Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough

Hank and Connor meeting androids’ creator
Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-1

In this chapter, Hank and Connor will visit the house of Elijah Kamski – the founder of Cyberlife and the father of all androids to clarify the situation with the deviants around the country. The beginning of the ‘’Meet Kamski’’ depends on whether Connor died during the chapter ‘’Public Enemy’’ or not. If he died, he will wait for Hank. The partner himself won’t be happy with the meeting and this will negatively impact your relationship with him.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-2

In the other case, the heroes will arrive together to Kamski’s house. Having got out of the car, Connor will ask what is wrong with the lieutenant and will receive an answer: last night, a group of androids led by Markus attacked two policemen one of whom was Chris. It was he who talked to Hank at the beginning of the chapter ‘’Public Enemy’’.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-3

Depending on your actions in the episode ‘’Capitol Park’’, Connor will learn that Chris survived the encounter with the robots or was shot from his own gun. To open both elements in the flowchart, you will have to replay the previous chapter (start from the last control point) at least one more time.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-4

Anyway, after the news about Chris, both storyline branches come together, and heroes go to Kamski’s house. The door is opened by the personal assistant of the owner – Chloe (the android of this model greets you in the main menu of the game).

After taking the guests to the lobby, the robot will leave, leaving Connor alone with Hank and several interactive objects (moving counter-clockwise):

  • A painting on the wall. Hank will comment on it.
  • A magazine on the table near the wall – read both articles (‘’Space Tourism on the Rise’’ and ‘’Cyberlife’s ‘Fortune Teller’ Computer’’);
  • A portrait above the table with a magazine – Kamski is depicted with then-alive Amanda (Connor’s boss);
  • The big portrait of Kamski – press ▲ to analyze the image;
  • Sculptures on the side of the portrait – just look at one of them, clamping L1.

The remaining optional task in this room is the conversation with Lieutenant Anderson. He will begin the conversation himself, so you only need to choose the answers. Connor’s phrases won’t affect anything so don’t spend much time thinking about a particular answer.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-10

After a few minutes, Chloe will return with the news that Elijah Kamski himself is ready to meet them. Wait until the owner of the house gets out of the pool and then ask any question from the four options – this choice won’t affect anything.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-11

Next, Kamski will try to find out what Connor really wants. Cautious and anxious answers will lead to a slight increase of software instability rate but won’t have other consequences.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-12

Failing to receive any intelligible answer to any of his questions, Hank is already going to leave when Kamski suggests Connor to go through a version of the ‘’Turing test’’ which he calls ‘’Kamski test’’. The task is simple – he must shoot a bullet in the forehead of the secretary android Chloe.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-13

If Connor shoots, he will significantly damage the relationship with Hank and will have the opportunity to ask Kamski a question. Two of them – ‘’rA9’’ and ‘’Virus’’ are of no use to Connor.

The last option – ‘’Jericho location’’ will allow you to get a decryption key from the deviant headquarters. Hank, who waits outside, won’t be happy with any outcome of the conversation.

Detroit: Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough-14

If you decided to spare Chloe, you won’t get any answers from Kamski but you will significantly improve the relationship with Hank. The software instability rate will increase. Hank will be happy with the actions of his partner.

This concludes the chapter ‘’Meet Kamski’’. Here’s the flowchart:

John Davis