Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Capitol Park Walkthrough

Full guide for the chapter including dealing with the police, freeing androids and both peaceful and violent protests
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The episode ‘’Capital Park’’ starts from a quarrel of Markus’ group, which he interrupts for the sake of the next brave plan. The protagonist (with help of his comrades) intends to rob all five ‘’Cyberlife’’ stores in Detroit and free their goods – the androids.

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After you get out of the sewers, pick up the magazine from the boxes on the left side and read both articles – ‘’Who is It?’’ and ‘’Android President?’’. Follow North until you see an approaching police car. If you don’t hide from the patrol (just run to the trash can on the left), you’ll be saved by North, which will negatively impact your relationship with her.

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Cross the road and the square behind it to get to the android shop. You can’t easily get inside. The reasons for this are the alarm, the locked front door and the police drone circling above the plaza. You’ll have 10 minutes to rescue androids. If you fail, you’ll unlock the ending ‘’Retreat’’ and will significantly worsen the relationship with the inhabitants of ‘’Jericho’’.

Start by looking at the interior of the store and a CCTV camera attached to the ceiling. This will allow you to see the underground wire leading to access point through which the security system can be turned off. Follow the red line or just cross the road to see two android workers in the pit.

Jump to them and turn them into your ‘’faith’’, then sit down to the wire. If you haven’t eliminated the drone before you connect to the network, he can spot Markus after you disable the alarm. To avoid this, hide at the edge of the trench (improves your relationship with North). In the other case, the drone will detect Marcus and will call the cops (more on this later) and then be eliminated by North. This will worsen your relationship with her.

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In case you successfully avoided the collision with the drone after turning the store alarm off or you dealt with the drone earlier, we advise following his route. In the reconstruction mode, move the ‘’flyer’’ to the construction staging near the store – from this point, you can easily jump to the drone.

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Having climbed on the wooden structure, Marcus will jump on the robot – press ‘’X’’ quickly to knock it down. This will improve your relationship with North and you will avoid police. In the other case, North will neutralize the drone by herself which will worsen your relationship with her as well as your relationship with ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants. In addition, the police car will respond to the drone’s call.

If the patrol approaches, you have the following options:

  • Run away – this will automatically lead to the ending ‘’Decided to Flee’’ and a significant deterioration of the relationship with ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants;
  • Stage a kiss with North – patrol car ride by but North won’t be happy;
  • Hide behind the car from the right side – analyze the active points on the car and the cop to guide the police on the false track. North will appreciate your wit and you’ll get rid of cops.
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The next task is to block the road so that no one prevents heroes from entering the android store. Two robotic workers are digging the ground at the end of the street next to the construction site. Wake them up and drag the warning sign to the middle of the avenue – now the entry is prohibited.

Come to the nearby construction site and look through the fence to find a truck. Markus can use this truck to break into the store. Jump through the fence together with North and break the door of the truck. Next, break the lock on the gate with pliers get behind the wheel.

Detroit: Become Human Capitol Park Walkthrough-19

If you haven’t turned the alarm off, did not knock the drone down or did not block the road, you’ll hear sirens after the ram, signaling that police are on their way to the site. You’ll have no other choice but to retreat. This is the ending ‘’Had to Flee’’ and a significant deterioration of the relationship between Markus and ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants.

After you have broken into the store, get out of the truck and begin to awaken a rebellious spirit in the showcase androids. Go around the shop and climb the counter in the center of the room so that Marcus can deliver a speech. In addition to newly converted robots, the operation will result in a significant improvement of your relationship with North and with ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants.

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After recruiting, the protagonist will need to deliver his message to people (about equal rights for androids etc.). This can be done using acts of vandalism – aggressive or peaceful, which, depending on your actions, will lead to one of the three endings. Any destructive action will improve the relationship with North, so we won’t mention this topic again during this section.

There are many objects for vandalism in the nearby. Thus, having inspected the area in front of the shop, let’s get to the opposite side of the avenue in order not to miss anything. Go into the street and turn to the right – you’ll see the windows of the next building. They can be painted (peaceful approach) or smashed (aggressive approach).

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Next, go to the android parking and hack/break it. There are street lights along the streets and at the crossroads – go to one of them to hack/break it. Next, turn to the left – you can hack or break the bus stop.

Turn to the left from the bus stop to see a statue. Approach the statue to paint/break it. You can also paint/tilt the benches in the nearby, as well as hack/break the screens between the benches. There’s a pavilion near the construction site. There, you can make a place for the flag or a fire.

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When you first approach a flammable object, North will offer Molotov to Markus. We’ll later tell what you can burn but now will just mention that if you refuse Molotov, you will worsen your relationship with North.

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Opposite the pavilion, closer to the opposite side of the street, you’ll find a whole row of parked taxis. Push them to the middle of the road/ tilt one of the cars on its side. In the first case, you’ll be able to paint them (peaceful approach), in the second case – burn them (aggressive approach).

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A charging station is near each car on the sidewalk. Reboot it to make your protest a bit more aggressive. The same effect can be achieved if you burn the ‘’Cyberlife’’ shop or a hotel. To burn the hotel, you first need to drag the trash container to the entrance (it stands at the construction site).

In the gateway on the opposite side of the street (opposite the place where the truck stood) you will find another mobile trash can – push it to the door of the coffee shop and set it on fire so that the fire gets to the building itself. There are androids locked in the windows of a nearby building – break the windows to free them and the climb up the façade to the roof and plant the flag of your group. All the above-mentioned actions will bring you points of aggressive protest.

After a couple of minutes or when you reach a 100% peaceful/aggressive rating the active phase of the protest will be over. It is highly likely that you can’t break everything even in two replays, so you will have to replay the chapter three or even four times.

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Depending on the nature of your vandalism acts – peaceful or aggressive – you will unlock one of the two endings: ‘’Markus Led a Peaceful Protest’’ (public opinion significantly improves) or ‘’Markus Led a Violent Riot’’ (public opinion significantly worsens while the relationship with North improves). If you don’t do anything, you’ll unlock the ending ‘’Markus Failed to Deliver His Message'’ which will worsen your relationship with North.

Regardless of your approach, the police will arrive in the final of the episode to dispel the protest. Cops will kill several androids. The remaining robots will scream revenge. There are three options in this situation:

  • Kill – very negative reaction from the society. North will approve this approach;
  • Spare – no effect;
  • Let the crowd decide – cops will be killed and the society’s attitude towards androids will significantly worsen.

This concludes the chapter ‘’Capitol Park’’. Here’s the flowchart:

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