Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of the episode with all possible choices, dialogs, evidence and engings
Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-1

Kara, Luther and Alice have left the park ‘’Pirates' Cove’’ and have now arrived at the house of the people that can help the heroes cross the border. Go around the building to find Adam – the son of the house mistress Rose. The young man is not too friendly towards the protagonist, but the mother of the family helps improve the situation.

Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-2

Rose will invite the characters inside the house once she sees Kara is not alone. After this, Luther will express his concerns about the situation – your answer won’t have any consequences. Before you go inside the house, talk to Alice to learn about how she feels and put the corresponding element on the flowchart.

Once you are inside the house, follow Adam and put Alice in bed – the child has a fever. Choose any options during the conversation with the girl – it will not affect anything. Before leaving, kiss Alice to improve the relationship with her and with Alice, then pull the curtains.

Go down to the first floor and discuss the passage to Canada with Rose. After you have exhausted all topics for conversation, an android woman will break into this room and will call her to the laundry. It turns out that Rose keeps several robots in her house and one of them (Mary) has just switched off.

Turning the face to the exit, Kara will notice Alice – the girl did not want to stay in her room anymore. To get a 100% rating for the episode, you will need to both allow and forbid the girl to approach Mary. Thus, choose anything you like for the first time.

Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-12

Meanwhile, Rose and Adam are arguing about the necessity to risk their lives for robots. Rose cannot reach a common ground with her son and goes out to find out whether it is possible to send androids across the border on the same day. While Rose is out of the house, you can inspect the first floor.

The bad news is that Kara has about a minute for this inspection (more on this later). In one walkthrough, you won’t be able to examine all interactive items, but we’ll list them here:

  • The magazine on the table in the kitchen – this edition contains just one article ‘’World War 3’’ and an advertisement of an android of Kara’s model;
  • Luther sitting on the windowsill – he has something to say for the heroine, but she won’t talk to him;
  • Alice bored by the fireplace – you can talk to the girl only if you let her approach Mary;
  • The photo on the nightstand near the pantry – the father of the family is on the picture;
  • TV on the opposite side – you’ll see news on Markus’ adventures in the chapter ‘’Stratford Tower’’.
  • The laundry door – approach it to visit deviants;
  • Adam who descended from the second floor – sit down with him on the sofa to try to build a relationship.
Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-17

Before you have time to interact with all the listed objects, a policeman who is searching for deviants will call the door. Kara has 55 seconds (after the time has elapsed, she will automatically let the cop into the house) to get rid of the evidence, calm down Adam and send Luther and Alice somewhere.

There are four pieces of evidence:

  • Unlocked pantry with blue blood packages inside;
  • The cover of the magazine with the advertisement of an android of Kara’s model;
  • Android clothes on the table next to the TV;
  • The door to the laundry where robots are hiding.

After you have got rid of the evidence, calm down (any phrase will work) Adam, and then talk to Alice and Luther to decide on their hiding place. There are three options:

  • Laundry;
  • Second floor;
  • Kitchen.

In the latter case, you need to pull the curtain to ensure the safety of Alice and Luther. If you don’t do this, the cop will inevitably (even if you hid all evidence) find the fugitives and the episode will end badly for Luther.

Upon entry, the policeman will ask whether there is anyone else in the house besides Kara and Adam. If you lie (given that you have sent Alice upstairs), this move will later cost dearly. While the cop is inspecting the place, prepare coffee for him – this won’t affect the level of his suspicions but will open a corresponding element on the flowchart.

During his search, the policeman will move around counter-clockwise (pantry – magazine – clothes – laundry), so Kara will have time to hide evidence that was not hidden before. After the question about other people in the house, the cop will ask about androids. If the heroine says that she does not keep robots, she will later have to explain herself (assuming the cop finds evidence).

Each evidence, as well as an unsuccessful answer to the officer’s subsequent question, will increase his suspicions. So, if you want to get out of Rose’s house alive, well and with Luther, you should be careful. If you don’t want this – don’t bother with hiding evidence and inventing excuses.

Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-24

When the cop reaches the kitchen, he will pay attention to the curtain behind which Alice and Luther may be hiding. If it is not drawn, Luther and the officer will die, and you will unlock the ending ‘’Luther Died Killing Policeman’’. If it is drawn – he will walk straight to his cup of coffee.

After studying the magazine on the kitchen table, the officer (assuming you sent Alice upstairs) will hear the steps on the second floor. If Kara lied to the cop about other people in the house, this fact will raise suspicions. Next, the cop will ask Adam. To calm the cop down, intervene in the conversation. Otherwise, don’t do anything.

The next hot spot is the door to the laundry. On the way to exit, the cop will ask why he hears noise from that room. If you keep silent, answer ‘’Dog’’ or ‘’I heard nothing’’, the policeman will check the room and will find androids. Luther (wherever you hid him) will try to stop the officer but will fall victim of the bullet. This is the ending ‘’Luther Died Saving Other Deviants’’.

Detroit: Become Human Midnight Train Walkthrough-29

Finally, if you did not raise enough suspicions and said that the noise from the laundry was the old washing machine, the officer will leave the house without killing anyone or dying. Avoiding a collision with the cop, you will improve your relations with Luther and Alice. This is the ending ‘’Policeman left’’.

Regardless of how the search went, Rose will return in the final of the chapter and will report pleasant news. This concludes the episode ‘’Midnight Train’’. Here’s the flowchart:

John Davis