Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough

How to get into the Stratford Tower, deal with guards, send the message and escape
Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-1

This chapter begins with Markus, who is sitting on the bench near the ‘’Ferndale’’ station, watches the discrimination of androids. He notices a magazine with a reference to the revolutionary Stratford tower and decides to take his squad from Jericho to get inside the studio of ‘’Channel 16’’ to declare his demands to people.

Markus enters the hall of the Stratford tower in a decent business suit. The first task is to persuade the secretary android to let the character to the elevator. The supervisor woman who sits in the nearby table is an obstacle. Come close to her, press ‘’▲’’ and scan five things: a daughter’s photo, a badge on her chest, smart-watch on the wrist, a parking badge and a notice from the water utility with a home address.

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You have three ways to get rid of the supervisor:

  • Lie about the problems of her daughter in school;
  • Lie about the fire at home;
  • Lie about the damage to the car in the parking lot.

All three methods work equally well. However, to get a 100% rating, you’ll have to replay the chapter 3 times.

After this, present documents to the secretary android. Markus will turn her into his ‘’faith’’ and will be free to go to the elevator. Once you are on the 47th floor, don’t hurry to the restroom for the cleaner’s clothes. Instead, go the cafeteria on the opposite side of the location. There, you’ll find a magazine with two articles – ‘’G.I. Android’’ and ‘’Woman in Trouble’’.

Next, go to the restroom. Once you are inside, go to the last booth. Raise the ceiling panel to get the clothing kit of the android worker of the Stratford tower. Change clothes, go to the news room number 2 (the closest room to the toilet). There, a service android waits for Markus. After a ‘’magic touch’’, he will share the key to the fire exit.

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Take the cart from the android and roll it to the door next to the cafeteria. The protagonist will also let North inside. Now, you must follow her. The entrance to the server room (the heroes plan to use it to get to the upper floors) is blocked by two guards.

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-10

You can distract them in two ways: hack a robot vacuum cleaner or a shopping machine near the cafeteria. Whatever you choose, the path to the server room will be opened. Note that you need to try both options to get a 100% rating for the episode.

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After the infiltration in the server room, North will ask you to lock the door. If you listen to the advice, everything will go like clockwork. If you ignore the advice, you’ll be disturbed by an occasional employee. The first scenario is clear so let’s get to the second one.

You have two main options here: ‘’Alibi’’ and ‘’Stall’’ will lead to North knocking out the guest (and your relationship with her will worsen), while ‘’Draw Gun’’ will allow you to do it yourself. Note that the worker that is left on the floor of the server room will make an impact closer to the end of this chapter. But more on that later.

Follow the game’s instructions, unpack the bag with vacuum suckers and a laser saw. Cut a hole in the window and get into the ‘’cradle’’. Next, you’ll climb the rope to the last floor of the tower. Use laser saw to get back into the building. Once inside, call the elevator – Simon and Josh will join you – and blow up the lock of the technical door.

Only the corridor separates the heroes from a TV studio. It is protected by two guards. You can deal with them in two ways:

  • Attack (North approves, Josh does not approve) – Markus has the time to shoot in only one of the two guards: the one with a gun (R1) or with a phone (L1). If you kill the first one, the second will call for help. In the opposite case, the first one will injure Simon.
  • Ruse (Josh approves, North does not approve) – the hero comes to guards, points the gun at them, orders them to go to the wall and then stuns them. The most peaceful and quiet option.
Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-17

If you hesitate during the realization of any of these scenarios or just stand still, guards will shoot at Simon (but won’t kill him) and call for reinforcements. As a result, your relationship with Simon and Jericho inhabitants will worsen.

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-18

The next part is the TV studio. After breaking in, tell androids to move away from control panels. At this moment, the operator will panic and run to the exit. If you spare him (Josh approves, North does not approve), special forces will arrive close to the end of the chapter. If you shoot him down (North approves, Josh does not approve) – reinforcements may never come.

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-19

Next, Markus will have to film androids’ demands. How you structure the speech and what positions of the Jericho’s program you make public will affect only the text of the news in the end of the episode. So, dump your human skin and speak frankly.

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-20

After the end of the broadcast – if you haven’t locked the door in the server room /allowed guards to call for reinforcements /did not shoot the escaping operator – an assault squad will enter the room and shoot at Simon. If you leave him to the mercy of fate or try to save but fail the QTE section, he will be killed on the spot.

Detroit: Become Human The Stratford Tower Walkthrough-21

The alternative option is to take the wounded Simon to the roof. Unfortunately, you cannot leave the building with him due to his injuries. Markus has a choice: shoot his friend or leave him alive, but in this case, he will be captured by enemies. In case you kill Simon, your relationship with North will improve and your relationship with Josh will worsen.

No matter how noble the first option might seem to you, the second one will provide you with additional options in the future, so we recommend choosing it. In this case, your relationship with Simon and Josh will improve, while your relationship with North will worsen.

Now all you have to do is to jump off the roof with parachutes. If you hesitate, Markus will be shot by the police (North will save him). Once on the edge, the characters will jump themselves. The media response will depend on your actions. If you did not kill anyone and spoke in a calm tone, you’ll get a positive public opinion. If you shot everything that moves and threatened humans, the attitude towards androids will significantly worsen.

This chapter has three endings:

  • The Group Escaped – all team members including Simon jumped from the roof. For this, you need to close the door in the server room, deceive the guards and kill the fleeing operator;
  • The Group Escaped but Simon was Destroyed – if you did not fulfill any of the above-mentioned conditions, SWAT will enter the studio. Don’t try to save Simon or kill him on the roof.
  • The Group Escaped but Simon was Left Behind – leave Simon on the roof.

This concludes the walkthrough of ‘’The Stratford Tower’’. Here’s the flowchart:

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