (quality) which determines the power of their abilities and the number of basic characteristics. The higher the tier, the more dangerous the hero is and the higher his value in the store. In total, there are 5 tiers. There are many heroes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier, while 4th tier and 5th tier heroes are relatively rare.
  • Also, the heroes have 3 levels (🌟 ). The higher the level, the more powerful is the character. Collect copies of heroes to increase their level. The second level demands three copies, while the third level will demand three times more copies.
  • At any time, you’ll be able to purchase additional heroes in the shop if you have enough space on the bench.
  • If you buy enough copies of the hero, he will instantly increase his rank and get a material bonus to characteristics. No further action is required. If this happened during the battle, the upgraded version of the hero will appear on the battlefield after the current battle is completed.
  • If you buy the hero during the battle, you’ll be able to place him on the battlefield only after the end of the fight.
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  • If nobody suits you, you can either save your gold or update the list for two gold.
  • If you lack a few coins but the hero you need is in the list, you can ‘’lock’’ the list by clicking on the corresponding icon. In this case, the list will stay the same at the beginning of the next round.
  • Heroes can be sold at full value at any time. Select the character and click on the ‘’basket’’ icon. When the sale is completed, you’ll receive gold depending on the level of the hero. For example, second-level Axe will yield three gold. It is important to note that when you sell the hero, the equipped item will not be destroyed and will get to your inventory. After this, you’ll be able to put it on someone else.

Items: tiers and tips

It is very important to defeat monsters in Dota Underlords as items and global items can seriously impact the results of your army.

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Once you have obtained an item, it gets to the inventory. To equip an item, drag it on the chosen hero. If you do it during the battle, the hero will put on the artifact only after the battle. Each hero may be equipped with only one item, but you may transfer it to another character at any time.

At the early stages of the game, the difference in items may not be critical, but closer to round 25 the heroes with a good set of items will have a material advantage over you. Thus, you should take this matter seriously. Below, we’ll analyze the items from each tier and provide tips on their use.

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Some global items may be obtained several times – in this case, they will have a combined effect. For example, Unstable Reactor at the second level deals 40% of maximal health damage

Tier 1

  • Brooch of the Martyr is suitable for close-combat characters who should use their ability as fast as possible (for example, Kunkka, Tidehunter, Templar Assassin, Tiny, Tusk, Doom, Disruptor).
  • Strange Bedfellows – a narrowly targeted item which is necessary only when playing against demons. You should take it only if you can’t get anything more useful. The same applies to Soul Sucking Syphon which is also a weak bonus.
  • Blight Stone and Claymore are equally effective in the hands of your attacking heroes (especially assassins).
  • Chainmail and Vitality Boost will come in handy for your tanks, while Cloak, which provides +15% magic resistance, is mostly useless.
  • Embarrassment of Riches is a rather pleasant bonus which increases your chance to get something useful after the battle with neutrals.
  • Unstable Reactor will come in handy if you can get into inventors and craft Timbersaw or Clockwerk. However, Underlords has more powerful alliances to offer.
  • Gloves of Haste is one of the most powerful items of the first tier which suits almost any hero.
  • Tranquil Boots after update provide you with the same useless +100% speed but have a pleasant bonus to health recovery which may be useful for your tank.
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Tier 2

