Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough

Night Of The Soul: Connor

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-1

If Connor became deviant in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ and died or have decided to become a machine, the chapter ‘’Night of the Soul’’ will start for him from a short scene in the garden of stones. Amanda will remind him of the main task – to destroy the leader of deviants (whoever it is).

To unlock the next scene, you must fulfill two conditions: do not turn Connor into deviant and force lieutenant Anderson in the chapter ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’ to quit police. For this, Hank must have been hostile to Connor before the beginning of that episode.

Having fulfilled these requirements, Connor will arrive by taxi to visit Hank at the beginning of ‘’Night of the Soul’’. Enter the house and talk to former lieutenant – your choice of remarks will have no effect.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-4

In case you have died at least twice playing for Connor, Anderson will tell you that each ‘’revival’’ reminded of his lost son. In the other case – Connor survived in each episode – Anderson will express his disappointment with androids.

Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, the lieutenant will force Connor away and will commit suicide.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-7

Another version of the ‘’Night of the Soul’’ for Connor – if you have made him deviant, did not die in the chapter “Crossroads” but were not able to protect Markus. In this case, the protagonist will find himself in church with the remains of the resistance.

To get a 100% rating in this chapter, you need to talk to all survivors (North, Josh, Simon) and apologize to Kara.

  • In this version of the ‘’Night of the Soul’’, North is always in the church;
  • You will be able to apologize to Kara and Alice only if you chased them in the chapter ‘’On the Run’’;
  • Markus must have saved Josh in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ (the scene with the soldier), so do not lose him ahead of time;
  • Simon cannot be killed in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, but you can do it in the past chapters (don’t do this).

Following the conversation with the new leader of deviants, the hero will inevitably offer to visit the plant Cyberlife (one of the options of the final mission). North will always choose the path of aggression towards humans. The ending, in this case, is always the same: ‘’North Decided To Attack Camp’’.This concludes the chapter ‘’Night of the Soul’’ for Connor. Here’s the flowchart:

Night of the Soul: Markus

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-12

The beginning of the ‘’Night of the Soul’’ for Markus depends on whether Carl died in the chapter ‘’Broken’’ or not (and, of course, if Markus himself has survived). If Carl died, the hero will come to the cemetery to pay his dues.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-13

Choose any options in the ‘’conversation’’ with the tombstone – there’s no one to answer them. On the way back from the cemetery, Markus will stumble upon Carl’s son, from who he decided not to defend himself in the above-mentioned episode.

If Carl did not die – you pushed Leo and he has hit an iron structure – you can look at your house. The security system will let Markus in. Go to the mirror to hear a message from Carl’s son – tomorrow, he will finally be out of the hospital.

Before you go upstairs to the bedroom, look into the living room. Depending on your choice in the chapter ‘’The Painter’’, you can look at the chessboard, play the piano or look at the books. Also, you can see the painting by Markus.

Up on the second floor, you will meet a medical android. Awake him and go to meet your former master. Carl was chained to bed before, but now his condition is so serious that he had to be connected to the cardiac monitor.

Markus will tell Carl about his feelings: if you choose anger-related options twice, Carl will die. Otherwise, use decision and advice.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-22

Speaking about the second part of the episode, it depends on two factors – whether Jericho was attacked and whether Markus was killed/expelled.

  • Markus killed/expelled, no attack – North on board Jericho announces a start of the aggressive fight against humans;
  • Markus killed/expelled, attack – North in church announces a start of the aggressive fight against humans;
  • Markus alive/not expelled, no attack – Markus is on board the Jericho and is able to choose his approach for the upcoming confrontation with humans;
  • Markus alive/not expelled, attack – Markus talks to his comrades in church, determines the fate of deviant Connor and chooses the approach for the upcoming confrontation with humans.

The first two points (with North) inevitably lead to the ending ‘’North Decided To Attack Camp’’, which will have a significant negative influence on society’s attitude towards androids. However, without Markus, the deviant revolution is doomed to fail, so public opinion does not matter much.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-23

The third point is a shorter version of the fourth, so we will discuss Markus alive/not expelled, attack in details. If you took a detonator from North at the beginning of the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, the hero will have it with him.

Stand up, go down from the stage and turn to the left. If Simon is alive following the chapters ‘’The Stratford Tower’’, ‘’Public Enemy’’ and ‘’Freedom March’’, he will sit on the boxes. Talk to Simon and stand with you back to him – Josh is on the opposite side of the church near the wall. You can also talk to him.

Connor deviant is in the dark corner near to Josh. You should decide whether you trust him or not. In the first case, Connor will propose a plan to convert thousands of androids in the Cyberlife factory. In the opposite case, Markus will just shoot him down. Due to this, Cyberlife will send a new Connor for the next mission.

You’ll see Kara and Alice right in front of the ‘’scene’’. Talk to them, turn and see North on the nearby bench. Talk about everything – if Markus kissed North in the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’, he can now ‘’share the moment’’ with her.

Detroit: Become Human Night of the Soul Walkthrough-32
Jericho people will support you whatever you choose

After you have talked to all (important) surviving characters, you need to decide on your approach to the upcoming revolution: peaceful or aggressive. Each of the options leads to a separate ending – ‘’Markus Chose to Protest for His People’’ and ‘’Markus Chose To Fight for His People’’.

This concludes the episode ‘’Night of the Soul’’ for Markus’’. Here’s the flowchart:

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