Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough

How to gather androids and lead the march
Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-1

At the beginning of this chapter, Markus wants to be alone. For this, he has chosen a ruined building. After gaining control over the protagonist, pick up the magazine on the floor to read two articles – ‘’Android Arson’’ and ‘’Eastern Space Race’’.

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Before North comes, you should look at yourself in the broken mirror (on the opposite side of the room) and play the piano. If you hesitate, Markus will go out himself and provoke the appearance of North.

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There are several scenarios for the conversation with North. The introductory part of the dialogue (before the protagonist is asked about the past) will not really affect anything, so let’s immediately turn to the main part. If you avoid answering (‘’Avoid’’, ‘’Insignificant’’), you will worsen the relationship with North. If you tell the truth (‘’Truth’’, ‘’Sincere’’), the relationship will improve.

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You can leave after the answer – the scene will end and the protagonist’s relationship with North will worsen – or ask about North’s past. If Markus is on good terms with her, she will approve of his interest, if not – she will just go away.

Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-5

To talk with North about her past, you need to show understanding and sympathy. Choose options ‘’Other North’’ (if you have seen the android of the same model in ‘’Cyberlife’’ store) – this remark will improve the relationship between the characters, – ‘’Understanding’’, ‘’Trust’’.

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Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-7

The result of the successful persuasion is the scene of connection between Markus and North. This will lead to a significant improvement of their relationship and to additional options in later chapters.

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The next scene – the meeting with Simon on ‘’Jericho’’ – is possible only under one scenario: you left Simon to die on the roof of the Stratford tower (the chapter ‘’The Stratford Tower’’) but Connor did not find him in the chapter ‘’Public Enemy’’. After having hugged each other, the heroes will go on the next mission together.

Markus has a new bold plan. He wants to recruit androids in the mall and around it to organize a mass protest march. Awaken all robots inside the complex – android cleaner, personal android, android vendor and security android (stands opposite the music store to the right of the starting point) – and go outside.

Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-14

The so-called android parking spots are located on both sides of the exit from the shopping center – these robots should be converted as well. To organize a march, heroes need to block the street. Delivery androids, which are capable to block the street, stand near the truck on the left.

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Next to them, a personal android is waiting for release. The former owner will be very unhappy after the release of the android. There are two ways to solve this problem: calm (‘’Convince’’) and aggressive (‘’Intervene’’). Whatever you choose, the android will join the resistance.

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After you have blocked the road, open the manhole to release your supporters from the sewers – now you are ready to start the march. From now on, Markus is able to convert androids with the power of thought. Your first goal is the robot of the same model as Kara (on the left) and workers (on the right).

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Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-20

Move along the street together with the crowd of androids, converting new robots along the way (this will improve your reputation with “Jericho” inhabitants) and hacking screens until you see a policeman who is blocking the road. Raise your hands or ignore the cop to move on.

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Along the way to the square, start chanting any slogans (‘’Freedom’’, ‘’Equal rights’’ etc.) so that this action is put on the flowchart. In the end, the street will be closed by armed police detachments, who will call the rally illegal and will demand that everyone leaves. Otherwise, the police will be shooting.

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There are three options: attack, stand ground or disperse. Whatever you choose, the police will open fire, but only in one case – ‘’Stand ground’’ – the fire will be unprovoked, which will increase sympathy to androids from the society. Let’s analyze each scenario.

You decided to escape, SWAT will shoot at retreating androids. If you choose ‘’Disperse’’, Markus and key members of his squad will live but most of the robots will die. North and ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants will react very negatively, Josh – simply negatively while Simon (it’s his idea) will react positively. This is the ending ‘’Markus Fled’’.

Detroit: Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough-24

If you decided to stand your ground, this is the most socially acceptable option. After the second round, you’ll have a chance to sacrifice yourself for others (an extremely brave step in the eyes of the society and ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants). If there’s no John (the security robot from the chapter ‘’Spare Parts’’ or Simon (or you have a bad relationship with him) in your squad, Markus will die. This is the ending ‘’Markus Stood his Ground and Was Killed’’. We’ll get to the other case later.

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An attack is the least socially acceptable option. Androids, led by Marcus, get into a fight with SWAT. During the fight, you can earn a small improvement of the relationship with North, if you push her away from the machinegun.

There are two possible outcomes of the battle: you can win (big reputation increase in the eyes of the ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants) or you lose (the opposite effect). In the first case, you unlock the ending ‘’Markus Defeats the Police’’. In the second case, the hero puts a gun to his chin. If you shoot, you’ll unlock the ending ‘’Markus Committed Suicide’’, if you spare yourself, the police will shoot Markus. This is the ending ‘’Police Gunned Markus Down’’.

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If you have John and Simon in the team, they will save Markus: John covers Markus at any opportunity while Simon does this only if there is no John in the squad. These are endings ‘’John Gave his Life to Save Markus’’ and ‘’Simon Gave his Life to Save Markus’’.

This concludes the chapter ‘’Freedom March’’. If Markus died in this chapter, his story will come to an end, and the android rebellion will be headed by North. Here’s the flowchart:

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