  • Brooch of the Aggressor will suit all long-range heroes, especially those with a good and powerful ability (for example, Keeper of the Light, Medusa, Lich, Enigma).
  • Forged in Battle is an interesting bonus if you have obtained it early in the game and you have Beastmaster and Juggernaut. Late in the game, your strong heroes will become real monsters.
  • Summoning Stone will come in handy if you have Lycan, Nature’s Prophet and Lone Druid. The summoned creatures will become materially more powerful. For other heroes, this item is useless.
  • Smuggler provides a pleasant bonus for the late game, but it’s often better to equip your inventory with items that are useful right now.
  • Blade Mail is a great item for the tank which will allow him to deal material damage to attackers.
  • Mask of Madness provides a major bonus to attack speed but casts silence. This suits any attacking hero with a passive ability (only active abilities are blocked). For example, that’s an item for Troll Warlord, Drow Ranger, Bloodseeker, Luna, Slark.
  • Fall from Grace – a strange bonus which changes Human alliance to Heartless. Exchanging the chance to cast silence to a decrease in armor in the late game is rather stupid.
  • Unstoppable is a very powerful bonus for warriors who can use extra seconds of their life to use their abilities and turn the game around. It is especially great to find several copies of this item.
  • Octarine Essence is a weak item suitable only for mages with a long roll of abilities. However, there’s no guarantee that the hero will be able to use the ability for the second time.
  • Coordinated Assault is useful with trolls. For example, Troll Warlord will boost Drow who, in turn, will speed up him.
  • Silver Lining is sometimes useful when you can’t start a series of victories. This bonus will allow you to smooth out your problems with gold, reach 50 coins quicker, and get interest each round.
  • Arcana Boots is a useful item for melee fighters who gain mana quicker. It will allow you to replenish mana of ally warriors. It’s great for Lone Druid.
  • Age of Chivalry, Completing the Cycle, Tooth and Claw, Indomitable Will are weak bonuses – you’ll be better off taking something else.
  • Aegis of the Immortal is a one-time item, so taking it is a dubious decision.
  • Blink Dagger has become better – it can be used once every 15 seconds and provides 50 mana. It’s great for the Assassin, especially with mass attack like Queen of Pain.
  • Big-Time Contract is a dubious bonus that adds the owner to the alliance of Blood-Bound. You can give it to your powerful attacking hero or put Warlock or Ogre Magi so that they die quickly. Thus, the remaining members of the alliance will get +100% damage which is very powerful.
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Tier 3

  • Vanguard is a great item for tanks.
  • Dragon’s Hoard is required if you play through dragons. The same cannot be said about Font of Creation which is used only by elementals – there are much more interesting items in the third tier.
  • Hood of Defiance provides resistance to magic and restores health: it’s a decent protective object for fat tanks like Doom and Tidehunter.
  • Skull Basher provides damage and stunning chance so equip it on the attacking heroes with good attacking speed (Drow, Medusa, Troll Warlord).
  • Mekanism is a great item for a tank which heals all allies located in a big radius.
  • Shaman Pluck was upgraded in the latest update. The chances are now good (17%). You can take it for shamans if you haven’t found better items for your attacking heroes.
  • Force Staff is a questionable item which pushes the enemy in a random direction once every 10 seconds. In theory, it can push mages and deadeye to the front where they are vulnerable. In practice, the effect is unpredictable.
  • Retaliate, Wicked Intent, Elusive Targets, Check the Bodies are rarely used as there are more interesting bonuses. The first one is used when playing against mages, the second one can be applied when there are many Heartless in the army. The third one is plain junk, while the last bonus is for Scrappy.
  • Higher Class of Criminal is a decent bonus, but it should be taken only if you can’t get anything better than this.
  • Hunter’s Focus is a very strong bonus for Deadeye so if you have chosen the alliance of Hunters, you must take this upgrade.
  • Final Flash is an ideal bonus for Mages as it allows to cast a spell after 30% health.
  • Pocket Sand is a rather strong bonus for Assassins. It will be useful if you have at least three Assassins in the army.
  • Sacred Relic provides huge damage which is very good for attacking heroes (Bloodseeker, Slark and so on).
  • Eye of Skadi is a great item for Deadeye and Hunters. It’s perfect for Medusa who slows down several targets at once.
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Tier 4

  • Dagon can be given to someone from the last row, but it is necessary that he lives long enough to attack a target with 50% health.
  • Maelstrom provides good additional damage if you have a good attack speed. Take it if you haven’t found Daedalus and Radiance.
  • Vicious intent is a difficult item. In all likelihood, you won’t have the time to benefit from it so don’t take it.
  • Refresher Orb is the best item for mages and any heroes with powerful abilities (Kunkka, Medusa, Tidehunter).
  • Moon shard is a powerful item for assassins or Troll Warlord.
  • Black King Bar is useful for heroes whose ability is very important for your army, like Kunkka or Tidehunter.
  • Friends and Family Discount is a very weak bonus for the late game.
  • Battle Fury is a good item for a tank who will have the time to use the bonus damage. However, there are better items in the fourth tier.
  • Scythe of Vyse is a decent item which will improve your control abilities. Ideally, your army should have shamans who will use it to nullify mana of your enemies.
  • Daedalus provides you with huge damage – it’s very useful for hunters and assassins.
  • Radiance allows your tank to deal huge damage. It’s ideal for Pudge.
  • Pipe of Insight may save you from the first magic strike of the enemy. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranty that it will be strong enough. Also, 400 damage is weak for late game.
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Tier 5

