Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough

This chapter is the most epic and diverse in terms of possible scenarios in the entire Detroit: Become Human. Each hero has two (depending on your actions in the episode ‘’Crossroads’’ or earlier) extremely divaricate missions, so the material for the ‘’Battle for Detroit’’ will be divided into six parts (two parts for each protagonist): Connor, Markus and Kara.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-1

This episode always begins with the appeal of President Christina Warren to the people of the U.S. and Detroit in particular. During the press conference, journalists (read: players) are free to ask her various questions. Having responded to four of them (it does not matter which questions are asked), she will finish her speech.

Being the final of the whole story, ‘’Battle for Detroit’’ takes into account all the important decisions that you have made during the game. Let’s go step by step.


  • If Connor did not calculate the whereabouts of Jericho, the final chapter in the history of the android detective will be the ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’;
  • In case the android base is under attack in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, the type of the final mission depends on whether the hero became a deviant or not. In the first case, if Connor did not die or was not killed by Markus in the chapter ‘’Night of the Soul’’, you’ll see a scenario ‘’Connor at the Cyberlife Tower’’. In the other case, you’ll get a scenario ‘’Connor’s Last Mission’’;
  • Hank’s involvement in the last mission depends on whether the lieutenant committed suicide at home (for this, you should have brought the relationship with the partner to the ‘’Hostile’’ level in the chapter ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’) or not. Obviously, the lieutenant could not participate in Connor’s story anymore if he committed suicide.


  • The choice of the final mission depends on who is at the head of the deviant revolt. If Markus was killed or expelled (for this, you should have brought the relationship with the Jericho inhabitants to the ‘’Unknown’’ level), North will lead the rebels, and you could only watch the consequences of your decisions.
  • If Markus survived and remained at the ‘’helm’’ of the revolution, the episode ‘’Night of the Soul’’ will determine its character, peaceful or aggressive. In the first case, you’ll see a scenario ‘’Markus Demonstration’’, in the other case – ‘’Markus Revolution’’.
  • The story will also depend on whether Markus’ friends (North, Josh, Simon) get to the final or not. If they are still alive, additional options will be available for Markus;
  • Also, the state of the relationship between Markus and his allies is important (with North and Simon in particular). If you have a high rating with your allies, additional interactions with characters will become available – and they may cost lives of Markus and other androids;
  • In the case of North, good relationship is not enough: in chapters ‘’Freedom March’’, ‘’Crossroads’’ and ‘’Night of the Soul’’, you need to make romantic moves to initiate a romantic relationship in the final chapter;
  • In the case of a peaceful demonstration, the public opinion regarding robots is very important. The society’s support (or lack thereof) may play a crucial role in the fate of Markus and his allies.


  • Kara’s story may end in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, if you decide to leave Alice (alone or with Luther), having previously broken ties with her (for this, you need to have a poor relationship with the girl) after the shocking revelation;
  • Luther will play a decisive role in the ending if you saved his life in chapters ‘’Midnight Train’’ and ‘’Crossroads’’;
  • The beginning of the last chapter for the heroine depends on the end of the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’: if the fugitives were caught by soldiers, you’ll see a scenario ‘’Kara Captured’’. In the other case – if heroines escaped from the Jericho or it was not attacked (meaning that Connor did not locate the android base), you’ll see a scenario ‘’Kara leaving Detroit’’ (together with Alice and Luther);
  • In the scenario ‘’Kara Captured’’, you will deal with the consequences of the chapters ‘’Fugitives’’ and ‘’Zlatko’’, depending on whether you met Ralph and freed the chimeras in the basement of the mansion;
  • During the walkthrough of the scenario ‘’Kara leaving Detroit’’, you’ll deal with the impact of the heroine’s decision to kill Todd or not (in the chapter ‘’Stormy Night’’) and also of the type of the fight headed by Markus – aggressive or peaceful.

Battle for Detroit: Connor’s Last Mission

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-2

If Connor became deviant in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ but was shot by Markus in the next episode (‘’Night of the Soul’’), this mission will begin in the garden of stones with a conversation with Amanda.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-3

Following a short conversation (you won’t need to choose replicas this time), the hero will find himself on the roof of the building, from which you can enjoy the view of the Hart Plaza, where the deviant leader has arranged either a peaceful demonstration (Markus) or an aggressive raid on one of the android recycling centers (Markus or North).

Having put the suitcase with the rifle on the roof and having taken the rifle out of the case, Connor will prepare to shoot. However, he will not be able to commit the murder. Depending on whether Hank committed suicide in the chapter ‘’Night of the Soul’’, the hero will be interrupted either by him (if he survived) or by captain Allen with his squad (if the lieutenant shot himself).

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-7

As there are fewer options in the case with Allen, we’ll start with it. At the end of the tense conversation, you will be able to either run away or initiate a fight. If you lose the battle (just don’t press anything), Allen will personally put an end to Connor’s functioning. This is the ending ‘’Cyberlife Decided to Send Another Connor’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-8

Even though the option with flight leads to the same outcome – Connor dies as a result of a voluntary fall from the roof and his consciousness is transferred to a new robot of the same model – you’ll unlock another version of the same ending with the identical name – ‘’Cyberlife Decided to Send Another Connor’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-9

The only scenario when Connor survives after the meeting with Allen is his victory in the fight against him and his squad. In the case of triumph, you’ll unlock the ending ‘’Connor Left Rooftop’’. After this, the story of the character will depend on the actions of other characters.

If Hank did not quit police because of the hostile attitude towards Connor and have not committed suicide at home, he will come to stop Connor in this chapter. Connors’ focus on the assassination of the deviant leader will significantly impact the lieutenant’s opinion of the protagonist and will significantly worsen their relationship.

Act friendly during the conversation with Hank: don’t be rude in order not to worsen the relationship even more and talk to him about his deceased son. In the case when you are still friends with Hank after the end of the conversation, Connor will be able to choose whether he leaves the lieutenant alone with himself or rushes into attack. The first option leads to the above-mentioned scenario ‘’Connor Left Rooftop’’, while the second one leads to a fight.

