Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of the chapter, covering the three heroes’ storylines and all possible endings

This chapter is the second in scope and variety of possible scenarios in the entire Detroit: Become Human after the final chapter. Each hero has, unlike the joint episode of Kara and Connor, ‘’On The Run’’, his own (and very complicated) flowchart, so the material will be divided into three parts: Connor, Markus and Kara.

Before we proceed to the walkthrough, let’s name the key factors that affect which options will be available to your characters.

The duration of the ‘’Crossroads’’ depends on whether Connor detected the location of Jericho or not. If he failed, this chapter will be reduced to just two scenes, and the surviving heroes will safely move to the next episode. In the other case, the detective android will take an active part in this chapter and in the next ones.

For Markus, the outcome of ‘’Freedom March’’ is crucial. If he died there, North will take command of androids beginning from the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’. If Markus survived, the relationship with North will have tangible consequences. Markus’ reputation among Jericho inhabitants is also important. The maximum negative reputation will open additional options in the ‘’Crossroads’’.

For Kara, the most important is her relationship with Alice (if they are unfriendly, there’ll be an additional branch on the flowchart) as well as if Luther survived in the ‘’Midnight Train’’. Without the ‘’gentle giant’’, some options will be closed for Kara. Also, try to get Kara to ‘’Crossroads’’ – she can die in episodes ‘’Zlatko’’, ‘’On The Run’’ and ‘’Stormy Night’’.


For Kara, the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ starts in the car with Rose, Alice and Luther (if he survived in the episode ‘’Midnight Train’’. In the other case, the heroines continue their journey without the ‘’gentle giant’’. During the trip, look at the window (L1) and change the radio station on the on-board computer of the car.

After the scene of Kara and Alice’s farewell (Luther does not take a big part in the scene despite his presence), move towards the Jericho with Rose – there’s only one road and you can’t get lost. According to Rose, Kara will find help (Markus) on board the ship.


If you successfully located Jericho (with the help of Kamski or with the help of the deductive method), you’ll start the chapter on the Ferndale station. Press L2 to look at Connor’s palm graffiti, then the hero will find a way to the abandoned cargo ship.


After you have arrived on the ship, go to the barrel on fire in the far end of the room and put Alice on the boxes. If Luther is around, he will look after Alice while Kara is searching for Markus. The leader of the deviant (by this time, it could be North) is in the cabin on the second floor.


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-11

Once you are inside Jericho, take a good look. Explosives are in the center of the room. On the nearby box, you’ll find a magazine with articles ‘’Detroit in Chaos’’ and ‘’Terror in Detroit’’ if Markus chose the aggressive path in ‘’Freedom March’’.

You can also spot:

  • Alice – she sits on the boxes in the far left (from the entrance) corner of the room;
  • Rupert – if you decided to save Hank in the chapter ‘’The Next’’, this bird fan will be watching the operation on the injured android in the tent near Alice. Come close to see the deviant;
  • Kara – she will look around Jericho from a bridge on the upper tier of the room;
  • Two Tracis – if you have let them to in the episode ‘’The Eden Club’’, they’ll be located not far from Kara on the second floor of the ship.
Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-16

When Connor approaches one of the two stairs to the second floor, he will be stopped by Lucy.


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-17

At the end of the conversation, Markus/North will ask Kara why she travels with a human kid. The answer to this question will not affect anything so choose any and then get down to the first floor.

Once you are on the first floor, don’t go forward (there’ll be a cutscene there) and look to the right – if Markus chose the aggressive approach in the chapter ‘’Freedom March’’, then you’ll be able to find a magazine with articles ‘’Detroit in Chaos’’ and ‘’Error in Detroit’’ on one of the boxes. Despite the fact that Connor may have already seen the same edition, you still need to read both materials.

Approaching Alice, the heroine will notice an android – an exact copy of her little companion. It turns out that all this time Kara simply refused to accept the fact that the girl traveling with her is actually a robot. Luther or Lucy (Jericho inhabitant with a damaged skull) will try to reconcile the protagonist with the realities of life depending on whether the ‘’gentle giant’’ has survived the chapter ‘’Midnight Train’’ or not.

Sitting next to Alice, Kara will have to make a choice: hug the robot girl and accept her as she is or stay distant. Chances are that you have earned enough reputation points and won’t feel the consequences of your decision even if you choose to stay distant. Anyway, the relationship with Alice and Luther will significantly worsen in this case.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-20

If you have deliberately spoiled your relationship with Alice (did not talk to her, stole in front of her, spent the night in the abandoned car) starting from the chapter ‘’A New Home’’, then, seeing Kara’s attitude, Alice will just get up and leave (alone or with Luther).