  • Recruiter – pure garbage, the other bonuses are much better.
  • Divine Rapier – huge damage, good for Assassins.
  • Bloodthorn– great for Deadeye and Hunters.
  • Shiva’s Guard – great for tanks.
  • Assault Cuirass – best choice for Warriors and Knights.
  • Desperate Measure – a cool bonus for the last battles when the player has very little health.
  • Expanded Roster is used rarely as it is unlikely that you’ll be able to put a sufficiently strong creature into battle and change your fate by overwhelming the enemy with the sheer number of your army.
  • Heart of Tarrasque – imbafor tanks who will live a very long life.

Alliance guide: how to choose heroes

Dota Underlords features several dozens of characters from Dota 2, each of whom belongs to at least two alliances. The original mod featured races and classes but Valve decided to simplify this system.

Each alliance provides heroes with certain bonuses which begin to act when a sufficient number of characters gathers at the battlefield (at list two from one gang). Heroes must be different to activate a bonus. You won’t be able to put three Axes on the battlefield and get a bonus from Warrior alliance. In order for the effect to work, you’ll have to put Axe, Tiny and Tusk, for example.

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An example of item for tanks

The main idea of ‘’chess’’ is to collect powerful heroes with good levels (two or three stars). They must be connected with some combination of alliances so that bonuses boost the effectiveness of your army. Dota Underlords provides you with many strong links. Below, we’ll look at the most powerful heroes and their alliances.

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Alone, each of them is a sufficiently strong hero. The alliance’s abilities are useful only at the early stage of the game, for example in a combination of Pudge + Drow or Abaddon. In the late game, +20 armor cannot scare anyone, so there’s no sense to collect Heartless. In addition, you need a global item Fall from Grace to activate the bonus.

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This alliance is very strong. Three Warriors are collected very often as all of them successfully play the role of tank. It’s excessive to collect nine Warriors, but it’s a good idea to have six Warriors and a global item Unstoppable. For the early game, Tusk, Axe and Juggernaut are a good combination. Later, you’ll be better off changing them to Pudge, Kunkka or Doom. Lycan and Tiny will come in handy with mages, while Slardar should be paired with Tidehunter to activate resistance to magic.

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This alliance is strong but hard to collect. The most vivid representative of Demons is the Queen of Pain, who deal plenty of damage and may safely claim the place of the only Demon in your army. Shadow Fiend is a good Demon with Mages, while Doom is a very powerful tank.

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Demon Hunter

The following alliance is paired with Demons as it allows to activate a bonus +50% damage for more than one Demon. To do this, you’ll need Anti-Mage and Terrorblade. The first one is rather weak, while the second one is strong only with good upgrades and items (like Eye of Skadi). You should also note that both heroes will be collected by almost all players as they are frequently found at the early stage of the game. It will be difficult to have a 🌟🌟🌟-star Terrorblade in the late game.

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Following the latest update, they have become materially stronger as they got an additional ability. To activate the bonus of the alliance, you’ll need only two Dragons. Make sure to have Dragon Knight in your team. The choice of the second hero depends on the situation: Puck for Mages, Viper in all other cases.

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They have a useful bonus (+10% damage for two members of the alliance) but typically no one goes with a full stack of Savage. Usually, Enchantress and Lone Druid are collected, so that the latter gets an additional star at the beginning of the battle. Another good option is Lycan + Tusk, who are often used in Warriors.