If you initiate a fight with Hank, he will become Connor’s enemy until the end of the game – there will be no way back. The defeat in the battle against the former partner leads to only one ending – ‘’Cyberlife Decided to Send Another Connor’’, while the victory provides several options.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-10

After the successful battle, the protagonist will keep his opponents at arm’s length (literally): if you relax the grip, Hank will fall to meet his death, which will ensure a positive outcome of the chapter for the character and lead to an ending ‘’Connor Left Rooftop’’.

In case you decide to save Hank, you will put yourself in grave danger: once the hero turns away, his former partner will attack him. If you do not dodge from the push (QTE-check), Connor will fly off the rooftop and Cyberlife will have to send another android of the same model. In the other case, Hank will fall from the roof.

This is the ending of the episode ‘’Battle for Detroit: Connor’s Last Mission’’. Here’s the flowchart:

Battle for Detroit: Connor at the Cyberlife Tower

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-13

In case nothing has prevented Connor from becoming (player’s wish/ low software failure rate) and staying (stupid death or death from Markus’ hand) a deviant, he will start the last chapter in his usual costume on the road to the factory of his ex-employer Cyberlife.

After you have arrived at the site, just follow the guard until you get to the elevator. The elevator won’t take you to the warehouse (- 49th floor) where androids are stored but instead, it will take you to the office of Amanda, who found out that her employee betrayed her. If you allow the elevator to get to the 31st floor (just do nothing), the mission will end prematurely for Connor. This is the ending ‘’Connor Was Ambushed and Shot’’.

Two guards follow Connor to the 31st floor. They won’t allow the protagonist to descend to the warehouse, so you’ll have to show some wit. A camera that is located behind the ceiling follows everything in the elevator. If you do not turn it off now, the hero will encounter an unpleasant surprise upon the arrival at the 39th level. More on this later, now we’ll focus on guards.

Just like Markus, Connor can reconstruct events that have not yet happened: to defeat the guards, you need to take the pistol from the left guard and kick the right guard in the belly. You only need to perform these actions in reality – if you fail to neutralize guards (just don’t press anything), Connor will be shot on the spot. This is the ending ‘’Connor Was Shot by Security’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-20

In case you eliminate the guards, the hero will get an opportunity to reach his target. However, the elevator won’t go in the opposite direction at the push of the button – you’ll have to order it to do so. To voice the demand, you can use Connor’s voice as well as the voice of the recently deceased Agent 54. The first option won’t work while the second one will bring you to -49th floor.

If Connor did not switch off the surveillance camera before the fight with the guards, he’ll be met by five armed soldiers upon entrance to the android warehouse. To overcome them, you need to press five buttons within the specified time limit. If you are late or make a mistake – the protagonist will get killed (once again). This is the second unique version of the ending ‘’Connor Was Shot by Security’’.

Having defeated the guards, move to the center of the room. Sooner or later, the hero will pay attention to the robot that could be the first one to start the awakening of the others. Connor won’t have the time to do it as an exact copy of Connor will appear with a gun in his hand.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-27

The doppelganger can either be alone on in Hank’s ‘’company’’ (the lieutenant is a hostage) if he did not commit suicide in the previous chapter. We’ll note that it’s hard to bring Anderson to suicide and at the same time to become a deviant: you will need every bit of the software failure rate that you can earn. However, the only thing that you get in the case of Hank’s absence is a narrowed set of options.

We’ll start by analyzing the one-on-one confrontation of two Connors. In this case, the double immediately shoots the original, depriving him of the ability to move (i.e. you had no chance to awaken the androids). In this situation, you can try to get up and crawl away, but you won’t succeed in any scenario – when the doppelganger approaches the hero at arm’s length, the hero will be already close to death.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-28

You will have 15 seconds to decide on your next move:

  • Do nothing – the protagonist will try to look as if he’s winning but will ultimately get a bullet in the head. The double will survive and the robots in the warehouse will remain in the ‘’sleeping’’ mode. This is the ending ‘’The Androids Remained Dormant’’;
  • Try to get up – Connor will get a bullet in his head. This is another way to reach the ending ‘’The Androids Remained Dormant’’;
  • Draw the gun – the hero will kill the double but will not be able to wake androids up before switching off. This is yet another way to reach the ending ‘’The Androids Remained Dormant’’;
  • Swap consciousness with another Connor – this is the only scenario when the protagonist will be able to leave the warehouse in a functioning state (if you fail the procedure, you’ll see an opposite outcome) and will be able to complete his task to awaken the robots. This is the ending ‘’The Androids Woke Up’’ (Connor stays alive).

We should note that all the ‘’deadly’’ scenarios (if you do nothing, try to get up, draw the gun) can also lead to the awakening of the androids and the corresponding ending but only if the doppelganger brought Hank with him. Let’s discuss this scenario.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-29

Having asked the kidnapper a few questions, you can decide: save Hank or sacrifice him to complete the task. We’ll deal with the first option a bit later. The second one will put Connor in the same position in which he could have found himself if the double entered the warehouse alone.

The difference is that while the doppelganger kills Hank, the hero has the time to complete the procedure of the awakening. Thus, the protagonist will complete his task even in the case of his death – thousands of robots will awaken. This is the ending ‘’The Androids Woke Up’’ (Connor is dead).

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-32

Now, let’s get back to the hostage situation. If you have become attached to Anderson during the time of your teamwork and you do not want to see his premature death, choose the option ‘’Save Hank’’ instead of ‘’Sacrifice Hank’’. After Connor makes his decision, Hank will try to escape from the double.