At this stage, you can unlock three endings of this episode:

  • Kara, Alice & Luther Left Jericho – if Connor did not determine the location of the android base in the chapter ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’ and Luther survived;
  • Kara & Alice Left Jericho – if Connor did not determine the location of the android base and Luther has not survived;
  • Kara Left Jericho Alone – if Connor did not determine the location of the android base and you have rejected Alice. In the opposite case (when the ship is attacked by SWAT) you need to select the option ‘’Flee’’. This is where Kara’s story ends.


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-21

For the leader of deviants, the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ starts with the captain’s bridge and a conversation with his team. If Markus died in the chapter ‘’Freedom March’’, the conversation between North, Josh and Simon (he needs to survive in the episodes ‘’The Stratford Tower’’ and ‘’Public Enemy’’) will go without your participation.

This scene may lead to an early termination of the chapter provided that Connor did not determine the location of Jericho. In this case, you will unlock the ending ‘’North Stayed Alone With Her Thoughts’’.

If Markus is alive and well, the starting dialogue may move in two directions. The conversation begins with Josh being unhappy about the situation. Whatever Markus replies, Josh will claim that there is no sense in freedom if there’s no one left. If you reply with anger, your relationship with Josh will worsen.

If Markus is unpopular in Jericho, he will be ousted by North and other squad members at the end of the conversation. In this case, the android revolution will be headed by North, but you won’t be able to control her in the next chapters.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-24

The easy way to come to this scenario is to fail resistance tasks, fleeing from the mission in chapters ‘’Spare Parts’’, ‘’Capitol Park’’ and ‘’Freedom March’’. If Connor did not determine where Jericho is located, Markus’ story will end – this is the ending ‘’Markus Left Jericho’’.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-25
Interestingly, while Simon is present in this scene, he shows no reaction to Markus’ choice

Let’s now assume that Markus was not that bad in previous chapters and that his reputation is above unpopular. In this case, North will ask him about their action plan. There are three choices:

  • Confrontation – North approves, Josh does not approve;
  • Dialogue – Josh approves, North does not approve;
  • Hide – Josh approves, North does not approve.
Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-26

When Markus is alone with North, she will offer him a detonator from a dirty bomb planted somewhere in the city that can be used in the fight against humans. There’s no point to refuse as the decision will not affect anything in the short term (it is even not present in the flowchart) and later the device may come in handy.

The further development of this scene depends on your relationship with North. If she did not tell about her past in the chapter ‘’Freedom March’’ and did not share memories with Markus, she will just walk away. In the other case, Markus will have the opportunity to kiss North. There’s no point to refuse (the relationship with North will worsen) as this action will provide additional options in the next chapters.

Following the manifestation of romantic feelings (or lack thereof), North will leave Markus alone. If Connor in the chapter ‘’Last Chance, Connor’’ did not determine the location of Jericho, the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ will end for Markus and you will unlock the ending ‘’Markus Stayed Alone with his Thoughts’’.

In the other case, after the members of his squad walked away, Connor will visit the deviant leader (Markus or North, depending on your actions).


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-29

Following the scene with Kara’s participation, he will be close to his target – the deviant leader – and will inform Amanda. Depending on how the chapter ‘’Freedom March’’ ended, you’ll see Markus or North.

In this scene, the leader of deviants will try to persuade Connor to change sides. This is your last chance to increase the software instability rate – if this parameter stays low, there’ll be no choice at the nearest fork.

Besides the hero, Markus can also influence the software instability rate (if you choose remarks wisely), but when you play for Connor only three remarks matter:

  • Cold – decrease the software instability rate;
  • Convince – decrease the software instability rate;
  • Confusion – increase the software instability rate.
Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-30

Playing for Markus, to increase Connor’s software instability rate you should choose:

  • ‘’Discourage’’
  • ‘’Convince’’
  • ‘’Appeal”
  • ‘’Brothers’’
  • ‘’Justified’’
  • ‘’Our cause’’
  • ‘’Sow doubts’’
  • ‘’Question’’
  • ‘’Influence’’
Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-31

Ultimately, you will have to decide whether you will become a deviant or will remain an obedient android. This decision (unless you die before the end of the episode) will impact the rest of this chapter and the entire adventure in general, so don’t hurry – you can put the game on pause.