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The essence of Druids is to save on heroes’ levels. You upgrade one character, while the ally picks up the upgrade and gets +1 level in the battle. We have already discussed the pair Enchantress + Lone Druid. There is no sense to collect four Druids as there are much more powerful alliances.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-19


The bonus is rather dubious but can be useful at the start of the game. In late game, you’ll be better off finding something more interesting. Scrappy are useful when paired with Inventors and Mages, but you must have the bonus Unstable Reactor.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-20

Inventors and Deadeye

This list is similar to Scrappy. The bonus is also useful at the beginning of the game, when +15 HP regeneration is a major advantage. Gyrocopter is a very strong character in Mages as his ability deals huge magical damage.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-21

Sniper and Hunters are also good pairs, making a Deadeye mini-alliance. Their bonus allows them to focus fire on the enemy with the least health which allows you to quickly eliminate the back of the enemy rows.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-22


This alliance has four strong characters. Disruptor can be used alone as he is good against Mages. Beastmaster, Axe or Juggernaut typically fight in a pair, especially if you have managed to find a bonus Forged in Battle which allows you to materially increase their health closer to late game. There’s no sense to collect all four Brawny.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-23


A very powerful alliance. You may go with three or six pieces depending on the game situation. In the trio, you should have Razor, Keeper of the Light and Crystal Maiden. In the six-pack, we take everyone except Ogre-Magi who is necessary solely to get the alliance bonus in early game.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-24


This alliance is quite controversial. It contains many heroes that are not bad alone or in other alliances. The trio of Elusive typically contains Treant Protector, Mirana and Wind Ranger. For the six-pack, we add Templar Assassin, Phantom Assassin and Luna. All other characters are rather weak.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-25


Alliance for Ogre-Magi and Warlock which provides +100% damage when one of them dies. It’s a dubious bonus, but in case you have the item Big-Time Contract, you can use it to boost your main attacking hero.

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A very powerful alliance. Its members are strong enough on their own, while together they get a chance for an additional shot. Typically, players start with Drow Ranger, Sniper, Beastmaster or Wind Ranger. In a group of six, you add Tidehunter and Medusa. Mirana is great but comes at a big cost, so it’s too wasteful to spend gold on her.

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Members of this alliance are powerful enough, but the bonus is rather dubious and is not worth collecting them all. The bonus will be useful in early game and useless in late game. Tiny is a good start to get into Warriors, while Razor will help to get into Mages. Enigma may supplement your army in later stages when you fight against Warriors or Knights. Morphling and Arc Warden are rather weak characters.

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After the recent update, Knights got a permanent bonus and now present a serious threat. They have a number of good characters except Omniknight who turned out to be rather weak. In order to get an additional bonus, you should ensure that your Knights are standing next to each other. To do this, place Luna next to Batrider, Abaddon next to Chaos Knight and so on.

You can collect a few knights, taking the global item Age of Chivalry, or make them your main alliance due to high bonus to defense from any damage (you’ll have to collect all 6 knights). You should note that most of them come at a rather high price and you won’t be able to get three stars for all of them. Maximum damage is provided by Luna and Dragon Knight so make them your priority. Batrider, Abaddon and Chaos Knight are great in early game and may help you become an early leader.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-29


Members of this alliance get a good bonus to attack speed. When you collect all four heroes, your allies also get partial bonus to attack speed. However, half of the Trolls (Shadow Shaman and Witchdoctor) are rather weak so it does not make sense to get them in order to collect all four Trolls. You’ll be better off collecting Witchdoctor and Troll Warlord to support the alliance of Warriors in which the latter will be one of the best fighters. If you get the global item Coordinated Assault, having one Troll in your army will be sufficient enough to provide attack bonus to all allied heroes.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-30


An interesting alliance. Beginners consider it an imba, but in late game Assassins rarely get into the lead. Most powerful Assassins are Slark, Queen of Pain, Bloodseeker. If you collect them at the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to dominate up to round 20. After this, a good potential is provided by Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin and Sand King. The remaining heroes are very dependent on items and are materially weaker than the above-mentioned ones in the middle and late game.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-31


One of the most powerful alliances which has great synergy with Mages, Warriors and Knights. Silence is very useful even in late game when additional four seconds may save you from defeat. Often, the game starts with Bloodseeker who is later sold. Lycan and Kunkka are great for Warriors, the latter is also good in Mages together with Crystal Maiden and Keeper of the Light. Line and Omniknight are mediocre heroes and are required only to complete the combinations so upgrade them last.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-32