The hero will only have a few seconds to react:

  • Do nothing (out of time) – the doppelganger shoots Hank and kills Connor. This is another unique version of the ending ‘’The Androids Remained Dormant’’;
  • Awaken androids – this option leads to Hank’s death and the above-mentioned battle with the double;
  • Shoot and intervene – both options lead to the fight with another Connor which will be interrupted by Hank which has obtained a gun.

Both Connors have identical looks, so Hank will have to decide who’s real and who is the double. To determine this, the lieutenant will ask two questions:

  • His dog’s name – the correct answer (Sumo) could be obtained either at the police station (chapter ‘’Waiting for Hank…’’) or when trying to put the drunken Hank into the bathroom (chapter ‘’Russian Roulette’’).
  • His son’s name – the correct answer (Cole) could be obtained in the chapter ‘’Russian Roulette’’ during the investigation of the house when the lieutenant changes his clothes. You need to turn the photo on the kitchen table.
Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-38

You can mess up with the dog’s name, but the name of Hank’s deceased child is crucial. If Connor fails to answer this question, Hank will shoot Connor, giving the victory in the duel to a double. The androids will remain in the ‘’sleep’’ mode. This is another way to reach the ending ‘’The Androids Remained Dormant’’ (Connor dies).

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-39

If you give the correct answers for both questions or at least the last one, lieutenant Anderson will eliminate the doppelganger and will allow Connor to awaken the androids. In turn, you will be able to unlock the best possible final of this chapter (its name is identical to others, but the essence is slightly different) – ‘’The Androids Woke Up’’ (Connor and Hank are alive).

This is the end of the chapter ‘’Battle for Detroit: Connor at the Cyberlife Tower’’. Here’s the flowchart:

Battle for Detroit: Markus Demonstration

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-43

The non-violent fight will take Markus and his team to Woodward Avenue close to one of the android recycling centers. On the way to the camp, you’ll be able to talk to the SWAT leader. The option ‘’Peace’’ will slightly improve public opinion on robots. Other options will either decrease public opinion or won’t change it.

Androids will find themselves under fire once they approach police detachments – you can react by raising your fists, putting hands in the air, sitting or kneeling. All four options will protect androids from attacks with the same efficiency (at least for a while).

In the next scene, the protesters will build a barricade near the fifth recycling center (that’s where Kara and Alice will be taken if they will be captured by authorities). Your task is to strengthen the barricade. You can do it with the help of the abandoned car, a bench or a billboard. To get a 100% rating for this chapter, you will have to try all ways of fortifying the barricade.

Once you are back to your comrades, you will have a couple of minutes before special agent Perkins arrives. You can use this time to:

  • Calm down the scared android – he is sitting next to the trash can in front of the starting position;
  • Read the article ‘’They Defy Us’’ – the last magazine in the game lies on the bench on the right side of the barricade;
  • Set barrels on fire – there are several barrels on the territory of your barricade, but you will only need to ‘’activate’’ one of them to open the corresponding element in the flowchart;
  • Plant the flag – the android flag is lying on the boxes in the center of the barricade. Strangely, this action will positively affect the public opinion about deviants;
  • Talk to the traumatized android – he bent over the corpses of his fellow androids in the center of the barricade;
  • Talk to North – if she survived in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, she will stand looking at the recycling center near the border of the barricade. The choice of replicas in this dialogue won’t affect anything;
  • Look at the soldiers – climb up the small hill near North and clamp L1 to look at the enemy forces;
  • ‘’Talk’’ to journalists – signal flares lie on the opposite side of the barricade. You can use them to send a short message to the nearby press. All four options will slightly increase androids’ reputation;
  • Inspect the detonator – if you took the detonator from North in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, you can now look at it thoughtfully. This action will be automatically performed by Markus.
Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-55

Eventually, agent Perkins will arrive at the scene. He has come to talk to Markus. Do not avoid negotiations – this will only accelerate the path to the final scene and will block some options within the chapter.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-56

Perkins will offer Markus to surrender in exchange for a safety guarantee for him and other robots. If you accept the deal and betray your people, nobody will survive contrary to Perkins’ assurance: the villain will personally shoot North and then Markus. This is the ending ‘’Markus Died After Betraying His People'’. He deserved it.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-57

If you decline Perkins’ proposal (or do not negotiate with him at all), Markus will perform a short motivating speech, and the barricade will be attacked by soldiers. As a result of an explosion, the hero will fall on his back. Once he’s back to his feet, he will have to protect his people.

If you fail to do this (do not press anything), Markus will be at risk of death. In this case, his fate depends on North and her relationship with him. If she is dead or is not friendly to the hero, he will be shot by soldiers. This is the ending ‘’Markus Died Protecting His People’’. In the other case, North will save the loved one at the price of her life.

As a result of a successful QTE-section, Markus and the remaining androids (North, Josh, Simon and others) will be driven to a broken bus. There are several ways out of this situation. If you do nothing, all protesters including Markus and his comrades will simply be shot. This is the ending ‘’Markus Died With His People’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-62

You can achieve the same outcome (at least, on the flowchart) if you sacrifice yourself – in this case, Markus arranges self-immolation before being shot, which provokes an emotional response from the society. President Warren will announce the suspension of android recycling.

The opposite option is to use the detonator (if you refuse to act, you’ll be back to the selection screen). Thus, characters will literally destroy Detroit, leaving an empty desert on its place. This is the ending ‘’Androids Became Free in the Debris of Detroit’’.

There are two ways to achieve the most favorable ending of this chapter – ‘’Androids Won Freedom for the Moment’’. If you sing or kiss North (she needs to be in love with Markus), Markus will provoke an emotional reaction in humans. If the society is supportive of androids at this moment, president Warren will order not to shoot. In the other case, soldiers will open fire and kill everyone.