First, let’s assume that you have decided to stay a machine – the Connor-machine part of the story is much shorter than the Connor-deviant one. If you decided to stay on the side of the humans, you will rush towards the leader of deviants, be it Markus or North.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-32

If you have decided to make Connor a deviant, you will have to overcome the resistance of your own system before joining the previous enemy side. Once the software is broken, Amanda will immediately become hostile and Connor will warn the android leader about the impending attack and will follow him.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-33

Regardless of Connor’s decision to stay deviant or not, Jericho will be attacked by SWAT led by FBI agent Perkins. If by this time Markus was ousted from the deviant army, you’ll have a chance to help it. If you do not take this opportunity, his rebel life will be over.

The beginning of this chase is the same – the protagonist is stopped by a soldier who does not know which side Connor has picked.

There are several potential outcomes:

  • ‘’Lie’’ or ‘’Excuse’’ will lead to soldier simply letting you go;
  • The attempt to escape will lead to an imminent and sudden death of Connor – the ending ‘’Machine Connor Was Destroyed’’. Well, Cyberlife will send a new one.
  • If you decide to attack the solider, you will have to win in a fight (QTE section) to proceed further. In the other case, you’ll have the same final as in the previous paragraph.
Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-37

Further development of Connor’s story depends on who he is chasing: Markus or North. First, let’s begin with North. In this case, the chapter won’t end well for Connor – she will escape, and the hero will be shot by the soldier – this is another (but different) ending ‘’Machine Connor Was Destroyed’’.

In case of Markus, Connor’s advancement in the flowchart will (oddly) depend on Markus. If you, playing for the deviant leader, will be able to grab the gun in the engine control room, Connor-machine will die (this is the third unique ending ‘’Machine Connor Was Destroyed’’. If you fail, Connor will kill Markus.


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-38

In case of an attack on Jericho, if you have previously rejected Alice, you will have the opportunity to return to the girl – the option ‘’Search for Alice’’. The heroines will reunite in one of the corridors of the ship (you will get there automatically if you have initially hugged Alice).

The reunion will mark a big increase in reputation for both companions, but in the case of Kara (and Connor, for that matter), the relations with other characters at this stage (three chapters to the end) have no effect whatsoever – all important social milestones are left behind.

Attempting to escape from SWAT, the heroes may finish this chapter ahead of time. For this to happen, you need to stand still or run towards the soldiers. In both cases, the fugitives will be caught – with Luther or without him. These are the endings ‘’Kara, Alice & Luther Captured’’ and ‘’Kara & Alice Captured’’.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-41

The development of the next scene depends on Luther. If he is dead by now (died in the episode ‘’Midnight Train’’), then fugitives will have to move along the dark corridors of Jericho alone. Don’t stand still and don’t run towards soldiers unless you want to unlock the second version of the ending ‘’Kara & Alice Captured’’.

If he is still alive, he will catch a bullet and will not be able to move.


The exact moment of Markus’ involvement in the affairs of rebel androids depends on deviant Connor successes in the hold of Jericho. The longer Connor lives, the later the ex-leader of deviants will join his team. However, once he returns, he will again be the commander, so you can’t call it a long absence from power.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-42

The task is to blow Jericho in order to help androids flee (the explosion will force humans to leave the ship). For this, you need to activate explosives deep in the hold of the vessel. The first candidate for this job is Markus, but he is ousted, so the job will be done by deviant Connor. In case he dies, Markus will continue from the point where his predecessor was stopped.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-43

Once you have control over Markus, don’t hesitate and do not run to the camera. Otherwise, the hero will first be wounded and then killed. This is the ending ‘’Markus Killed and Most of Jericho Captured’’. A ‘’dying’’ Lucy will meet you on the way to the hold. After a short conversation, run forwards until the construction under your feet collapses.


As for Connor, his further involvement in the affairs of Jericho depends on whether Markus is still the deviant leader, or he died/was expelled.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-44

In the first case, Connor’s role in this chapter will be reduced to a minimum – at the end of the chapter, he’ll need to cover the retreat of the squad (more on this later), and in the second case the former detective will have to destroy Jericho by himself. Let’s have a look at this scenario.

If you don’t want to see a sad final in this chapter, run to the stairs in the hold and meet the ‘’dying’’ Lucy. Next, move along the bridge until it collapses.


If you leave the ‘’gentle giant’’, you will doom him to death (and you will have to concede Alice after this). If you decide to help him – you’ll get such a chance.

Get Luther on Kara’s shoulder, quickly press ‘’X’’ to get him to the safe place. If you hesitate, you will unlock another version of the ending ‘’Kara, Alice & Luther Captured’. If you do everything correctly, you will open a few additional options in this chapter and the next ones.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-50

Regardless of Luther’s fate, Kara and Alice will run together after the previous episode. When there is a big sign ‘’Hide’’ on the screen, use the unlocked yellow door on the right. The heroines will lock themselves behind a small door which will be immediately knocked on by a desperate android.