The updated bonus of the alliance provides a three-second link with the hero who has the least health. After this, the attacks of both characters replenish their health in a percentage of the dealt damage. The bonus will be useful to support the front line and tanks but collecting all four Warlocks is a dubious enterprise. Two-four characters will do the job. Disruptor, Alchemist, Shadow Fiend, Necrophos and Enigma are very dangerous in late game. Warlock and Venomancer are rather good at the start and in the middle game, while Witchdoctor is weak. Sometimes, he is used as an addition to the alliance of Warriors and Trolls to activate the bonus of the latter group.

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-33


This is a special alliance that should be used to counter mages. Players rarely collect more than two characters. Typically, the heroes of choice are Tidehunter + Slardar or Medusa depending on your main alliance (Warriors or Hunters).

Dota Underlords: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide-34


When you collect three Shamans in the army, all hexed, silenced and stunned enemies get -200% mana for the damage they get. Thus, you should hit the enemy who is under the influence of the negative effect just once to nullify his mana and delay the use of his ability. Dusruptor is often taken in the late game to control Mages, while Arc Warden and Shadow Shaman are rather weak so the bonus is not worth the effort of upgrading all three Shamans.

Dota Underlords economics and game stages

In Dota Underlords, the key to victory is the proper use of gold. You get it from different sources. Below, we’ll list the main ones:

  • Starting from round 5, you get 5 gold at the beginning of each round;
  • One additional gold is provided for the victory over a player;
  • One-three more gold can be obtained if you play a series of defeats or victories (3, 5, 7 in a row);
  • Additionally, you can get from one to five gold as interest if you have 10 – 50 unspent gold.

Below, we’ll look at how to spend gold at each stage of the game.

Early game (rounds 1-15)

  • At this stage, you should not worry about the health of the avatar. No one will have enough damage to put you out of the game.
  • Focus on accumulating gold to enter middle and late stages of the game.
  • Collect heroes from different alliances so that you have freedom of choice.
  • You should have a series of defeats or victories to get more gold than players whose results are inconsistent. Soon, they’ll find themselves at the bottom without gold to return to the top.
  • Don’t focus on the series of victories as only a few players will be able to continue it. If you see that you can’t get it, focus on defeats.
  • Do not spend gold to update the store before rounds 7-8.
  • To maintain a series of victories, you will have to upgrade your level earlier than the rest and periodically update the store in search of upgrades. However, do not spend too much gold on these moves.

How to understand that you can get a series of victories

  • In round 4, you have at least one 🌟🌟-star hero and/or an alliance, for example, warriors, hunters, inventors. Your heroes have useful items and bonuses (Claymore, Vitality Boost, Unstable Reactor).
  • By round 6, you have spent 5 gold to get level 5. At the board, you have one 🌟🌟-star hero and an alliance (or one more 🌟🌟-star hero), you have a Demon or a third-tier character (blue).
  • By round 9, you have spent 5 more gold to get level 6. You have at least two heroes with two stars, a powerful alliance and a good hero for the sixth position.

How to maintain a series of victories

  • In round 10, consider buying Aegis of the Immortal.
  • By round 13, you should have 20-30 gold. Think about spending 15 gold to get the seventh level in order to consolidate your advantage. Do not do this if you are not sure that this move will allow you to keep your leadership and maintain the series of victories.
  • In round 17, you should have more than 50 gold. By this time, most players will have the seventh level and will try to break your series. You’ll be better off focusing on your entry into the middle stage of the game – do not worry about the loss of your series.

How to understand that you should get into a series of defeats

  • In round 4, you do not have 🌟🌟-star heroes or powerful alliances. The items and bonuses that you have received are more suitable for late game.
  • By round 7, you have lost all battles and haven’t found upgrades for your heroes. You have not upgraded your level. Optional: you play with less pieces than your enemies.
  • By round 9, you increase your level to 5 without spending gold. Continue playing with less heroes to lose battles. By this time, you should have 20-30 gold.
  • By round 13, if you still have a series of defeats, you can spend 5 gold and increase your level to 6. You should have about 50-60 health, do not get below 40. The supply of gold should pass the 50 units mark.
  • In round 15, you should upgrade your level to 7 and start updating the shop to find the copies of the necessary heroes. If you have lost more than 40 units of health, you should do it earlier. No delays: in order to upgrade the army and start winning, you’ll need 2-3 rounds.