This ends the chapter ‘’Battle for Detroit – Markus Demonstration’’. Here’s the flowchart:

Battle for Detroit: Markus Revolution

This chapter may as well pass without your participation if Markus died or was expelled in previous chapters (‘’Freedom March’’, ‘’Crossroads’’). In this case, North will lead the battle for Detroit, and she always chooses aggressive ways to confront humans.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-70

As this scenario is much shorter than the one of Markus, we’ll start with it. North won’t be in command for long. The moment North reaches the recycling center together with the remains of the resistance, androids will realize that they are outnumbered and will start to retreat.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-71

The situation will deteriorate even more if Connor was deactivated (‘’Last Chance, Connor’’) or became deviant (‘’Crossroads’’). In this scenario, North will be killed during the escape attempt. This is the ending ‘’North Was Shot By Soldiers’’.

If the android detective did not switch sides, he will eventually drive North to one of Cyberlife shops where he will decide her fate:

  • Shoot – leads to the ending ‘’North Was Shot By Connor’’;
  • Spare – leads to the ending ‘’Connor Spared North’’;
  • Do nothing (out of time) – leads to the ending ‘’North and Connor Killed Each Other’’.

This ends the non-canon version of the ‘’Revolution’’. Now, let’s get to the scenario when Markus is both alive and a leader of the deviant resistance. In this case, he will decide the fates of key characters.

Once you have control over the character, move forward towards the barricade. Along the way, you may be injured. If you catch too many enemy bullets in a short period of time, the chapter will end prematurely. We’ll get to this later.

Having initiated the attack, Markus and his surviving comrades (Josh, Simon, North) will hide behind the blocks. The way forward is blocked by enemy soldiers who fire at everything that moves. If you don’t want to get shot during an attempt to run to the next shelter under enemy fire, we advise you to get rid of the enemy that is hiding behind the broken car.

Look out of the cover (right stick), clamp L1 to aim and press R1 to shoot – the enemy is eliminated. Having run to the car, Josh (if he’s still alive) will rush forward and fall under enemy bullets regardless of your previous decisions.

Markus will not be able to save him but can comfort Josh before the inevitable shut off. For this, order androids from the left side to cover the hero and run to the car nearby Josh. One more order and the dying comrade will be at protagonist’s hands.

Having dealt with Josh or having ignored him (his death does not affect anything), swing through the fortification and kill the soldiers if other resistance fighters have not done this for you. A frightened android hid behind a nearby container – you can advise him to stay hidden (in this case he survives) or leave the cover (in this case he dies).

Look to the right without moving away from the container – you’ll see a grenade lying in the distance. To get to the grenade without harming Markus, eliminate the soldier on the tower and wait until resistance fighters who are hiding behind the thrash container secure the position.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-77

After this, the androids will be able to provide a covering fire, allowing the hero to get to the grenade (a drone will appear out of nowhere, but you can shoot it down). Activate the grenade, throw it at the enemies and run – the path forward is not open.

There is an alternative option. You can move to the left from the container with the frightened android. After moving to the next shelter, use the cover from the left to get to the nearby stone block without damage to your health. Aim and eliminate two soldiers that are hiding behind sandbags.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-78

Get over the fortification – if Simon is with you, he will be shot. You can either ignore or try to save him. To get to Simon without putting your life at risk, you need to remove the shooter from the tower on the left and then order two android squads to cover you.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-79

The cover fire lasts for 11 seconds (this is true for all other moments with the cover fire) so hurry up – there’ll be no second chance to save Simon. Once you reach your comrade, press ‘’X’’ quickly to take him out of the mess. If you hesitate, Simon will get killed. If you do everything correctly, you will deserve his praise.

The next stage of the attack on the recycling center is the key one for this chapter. However, before we proceed, let’s discuss what could have gone wrong in the first part of your offensive operation.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-80

If Markus is severely wounded during the attack (for this, you need to ask for trouble and do not press anything during QTE sections), the deviant revolution may come to a premature end:

  • Simon will offer his heart to Markus if their relationship is good and North is not in the squad (or she does not love the protagonist) – the noble sacrifice will save Markus. Obviously, Simon won’t last long after this;
  • North will offer her heart to Markus if they are in a romantic relationship. Unlike the previous scenario, you can refuse to take the biocomponent (if you want to save North’s life);
  • If there are no above-mentioned characters in the squad (they died) or if they are hostile to the protagonist, Markus will just switch off. This is the ending ‘’Markus Died and the Revolution Failed’’.

Let’s get back to the attack. After rescuing Simon (or ignoring him), you will find yourself in an uncomfortable position from which Markus will have to coordinate the attack. There will be two squads at the disposal of the hero. Order one squad to go on the offensive and order the remaining squad to cover the comrades.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-81

The next section is another test of your coordinator abilities. The protagonist will have three groups of fighters under his command (one group will include North if she is still alive), but a machine gun will prevent them from advancing. If you send all three groups to the attack at the same time, North (and other androids) will die. Therefore, unless you want to kill North, do not make this mistake.

Before we analyze the case of the successful attack (and how to perform it), we’ll look at the scenarios of unsuccessful attack. To force the androids to retreat, you need to bring the probability of success (it directly depends on the number of the deceased robots) to zero. For this, send all three squads to sure death over and over again until you see the cutscene.

The development of the story in case of the failure of the attack depends on three factors:

  • Relations with North – if she is not in a good relationship with Markus, she will be shot during the attack. In the other case, North will help Markus hide in the shop;
  • Simon’s condition – if North is not in the squad and you have been able to decrease the probability of success to zero before the scene with Simon’s injury (to achieve this, stand still and send support squads to death), he will be shot during retreat;
  • Connor’s condition – if Connor became deviant (‘’Crossroads’’) or his line was put out of production (‘’Last Chance, Connor’’), ordinary soldiers will threaten the hero. In the other case, Connor himself will come to eliminate the deviant leader.

