Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in Detroit: Become Human

References to such iconic movies as The Green Mile, Blade Runner, the Terminator series, previous Quantic Dream games, Hideo Kojima’s cult stealth action game, and even Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear

The following text contains spoilers, so it is strongly advised to complete the game before reading it!

The Terminator references

Except for the fact, that CyberLife android investigator is named Connor (a hint at the main characters of the Terminator series), the game has a direct reference to one of the movie scenes. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the main antagonist, T-X, tastes the blood of a person to examine his DNA. In turn, Connor similarly tastes the blue blood of androids throughout the game.

Another reference is Connor’s andoird model, RK800. The killing machine sent from the future in James Cameron’s first film is known as T-800.

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Hitman reference

The CyberLife tower episode in Connor’s story also contains a small reference. When the android approaches the entrance along with the agents, the system recognizes their numbers. One of them is called Agent 47, and it seems unlikely that this number was chosen accidentally.

Kara and Alice

The plotline of a deviant android Kara is closely intertwined with the girl Alice, who is considered to be a human child. She has to endure the antics of her unstable father Todd until both Kara and Alice run away from home. In the end, it turns out that Alice is an android model YK500, and Todd bought her because of longing for his real daughter, who was taken away by his wife during the divorce.

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The thing is even Alice doesn’t fully realize she is an android. This is an obvious reference to Steven Spielberg’s 2001 movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, in which the child robot David can’t understand that he is only a creation and not a living person.

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The Green Mile

Android Luther, who helps Kara and Alice, looks like deceased actor Michael Clarke Duncan. He is best known for his role as John Coffey from the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Green Mile. This reference would seem a bit far-fetched, if only Kara, Alice and Luther didn’t have a nice talk in a place called John’s Coffee.

Red Ice

A special mixture of strong drugs, who Alice’s father Todd happens to like, is called Red Ice and closely resembles Blue Sky drug from the Breaking Bad. A crystal form, strong effects and a way of consumption — all strongly reminds us of the legendary series with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Although the formula of Red Ice is C17H21NO4, while the methamphetamine’s is C10H15N, the analogy is clear.

I, Robot movie references

The police station in which Connor works looks very similar to the one in the 2004 movie I, Robot, based on the famous novel by Isaac Azimov. The transparent capsule office of the chief is also intact.

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Detroit: Become Human’s Lieutenant Hank Anderson himself, who Connor is assigned to, reminds of Detective Spooner — Will Smith’s character from I, Robot. Hank, just like Spooner, despises the android at first, but then gets behind the deviants’ ideas and can even become friends with Connor.

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Finally, in one of Connor’s first scenes with Hank, the android winks to his partner, which is very similar to the way robot Sonny winks to Spooner. In I, Robot, it is thanks to this gesture it was possible to deceive the powerful VIKI computer system.

Android writer

The obvious allusion to the famous 1968 work of Philip Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? appears during one of the news programs at the police station, a few seconds after Connor is mocked by his human colleague.

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The host announces that the first-ever novel written by an android Do Humans Dream of Mammalian Sheep? is a huge success. The novel, according to her, is already a bestseller, which received high praise from the critics.

Blade Runner

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Image source: flickr.com

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? became the basis for the 1982 movie Blade Runner, in which the main character is called Rick Deckard and hunts the replicants — androids indistinguishable from humans. Curiously, there is a reference to him as well: at the very beginning of his storyline, Connor arrives at an apartment, where the deviant took the girl hostage. One of the policemen killed by the deviant is Antony Deckart, and we don’t think it is a mere coincidence.

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Movie Theater

In the last chapter, Kara picks up a gun, while the camera conveniently shows us a front of a movie theater in the background. Here we can see a number of references: one movie is called Heavy Rain (one of the previous games by Quantic Dream), To Infinity and Beyond (Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase from the Toy Story series), Nomad Soul (shortened name of Quantic Dream’s first game — Omikron: The Nomad Soul) and Jungle 2, which is yet to be solved.

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Another Heavy Rain reference can be seen when playing as Markus at the beginning of his story. During Carl’s (owner of Markus) lunch, there are a few origamis in the cabinet behind the dining table. Those seem to have come right off the cover of Heavy Rain.

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Lance Henriksen

The role of Carl Manfred is performed by Lance Henriksen, who is already 78 years old. The actor is a big reference by himself; he played the role of android Bishop in the Alien series.

Markus in the android junkyard

Quantic Dream has not forgotten their roots. In the chapter where Markus reassembles himself in the android junkyard, one can find a broken female model, who will be humming something in Japanese.

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This is a reference to the 2012 KARA tech demo, which was a very first prototype of Detroit running on PlayStation 3. During the third minute of the video, Kara sings in Japanese, demonstrating her knowledge of several languages.

Kara singing in Japanese, 2012

Cardboard box from Metal Gear

In one of the Markus’ scenes, it is possible to notice a delivery truck with a company name written in a similar font to Metal Gear’s one.

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Just a moment later, workers will pull a cardboard box out of the truck, referring to its legendary role in Hideo Kojima’s series.

Symbolic character names

There is another interesting detail — the names of the main characters reflect their traits, storylines and motivations. Connor is consonant with honor, Kara with care, and Markus with a mark (meaning he has a goal or an objective).

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John Davis