Middle Game (rounds 15-25)

  • At this stage, you should have a clear understanding of which alliances you are trying to collect. Pay attention to enemy’s boards and think about their future intentions. For example, if the enemy is going into Mages while your base consists of Warriors, you should collect a couple of Scaled to get a bonus to defense from magic or pick up the appropriate items for key heroes.
  • Try to win every round as at this stage as the damage from defeats is very serious.
  • Find a balance between savings and army power. You can allow yourself to be greedy if you win confidently.
  • If at this stage you have more than 70 health, leave 50 gold at the end of the round and spend the surplus on updates. Upgrade your level to 7 in round 17 and to 8 in round 21, leaving 40 gold in your account. Strengthen the combinations with which you plan to enter the late game. Buy upgrades for fourth-tier heroes to get two stars. Adjust the army, taking these fighters into account (you can sell certain early heroes of the first-second tiers who will be much weaker than fourth-tier fighters).
  • If you have 40-70 health at this stage, increase your level to 7 in round 17 and to 8 in round 21, leaving 30 gold in your account. You should spend some gold to search for copies of the necessary heroes, but do not forget to focus on the final size of the army – 8 pieces. You may not have the chance to grow to 9 cells. Buy fourth-tier heroes who suit your strategy, at this stage you may be short of time to change tactics.
  • If at this stage you have less than 40 health, increase your level to 7 in round 17 and to 8 in round 21 or earlier. Spend much gold to find upgrades for heroes of the third and fourth tiers. Focus on the improvement of the chosen alliances as you have no time to change your tactics. If health decreases below 25, you can spend your gold completely to find the necessary heroes and start winning.

Late Game (round 25+)

  • At this stage, you should have a powerful combination which should bring you victory. Now, you should decide when you must take the last two levels.
  • We recommend taking level 9 in round 29 or round 33 when you won’t overpay gold for raising the level.
  • The situation with level 10 is more complicated. You should take it only if you have enough gold and your army consists solely of 🌟🌟-star and 🌟🌟🌟-star heroes. In all other cases, you should refresh the shop to find upgrades.

12 useful game tips

  1. Do not forget that the number of heroes is limited. If players collect the same characters, it will be harder to find their copies.
  2. The higher the level of the player, the better the tier of heroes offered in the store. If your tactics is based on expensive heroes, you should raise your level faster. Ideally, start doing this after you have accumulated 50 gold in the bank.
  3. Do not focus on any tactic in early game – collect good heroes from different alliances.
  4. Give priority to heroes who boost several of your alliances. For example, Lycan and Dragon Knight belong to three alliances at once.
  5. Not all heroes are useful as standalone characters. Some of them are worth taking only to get the bonus from the alliance.
  6. Heroes’ stars are more important for the victory than the player’s level. However, do not hesitate to raise it in round 5 and round 9.
  7. Don’t be afraid to sell 🌟🌟-star heroes. In late game, first-tier heroes will provide no help. Fourth-tier heroes with two stars are much stronger.
  8. The interest that you get for gold on the account is fixed at the beginning of the battle. Thus, you can safely buy everything offered in the store after the start of the battle. Later, you may keep some pieces and sell others.
  9. Buy and sell pieces searched by your opponents to decrease their chances of finding copies of heroes for upgrades.
  10. Piece placement is very important in Dota Underlords. For example, Mages should stay in the corner of the map so that enemy Assassins cannot eliminate the main heroes ahead of time. On the other hands, Warriors should disperse to avoid being hit by a spell that deals area damage.
  11. Closer to the end of the game, you should watch the opponent’s disposition and try to block his characters. For example, you can place a Human in front of Tidehunter to impose silence on him.
  12. High hero levels do not necessarily bring victory. Often, the game is won with bundles of alliances which are collected specifically to win against the current leader. The enemy might be short of time to respond to the changes in your team.

Robert Summers