So, we get three possible final scenes (Markus alone with soldiers, Markus alone with Connor, Markus with North and soldiers) in case of a failed attack. We’ll discuss each scenario separately. While they are painfully similar to each other, each one leads to a unique ending.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-85

Markus is alone in the shop, surrounded by soldiers. There are three options:

  • Surrender – leads to the ending ‘’Markus Died Leaving Store’’;
  • Suicide – leads to the ending ‘’Markus Committed Suicide’’;
  • Detonate the bomb (if you have taken the detonator from North in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’) – leads to the ending ‘’Markus Watched Detroit Burn’’.
Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-86

Markus is alone in the store, Connor comes in. Here, there are four options:

  • Shoot – leads to the ending ‘’Connor Executed Markus’’ or ‘’Markus Died as Detroit Burns’’ (see below);
  • Spare – leads to the ending ‘’Connor Spared Markus’’ or ‘’Markus Died as Detroit Burns’’ (see below);
  • Do nothing – leads to the ending ‘’Markus and Connor Killed Each Other’’;
  • Detonate the bomb – after Connor leaves (if he spared or shot the hero), you can use the detonator which leads to the above-mentioned ending.

Markus is in the shop with North, they are surrounded by soldiers (it’s a mystery why Connor does not come when the heroes are together). Here, there are four options:

  • Surrender – leads to the ending ‘’Markus and North Died Leaving the Store'’;
  • Suicide – leads to the ending ‘’Markus and North Committed Suicide’’;
  • Detonate the bomb – leads to the ending ‘’Markus and North Watched Detroit Burn’’;
  • Kiss North – this option is available if you have the best possible relationship with her. It does not lead to anything but serves as a touching farewell gesture.

However, you don’t have to bring the situation to this variety of ‘’failed’’ endings. You can easily overcome the resistance of the machine gun squad – send one group of android fighters forward and order the remaining two groups to cover the attacking group.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-91

Following the successful attack, Markus’ team will be attacked by the drone. If you do not shoot it down in time (one button push is sufficient to complete this task), the flying robot will kill North. This will not affect the outcome of the battle but can spoil the mood of scrupulous players, so do not relax and watch out.

Having sent his fighters into a decisive attack, Markus will be caught by a blast wave triggered by a shot from the tank. When he’s back at his feet, Markus will have a mortal combat either with Connor (if he is alive and remained a machine) or with soldiers.

In both cases, you’ll have to go through a QTE-battle. Everything is clear in the case of soldiers – if you win, you survive, if you lose – you die. However, in the case of Connor, you can choose for whom you want to play – Connor or Markus. There are three outcomes of this scene:

  • You failed to defeat the soldiers/ lost playing for Markus – this scenario leads to the ending ‘’Markus Died and the Revolution Failed’’;
  • You won playing for Connor – this scenario leads to the ending ‘’Connor Stopped the Revolution’’;
  • You neutralized soldiers or Connor – in this case, Markus picks up a grenade launcher and shoots at the tank, ensuring the success of the entire attack. This is the ending ‘’Assault Was Successful’’.

This ends the episode ‘’Battle for Detroit: Markus Revolution’’. Here’s the flowchart:

Battle for Detroit: Kara Leaving Detroit

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-104

If you have successfully escaped from Jericho in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ or the android base was not under attack at all, the final episode for Kara in Detroit: Become Human will begin in the snow-covered streets of Detroit. Heroes hope to catch the last bus to Canada, and 20 minutes are left before departure.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-105

Besides Alice, Luther may also be heading to the bus station, but only in the case when Connor did not find the location of the Jericho (i.e. there was no attack). The girl is cold, and the heroine can deactivate the girl’s temperature sensor. This will not affect anything, but Alice will stop complaining.

A few interesting things can be noticed in the shop windows on both sides of the street. On the left, you’ll see a TV where news on Jericho assault is broadcasted (if the assault actually took place). In the supermarket on the right, you’ll see two androids hanging from the ceiling. Then, the group will inevitably notice a gun on the ground – it will be picked up either by Kara or by Luther (if he is present at the scene).

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As it turns out, soldiers surround androids and shoot them in the nearby street. The heroes need to sneak past them unnoticed. At the easy difficulty level, you’ll see the danger level when you’ll be moving from shelter to shelter – if it is low, you can run without fear, if it is high – you’ll be better off waiting. In the advanced mode, you’ll have to rely on your observation skills.

You need to immediately sneak between the first two cars, but we advise to wait before running to the third car – let the escort pass with the prisoner. Wherever you go further (don’t hesitate) – to the pickup truck on the left or to the passenger car on the right – the fugitives will notice that two Jerrys/ Jerry and Luther (if you saved him in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’) are among androids that are sentenced to be shot.

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Only 17 minutes are left before the departure of the bus so if you decide to rescue the prisoners, you risk being late. The decision to save androids will trigger a positive reaction from Alice, while the decision to ignore them will worsen your relationship with her. Also, the deceased Jerry and/or Luther won’t be able to help you in the future.

After witnessing the scene of the shooting of another robot, run to the next car and look to the left – a brick will lie on the ground. Pick it up and slowly (don’t divert the left stick to the maximum) approach the soldier from the back. Hit him at the head with the brick to release the prisoners.

Return to your main path, sneak past the military (wait until each of them turns their back on you) to get to the fork. If soldiers notice you on any stage before this, Kara and Alice (and Luther, if he is with you) will be sent to the nearest recycling center – this is the scenario ‘’Battle for Detroit: Kara Captured’’.

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Following the stealth section, the heroes will come to the checkpoint that they need to pass to get to the bus station. Luther/Alice don’t want to take the risk and propose to bypass the checkpoint. The way through the checkpoint will take only three minutes, while the safe bypass way requires as much as eleven minutes.

If you spent your time to save Jerry/Luther during the stealth section, you won’t have the time to bypass the checkpoint (we’ll later discuss what will happen if heroes are late to the bus). If Kara ignores androids that were sentenced to execution, she will gain enough time to use the bypass option without risking being late.

Back to the checkpoint. Go to the guard (there’ll be another one standing near him) and show your documents – the soldier will be interested why Alice is shaking. There are two options – she is either cold or afraid – and both are equally effective so don’t spend much time thinking about your answer.

