Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Russian Roulette Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of the chapter, including dialogues and finding evidence and collectibles

The chapter ‘’Russian Roulette’’ begins in the virtual garden of stones, where Connor needs to find his boss Amanda and talk to her. She waits for the Connor near the incompletely formed tree.

First, Amanda will comment on your result in the chapter ‘’The Nest’’. If Connor caught the deviant, she will be pleased despite his suicide, which will improve Connor’s reputation.

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In the other case, Amanda will express dissatisfaction with his actions, which will result in a slight deterioration of her opinion about Connor. You can correct the situation with the next remark, choosing the option ‘’Pragmatic’’.

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Following the conversation about the runway android and the relationship between Connor and Hank Anderson (the choice of remarks in this conversation won’t affect anything), the hero will find himself next to the lieutenant’s house with an important information about the next android case.

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Detroit: Become Human Russian Roulette Walkthrough
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Detroit: Become Human Russian Roulette Walkthrough

Knock on the door and ring twice, then inspect his car and all the windows in the building, including the guest window (to the left from the kitchen window). Looking at his kitchen, you will find him unconscious on the floor. Smash the window with your elbow and jump inside.

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Once inside, you’ll be met by Anderson’s dog named Sumo. If Connor knows the dog’s name (chapter ‘’Waiting for Hank…’’), he’ll calm the dog, if not – he will rile it. To get a 100% rating in this episode, you will need to try both scenarios.

Get on your feet, analyze Hank and his surroundings – a revolver, a bottle of whiskey, a spot on the T-shirt and a beard with traces of alcohol. After the examination, wake up the colleague, and, despite his protests, take him to the bathroom for sobering up.

Put Lieutenant Anderson into the bath and turn on the cold shower, ending his hangover. In the subsequent conversation, you’ll have two lines of behavior – understanding and distant. For the first one, reply ‘’Rational’’, for the second one – all other replicas.

Detroit: Become Human Russian Roulette Walkthrough-17

At the next fork, tease Hank, and when he asks to bring him a clean shirt from the bedroom, choose any – all three will be marked on the flowchart. After this, you’ll have five minutes to inspect his house while Hank vo… prepares for the exit.

During this time, you must:

  • Pick up a magazine from the bedroom floor and read two articles – ‘’Pull the Plug?’’ and ‘’Tainted Love’’;
  • Pat the dog that is sleeping in the living room next to the computer;
  • Look (L1) on the music player near the entry to the kitchen to know about Hank’s love for jazz;
  • Examine the revolver that is lying on the kitchen floor and ask Hank about its use – you’ll find out that Hank played Russian Roulette;
  • Examine the table in the kitchen and an upturned photograph – Hank lost his son a few years ago. This finding will have serious consequences so don’t miss it.

After five minutes have passed or you collected all the ‘’evidence’’, Hank will leave the bathroom in fresh clothes and heroes will head to the Eden Club. This episode has one ending so the walkthrough is completed.

Here’s the flowchart:

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