Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Pirates' Cove Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of Kara, Alice and Luther’s overnight stay at an amusement park

Compared to the end of the chapter ‘’Zlatko’’, Alice and Luther managed to get a car and got to the Canada border. After gaining control over the heroine, talk to the “gentle giant” on any topic, turn on the mini-TV on the panel and look at the girl – the inspection of the cabin is over.

When the car inevitably breaks down (the heroes cannot just reach their place of destination), go out in the cold and inspect the engine – you are not going any further. Turn your back to the car and go forward until you see a billboard of an amusement park ‘’Pirates’ Cove’’ on the right.

Once you are inside the park, move forward. Check any structure on both sides of the central road to put this action in the flowchart. Sooner or later, you’ll stumble upon the fortune teller android Ivan. Activate him to hear an ominous warning.

After Ivan, turn to the right and move forward. At the end of this branch, you’ll see a frozen android. Examine him – this is an employee of the ‘’Pirates’ Cove’’, and then, brushing off the snow, examine the map of the nearby facility.

Return to the main path and continue moving until you see an abandoned tavern on the left. Having inspected the building, the heroes will decide to spend a night in it. Try to tear the boards that block the entrance – now Kara has Luther for such tasks. Go inside and start to settle: Luther will make the fire while Kara will prepare a sleeping place for Alice.

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Detroit: Become Human Pirate's Cove Walkthrough

After gaining control over the heroine, read two articles that lie on the nearby magazine – ‘’USS IOWA’’ and ‘’All-Android Band’’. Next, look (L1) at the one-legged pirate at the entrance and look out the window.

Turn to the right to see the inscription on the wall about rA9 and the leaflet on the floor. Inspect both and then tear off the canvas that covers the next window and pick up a ‘’pirate’’ pillow – a couch for Alice is ready, all you have to do is to lay her beside the fireplace.

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While you’ll be preparing the sleeping place, the girl will approach a large poster on the wall that shows a happy family. Come to Alice to talk to her. Whichever option in the dialogue you choose, the relationship between the two heroines will improve.

After the conversation, look at the left – Luther’s bag is standing on the bar. Look inside and find cookies (if you have talked to Alice) and a gun. Offer cookies to the girl and inspect the gun – both actions will be put on the flowchart of the episode.

Next, sit down with Alice and tell her a fairy tale – she does not want default stories, instead, she wants something original. Whichever fiction you come up with, Alice will be happy and your relationship with her will improve. After the child is put to bed, Kara and Luther can talk.

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From the conversation with the ‘’gentle giant’’, you can learn about his past, plans for the future and about what rA9 is (if you have seen the inscription on the wall). It turns out that he was the first ‘’awakened’’ android. Ultimately, according to Luther, he will return ‘’and lead our people’’.

After the end of the conversation, the relationship between Kara and Luther will improve, but the friendly atmosphere will be disturbed by a loud knock on the door, windows and walls. The heroine has four options:

  • Grab a stick from the fire;
  • Take the gun from the bag (if Kara saw it before);
  • Protect Alice with her body;
  • Put out the fire.
Detroit: Become Human Pirates' Cove Walkthrough-26

All options are equally useful – or useless – as the invaders are the android workers of the amusement park who call themselves Jerrys. They are excited that someone has finally looked into the park and decided to visit the heroes.

When Jerrys will see that, in addition to androids, a real kid has visited the ‘’Pirates’ Cove’’, they will go crazy with excitement and will offer Alice to look at something. This ‘’something’’ is a working roundabout.

Detroit: Become Human Pirates' Cove Walkthrough-27

Switch on the machine and put the girl on the seahorse, then enjoy the scene of the kid’s joy.There is only one ending of this linear episode – ‘’The Group Enjoyed a Quiet Moment Together’’. Here’s the flowchart:

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