If you open the door, you will have to fight with a soldier. If you lose, you’ll see the ending ‘’Kara & Alice Captured’’. If you win (or do not open the door) heroines will be able to leave the cabin but getting out of Jericho won’t be that easy.


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-53

In the next scene – the checkpoint Markus in the Corridor – you’ll be offered to release two androids that will soon be executed by soldiers.

  • If you do not interfere, Jericho inhabitants won’t be happy as robots will be destroyed.
  • If you engage in a fight, you’ll earn the respect of the crew of the ship and will get the opportunity to free the prisoners.

Be careful – if you were shot on your way to Lucy, the failure of the QTE section will lead to another version of the ending ‘’Markus Killed and Most of the Jericho Captured’’.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-54

The further road is blocked by two soldiers – one with a gun and one with a shield. You’ll have 10 seconds to decide on your next move. If you fail, Markus will be wounded or killed (depending on your condition before this fight). To escape successfully, use any of the two options offered by the game – the enemy shield or the remains of the stairs.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-55

Next, you will pass over the scene of the potential execution of the cornered androids. To avoid their death, drop a water tank on the soldier. This action will be greeted by Jericho inhabitants (the reaction will be opposite if you escape from the execution site).

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-56

The remaining obstacle to the engine control room is Josh who is fighting for life with a soldier. If you ignore him, he will die and spoil your relations with the inhabitants of Jericho.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-57

Choosing to help Josh, you’ll get involved in another QTE fight. If you win, you will earn the respect of your comrade and the crew ship. John will join the rest of the group. If you play for Connor, you won’t be able to help Josh under any circumstances, so if you want to see him in the last mission, don’t kill Markus ahead of time.

If you lose, the outcome of the fight depends on whether Markus was already wounded. If he was, this failure will kill him (another unique version of the ending ‘’Markus Killed and Most of Jericho Captured’’). If he was not, Josh will sacrifice his life to save Markus. Anyway, Josh won’t live until the end of the episode if Markus loses the fight.


On the way to the engine control room, Connor will too have three potential battles against enemies:

  • in the corridor right after you gained control of the hero;
  • in a room where soldiers are preparing to shoot two androids;
  • in the aisle next to the broken ladder.

If you do nothing in these scenes, the character will be shot. Another mistake and he will die. This is the ending ‘’Deviant Connor Was Destroyed on the Ship’’.

After the bridge collapses, the hero will be close to the potential execution. If you pass by, androids will be shot down. Interfere and you’ll have a chance to help them. We remind you that failure in a QTE fight leads to an injury or even death of the hero if you were shot by SWAT before meeting Lucy.

The next fight is in the passage to engine control room, which is blocked by two soldiers. To get out of this situation unharmed, you need to push off either one of the SWAT shields or from a piece of the stairs. If you wait until the timer runs out, the protagonist will be shot to death (in case you have made such mistakes in previous scenes).

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-60

After you have dealt with the soldiers, you will have the opportunity to drop a water tank on other SWAT to save the cornered androids. If you don’t do this, robots will be killed, but, because you are not a member of Markus’ squad, it will not affect anything.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-61

If you have reached this stage after the death of Markus or originally instead of him, you’ll see a ‘’dying’’ Josh near the engine control room. You can’t save him playing for Connor (it’s Markus’ task) so leave him and run towards your goal.


Sooner or later, Kara and Alice will get to the hole in the ship’s hull. Along the way to this hole, SWAT will catch up with Kara, Alice and other android fugitives and will open fire. There are many forks in this scene, so we will move slowly.

First of all, Kara and Alice will try to run away – for this, quickly press ‘’X’’. If you fail this QTE segment, the protagonist will be wounded in the leg (we will return to this situation); if everything is done correctly, there’ll be three options:

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-64
  • Play dead – the optimal choice, more on its consequences later;
  • Run – will lead to Alice being shot in the leg;
  • Surrender – opens four more options.

First, let’s look at the scenario when you play dead. The heroines deliberately fall on the floor and try not to move. When the soldier approaches, you have a choice: cover Alice with your body or not to move at all. The second option will allow the heroines to get out of this situation alive and well. The outcome of the first choice depends on Luther.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-67

If you dragged him to the safe place before, he will appear from the dark and will help Alice and Kara escape at the cost of his life. In the other case – if Luther was shot on Jericho or in the chapter ‘’Midnight Train’’ – both heroines will die.