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If Luther is with you, he will get nervous during the passport check. You can advise him to calm down or to get ready. As strange as it may seem, this decision won’t affect anything in contrast with the next one that Kara will have to make when a guard will call her after they have already passed the checkpoint.

At this point, you can shoot both soldiers (they will be killed by Kara or Luther), but it will turn out that the soldier just wanted to return a glove to Alice. Anyway, if you choose this path, the heroes will always be on time at the bus station unless you decide to let the time expire.

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Once you are at the bus station, look around and find several interactive objects:

  • A magazine containing an article ‘’Civil War’’ (if Markus chose revolution) lies next to suitcases to the right of the entrance;
  • Built-in TV stands are located to the left of the entrance. They broadcast news about Markus’ activities, so you can hear news on peaceful demonstration as well as about an armed assault (depending on your choices);
  • Also, you can see a digital schedule of departing buses on the left side on the wall. It is available only if you arrived at the bus station on time.
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You can meet Todd at the bus station (for this, he must survive the chapter ‘’Stormy Night’’). He will immediately start to call for security and shout that his daughter was stolen. If you do not calm him down, the military will arrive. They will shoot Kara and Alice down if Luther is not present. In the other case, the kind giant will sacrifice himself for the fugitives.

To calm down Alice’s ‘’father’’, you need to remind him of what happened: his wife left and took their daughter with her, and he wanted to feel like a loving father again. At the end of the dialogue, security will arrive, but Todd will tell them that everything is alright. Alice will want to say goodbye to Todd, but you can forbid her to do it if you wish so.

Two guards use thermo scanners to search the bus station for androids. If you are caught in such an inspection, you will either die or lose Luther. The choices ‘’Hand over ID’’ and ‘’Flee’’ inevitably lead to endings ‘’Soldiers executed Kara, Alice & Luther’’ or ‘’Soldiers executed Kara & Alice’’. The option ‘’Ask Luther to create Diversion’’ (available only in Luther’s presence) will allow you to escape but without Luther.

Now that we have learned everything about the bus station we need to figure out how to get out of it. There are two ways to escape: the bus and a car with Rose and Adam that is waiting in the parking lot. The second option is available if you fail on the first one or if you are late to the station.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-130

As we will always have time to use Rose’s help, we’ll first try to get to Canada in a half-legal way. We are interested in a mother with a small child that sits nearby the potential passengers that are crowded at the passage to the bus.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-131

Alice will approach her to look at the child. A conversation will begin and the tickets for the bus will drop out of the woman’s pocket when she gets up. After you have picked them up, an angry husband will approach you and ask if you have seen a blue envelope. You can:

  • Return tickets – this is the right decision from the ethical point of view. However, you will deprive yourself (as well as Alice and Luther) of the opportunity to get to Canada in a civilized way;
  • Leave tickets to yourself – this won’t have a positive effect on the parents and the kid, but Luther will get a chance to live up to the end of the adventure.
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Let’s first imagine that you decided to behave honestly and gave the tickets back to the father of the family (or you were late to the bus). In this case, Adam will call Kara from the darkness of the parking lot. You’ll reach the river bank on Rose’s car. You will have to swim across it to reach Canada.

While Rose is talking to other characters, talk to Adam, analyze the water temperature and look at the horizon. Say goodbye to Rose, put Alice in the boat and push it (by yourself or with Luther’s help) into the river. Row until you get the opportunity to start the engine and then talk to your companion/companions about life in Canada.

The heroes won’t have the time to enjoy a calm winter night as the coast guard boat, which is mercilessly shooting everything that moves, will appear out of nowhere. There are several ways out of the situation but, regardless of your choice, Luther will die:

  • Hide (if Luther is not present at the scene) and accelerate – Alice is injured;
  • Hide behind Luther and dive – everyone is alive except Luther;
  • Protect Alice – Kara is injured;
  • Surrender – the group died.

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Regardless of your decision, the boat will be damaged and will slowly sink. To slow down this process, you need to get rid of the excess cargo: Luther’s body, supplies and engine. You can also try to row or calm Alice, but this will not bring any results.

Without a good option at hand, Kara decides to jump into the icy water and push the boat to the Canadian shore. There are four endings to this episode:

  • ‘’Kara & Alice survived’’ – nobody was injured except Luther and you have successfully brought the boat to its destination (the best possible outcome);
  • ‘’Kara died, and Alice survived’’ – Kara was damaged during the assault but managed to help Alice get to Canada;
  • ‘’Alice died, and Kara continued alone’’ – Alice was damaged during the assault and she switched off when the heroines approached the Canadian shore. Kara decided to live on;
  • ‘’Kara & Alice died’’ – you were not able to reach the Canadian shore, or you have chosen death when Alice switched off.

This is how the chapter ‘’Battle for Detroit: Kara leaving Detroit’’ ends for those who decided to return tickets to the poor parents. Let’s now see what happens with those who decided to behave selfishly. Alice will ask what will happen to the people they just deceived. Your choice will not affect anything, so you may tell the truth to the girl.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-144

Having arrived at the Canadian border, heroes will find out that they will be checked before they can pass to another country and if they fail this check, they will be executed. The characters will not be able to solve this problem on their own but let’s start with looking around:

  • Check information boards (screens) with the information about the check are placed throughout the hall;
  • A report from the Markus’ demonstration/ assault is broadcasted on the TVs hanging on the wall from the right side of the queue;
  • If you stand and do nothing for a long time, one of the androids that is trying to get through the checkpoint will be shot;
  • The inspection booth, where you will be checked, is located at the far end of the queue.

Judging by the flowchart of the episode, the location has one more interactive object or person. Despite all the efforts of the community, the contents of the mysterious element were not established. There is a possibility that the missing piece of the puzzle is just a bug, as in certain other episodes (‘’Fugitives’’, ‘’On the Run’’, ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’).

Let’s go back to finding help. There are three potential candidates: Luther (behind Kara), Jerry (in the queue on the right) and Rose (in the queue on the left). You can exchange robot thoughts with the first two, but you will have to talk to Rose. For this, examine the toilet door on the left. After this, the heroines will automatically go to meet each other there. Once you are in the restroom, look at the mirror to wait for Rose. When she arrives, talk about all topics. The most important is “Alice” – the woman promises to take care of the girl in case of complications. At the exit, talk to Adam and go back to the queue – it’s your turn.

Having reached the inspection booth, Kara must decide who she is willing to sacrifice to cross the border. We will analyze each option separately.

The first option is to sacrifice herself. In this case, Kara says farewell to Alice (and Luther) and then surrenders to soldiers who kill her. The fate of Alice and the general ending of the episode in this scenario depends on whether Luther is alive or not: if he is dead, Rose will take the girl with her. These are the endings ‘’Alice got to Canada with Luther’’ and ‘’Alice got to Canada with Rose’’.

The second option is to sacrifice Luther. In this case, he takes Alice as a hostage (who would have thought that androids are great actors!) and then releases her at the request of soldiers. Ultimately, Luther is killed, but the inspector who is shocked by the incident lets the fugitives pass the border without a check. This is the ending ‘’Kara & Alice crossed the Border’’.

The third option is to sacrifice Jerry. He plays madman to distract the guards and appease the inspector who lets the heroes in without any check. This scenario leads to endings ‘’The Group crossed the Border’’ (if Luther is alive) or ‘’Kara & Alice crossed the Border’’ (if Luther is dead).

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-154

The last option is to sacrifice no one. In this case, you rely entirely on Markus and his approach to the revolution – peaceful or aggressive. If Markus chose the peaceful scenario, the inspector will let the heroes in without any problem. If Markus chose the aggressive scenario, the inspector will call the soldiers who will kill Kara, Alice and Luther. These are endings '’The Group crossed the Border’’ / ‘’Kara & Alice crossed the Border’’ or ‘’Everyone was arrested and killed’’.

This is the end of the chapter ‘’Battle for Detroit: Kara leaving Detroit’’. Here’s the flowchart:

Battle for Detroit: Kara Captured

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-162

If you were slow enough to get caught by the soldiers in the chapters ‘’Crossroads’’/’’Battle for Detroit: Kara leaving Detroit’’, the last episode for Kara and Alice will start in the truck with a dozen of other android losers arriving at the recycling center №5 to meet their end.

Just like in the chapter ‘’The Interrogation’’, Alice has her own stress level during this episode. If you say something good to the girl – the level of stress will decrease, if you get knocked by a soldier – the level of stress will increase. At first, the level of Alice’s stress does not impact anything, but closer to the final of the story a high level of stress may have unpleasant consequences.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-163

Once in a truck, you can talk to Alice: options ‘’Lie’’ and ‘’Reassure’’ will calm the girl down, while the other options will increase her stress level. When the soldiers tell androids to get out of the car, do not hesitate or Kara will be knocked at the head by angry military, which will increase Alice’s level of stress.

Any delay in the recycling center provokes corporal punishment. If the heroine is ordered to do something but she fails to obey in time, there’s a significant probability that she will be knocked with a gun at her face.

In turn, this leads to higher stress level of Alice. So, if you don’t want to see the girl have an epileptic seizure, we advise you to fulfill all ‘’requests’’ of the soldiers without any hesitation. We won’t talk more about this aspect of the walkthrough so let’s move on.

When you are out of the truck, put your hands behind the head (you can hesitate) and stand in line (you can hesitate). Alice will say that she does not want to move forward: options ‘’Reassure’’ and ‘’Convince’’ will calm her down, the other options will increase her stress level. After this, one of the soldiers will lose patience. If you try anything other than convincing Alice, you’ll be beaten.

The heroine will be ordered to go into the tent (you can hesitate) and deactivate the skin on herself and Alice. After this, she will be ordered to take off her clothes and leave the room (you can hesitate). At the exit from the ‘’laundry’’, you’ll see a scene: a deviant was shot during an escape attempt, and now his still-functioning colleague is ordered to take the ‘’corpse’’ to a local dump.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-171

If you do not interfere in this situation, the android will be shot, and you will move forward. In the other case – Kara volunteers – the heroine will have the opportunity to escape but Alice won’t be happy with the prospect of being alone in this terrible place.

First, Kara needs to drag the dead deviant’s body. Having dropped the corpse near the truck with the ‘’waste’’, climb up the step to decide whether you want to leave Alice alone or not. In the first case, the heroine will leave the camp alive and safe – this is the ending ‘’Kara leaves Camp without Alice’’. The girl’s fate will depend on Markus’ success.

If you decide not to leave Alice, you’ll be just in time to the moment when the heroines will be taken to different fenced areas. Once you are inside, look around. To avoid missing anything, let’s go counter-clockwise. Soon after you have control over the character, a drone will shoot a nervous android on the right.

Among robots, you can find the one who was ordered to drag the body of the killed deviant. If Kara volunteered to do the job and then returned to the camp, the grateful android will stand in the center of the zone among other prisoners.

We move further along the area for deviants. At the far (relative to the starting point) fence you’ll see chimeras – monsters that could have been released from the cell in the chapter ‘’Zlatko’’. Talk to one of the victims of Zlatko’s experiments to learn about her desire to help you in the future.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-174

In the nearby, you’ll see Luther – in case he did not die in the chapters ‘’Midnight Train’’ and ‘’Crossroads’’. After a short conversation about the necessity to find Alice, he will be taken to slaughter. You can try to prevent it, but your recklessness won’t benefit anyone.

We continue to go along the fence counter-clockwise and stumble upon Jerry. The representative of the collective mind will instantly contact his ‘’colleague’’ who knows where Alice is. Go to the gate opposite the first Jerry to talk to the girl.