When Kara is shot in the leg, she inevitably falls on the ground. There are five options in this situation (not of them are good):

  • Play dead – we have already discussed this scenario;
  • Stand up – you won’t be able to do this, but you will have the opportunity to crawl after a failed attempt to stand up. We do not advise to do this as Kara and Alice will be killed in this case;
  • Surrender – will inevitably lead to the capture of both heroines (but they will remain alive);
  • Attack – only if Luther is not around (in the other case, he will help Kara and Alice escape). Kara and Alice will be captured after hitting the protagonist on the head;
  • Out of time – don’t choose any option. Kara will offer Alice to flee, but ultimately, they will be killed.

In case of voluntary capitulation, you have four options:

  • Run – Kara gets shot in the leg (see above);
  • Convince – won’t work;
  • Obey – the same as surrender, the fugitives will be captured;
  • Attack – just like previously, the outcome of this action depends on Luther. At the cost of his life, Kara and Alice can get out of Jericho. Without him, their path lies to the nearest junkyard.

Ultimately, this scene has three endings:

  • Kara & Alice Left Jericho – the best scenario. It is possible if Luther sacrificed himself or if they successfully played dead;
  • Kara & Alice Captured – a less pleasant ending. It is possible if there is no Luther around and you decided to attack soldiers or in the case of voluntary capitulation;
  • Kara & Alice Died in the Assault – the worst ending. It is possible if you try to protect Alice in Luther’s absence, if you crawl from SWAT or just do nothing.

This concludes the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ for Kara. Here’s the flowchart:


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-79

The moment the hero gets to the engine control room, SWAT will break in (or Connor, if you haven’t made him a deviant). If soldiers defeat you, you will unlock the fourth version of the ending ‘’Markus Killed and Most of Jericho Captured’’. If you win, the countdown will start, and you will return unharmed to your comrades.

In case of Connor, the situation is similar, but the outcome is different. If you fail to grab the gun in time, the detective will shoot Marлus and you will unlock the ending ‘’Connor Killed Markus’’. If you are in time to grab the gun, Markus wins the fight and Cyberlife will have to send a new android to the next mission.

After the fight in the engine control room and the activation of the bombs or after the return from the exile (in both cases, relationship with Jericho inhabitants improve) Markus will join his squad. The presence of members besides North depends on your actions in this and previous chapters. On the way to the hole in the ship’s hull, the hero can be shot (just stand still) – in this case, you will unlock the ending ‘’Markus Died Buying Time For Jericho’’.

If you run to your squad in time – the bullet will catch North instead of Markus. Simon (if he is not yet dead) will advise leaving North, but you should agree to this only if you need a full completion of the flowchart – there are no other reasons for such a bad move (it will negatively impact the relationship with “Jericho” inhabitants and especially with Josh).

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-84

North will love your decision but be careful: if your team lacks deviant Connor (i.e. there is no one to protect Markus), a failure of the QTE section will lead to the ending ‘’Markus Died Buying Time For Jericho’’. In case of success, Markus will pull North to his shoulder and will take her to the ‘’exit’’ from the ship.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-85

If the team has Connor, he can cover their retreat (we discussed this option earlier in the Connor section). If there is no Connor, Markus and North will save themselves. Simon (if he survived in the previous chapters) and Josh (you need to save him playing for Markus) can also escape the ship. This is the ending ‘’Markus Fled With His People’’.

This concludes the chapter ‘’Crossroads’’ for Markus. Here’s the flowchart:


Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-91

If you play as Connor, he won’t be permitted to activate the bombs once he gets to the engine room – three soldiers will break into the room. If you can’t eliminate them, Connor will be destroyed, and a new Connor will be sent for the next mission. This is another unique version of the ending ‘’Deviant Connor Was Destroyed on the Ship’’.

In case of a successful fight, Connor will activate the detonator and join the rest of the squad. Heroes will be chased by soldiers and will have to break away from them.

  • If you hesitate, North and Simon will jump from Jericho without Connor (another unique version of ‘’Deviant Connor Was Destroyed on the Ship’’);
  • If you are in time – you’ll save yourself. This is a truncated version of ‘’Connor Escaped with Jericho’s People’’.

The alternative variant of this scene is with Markus and (if you have saved him playing for deviant leader) Josh. To get in this situation, you should not let Markus die or be expelled from Jericho. In this line of events, deviant Connor will need to cover the squad retreat after he switches sides. If can’t do this, the hero will be shot – this is another version of the ending ‘’Deviant Connor Was Destroyed on the Ship’’.

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough-94

If you can repel the SWAT attack and escape from the ship with the rest, you’ll unlock a full version of the ending ‘’Connor Escaped with Jericho’s People’’. Here’s the flowchart of the episode:

John Davis