Following a short conversation, Alice will be taken to an unknown destination and you won’t be able to prevent it. To continue the storyline, you need to go to the gate near Luther and chimera. However, we still have some things to do in the fenced area so let’s go the other way.

Ultimately, you will see Ralph if you met him in the chapter ‘’Fugitives’’. The eccentric android is walking from side to side and whines loudly, attracting the drone. If you can calm him down – he will be able to help the heroine in the future, if you fail – he will die.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-175

If the drone sees you when you are inspecting the area with deviant androids (in this case, the color of its searchlight changes from white to red), you’ll be first warned, then shot in the belly and then killed. This is the ending ‘’Kara is killed by the Drone’’. In this scenario, the fate of Alice depends on Markus.

After you have examined the area, go to the gates where Luther stood so that soldiers can take you to the queue for destruction. The first thing to do is do find Alice – she is standing among androids on the opposite side of the site.

You’ll have five options in the conversation with the girl (the hidden one is ‘’Silence’’), but only two of them – ‘’Optimism’’ and ‘’Encouragement’’ can improve the level of stress for Alice. After some time, Alice will ask Kara about the future fate of the group. There’s no sense in telling the truth or being silent, so lie to Alice to calm her down a bit.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-178

If you don’t search for help or deliberately bring stress level of Alice to the maximum level, the girl will rush to Kara. There are two options here and none of them is good:

  • You intervene to protect Alice – this is the ending ‘’Kara died in the Lines’’. In this case, the fate of the girl depends on Markus;
  • You do not intervene to protect Alice – soldiers kill Alice. The fate of Kara and the ending of the episode will depend on the results of the deviant revolution: if androids win, you’ll see the final ‘’Kara freed by Markus’’, if they lose – ‘’Kara died in the Lines’’.
Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-179

You can choose another method to kill Kara – each time the androids move forward, you should move at the same pace. Otherwise, the guard will warn Kara, then shoot her in the belly (this will negatively impact the level of stress of Alice) and then kill her. This is the above-mentioned ending '’Kara died in the Lines’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-180

Now that we know how to die in the lines, let’s try to get out. First, look around for potential interlocutors:

  • The android behind Kara will tell her that Markus will soon free the camp (if that’s actually the case). If Markus fails to liberate the camp, you won’t be able to talk to this android.
  • You can ask the android ahead of Kara why deviants are put in this camp. There’ll be no answer, but everything is clear enough without additional answers.
  • Luther stands a bit ahead of Kara. If you have met him in the fenced area, he will remind Kara that she must reunite with Alice;
  • Ralph is located to the left from Kara (if you saved him from the drone). He will tell that he does not want to die;
  • Chimera will tell Kara that she is ready to help;
  • Jerry will tell Kara the same. He is in the line not far from Alice. If you hesitate for too long, Jerry might prematurely die in the recycling machine.

There are two ways to get to Alice: Jerry and chimera. You can use any of these options. Look at the soldier who stands between two recycling machines and give the signal to your partner to initiate a distracting maneuver. During the time the guards deal with the problem, you’ll be able to run to Alice.

If the drone sees you during your run, he will put you back to your previous place and you will have to try one more time. If you lose too much time, you will have to repeat the entire procedure but with another partner. Don’t forget that you only have two possible partners so look around before you rush to Alice.

When you finally reach the girl, her level of stress will become irrelevant. If Markus is successful in his revolution at the time of Kara and Alice reunion, the chapter will end: Kara and Alice will stand in the recycling machine, but no one will kill them as soldiers will run away and you will unlock the ending ‘’Kara & Alice survived’’.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-181

Another scenario is possible – Markus died or failed to attack the camp. In this case, the heroines will die in the recycling machine. This is the ending ‘’Alice & Kara died in the Recycling Machine’’ which is usually accompanied by death of Luther as he was ahead of them in the line.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-182

If the queue moves forward but you forget to move, you will risk angering the guard: just like we mentioned above, he will first warn the heroine, then shoot her in the belly and then kill her. This leads to the ending ‘’Kara died in the Lines’’. In this case, Alice’s fate depends on Markus.

However, you are not obliged to die in this situation. First of all, look at the fence to the right of the recycling machine – you can climb through the barbed wire if someone distracts the guards. There are four potential candidates for this mission: Ralph, Luther and chimera are at their usual places while the new Jerry is behind Ralph.

Once the distracting maneuver is performed, Kara and Alice (and Luther) will automatically run to the fence. If you hesitate to lift the barbed wire (you do not put Alice to the other side of the fence), soldiers will come and kill everyone. This leads to endings ‘’Kara & Alice were killed’’ and ‘’Kara, Luther & Alice were killed’’.

Now, let’s examine the scenario when you have successfully lifted the barbed wire, but Kara has been damaged by a soldier or a drone. In this case, the heroine will die with a smile on her face – she saved Alice (and Luther). This leads to endings ‘’Alice escaped on Truck’’ and ‘’Alice & Luther escaped by Trucks’’.

If Kara reached the fence without damage and successfully put her companion/companions through the barbed wire, a soldier will come. In this case, there are two options: run or fight. The heroes will not be able to hide, leading to endings ‘’Kara & Alice were killed’’ and ‘’Kara, Luther and Alice were killed’’.

If you decide to fight against the soldier, you’ll be able to save yourself and Alice. However, if you lose the fight (just don’t press anything), the fate of the heroines will depend on their allies: Kara might be saved by Ralph (if Luther is already dead) or Luther, which leads to the ending ‘’Kara & Alice escape on Truck’’. If no one can come to help, the fugitives will simply die.

Detroit: Become Human Battle for Detroit Walkthrough-193

The best outcome of this scene is when you defeat the soldier by yourself and escape on the truck with Alice (and, preferably, Luther). This is the ending ‘’Kara & Alice escape on Truck’’.

This ends the chapter ‘’Battle for Detroit: Kara Captured’’. Here’s the flowchart:

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