Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough

A guide on how to save Kara and Alice from Zlatko’s house, where to find collectibles and how to achieve 100% walkthrough

Having listened to the advice of the android trash collector from the chapter ‘’Fugitives’’, Kara and Alice arrive at a gloomy house in which their potential saver lives. Open the entrance gate, climb the front steps and ring the door twice. A bearded man named Zlatko will appear and, at first, he won’t like the idea of letting runways inside.

After seeing the little girl, the possible patron will soften and invite the heroines inside. Luther, a tall android, will take their jackets. From the conversation with Zlatko, heroines will learn that Canada is a nice place for a new life and that Kara has a tracker chip in her head and should get rid of it.

Follow Zlatko to a lab in the basement. Along the way, Alice will express her concerns that Zlatko is suspicious. Encourage the girl with any of the available phrases (your choice has no impact on anything) and then calm her down when she hears strange sounds.

Once you are in Zlatko’s machine, you’ll understand how stupid it was to trust a little-known man. When Kara became a deviant, she has unintendedly disconnected the chip and does not need to get it out. Zlatko uses the naivety of desperate android fugitives to reboot their system (read: erase memory) and then sells them or keeps for experiments.

Kara will have the same fate if she does nothing. After Zlatko takes Alice away, Luther will come to the heroine and will tell her to find him in the living room. Left alone with the prospect of losing memory, Kara should escape from the machine. For this, she needs to push the red trolley below and pull the green wire above.

It will overturn a bottle of vodka, causing a short circuit. Lean your feet on the machine to finally get out of it. Now your task is to find Alice. Before doing this, let’s analyze the scenario with a forced reset of Kara’s memory, and then get to the search for the girl.

So, if the heroine is not in time to neutralize Zlatko’s machine or if she just does nothing, she will lose all memories of Alice and of her importance to her. Now Kara has only one thing in her head – obey the new master (Zlatko).

To restore Kara’s memory, you will have to find a few items that could remind the heroine of her past. There are 11 such items in the house (to get a 100% rating, you will have to collect them all) and the nearest one is in the basement itself.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-15

This is a cage with monsters (Alice heard them on the way to the lab), victims of Zlatko’s experiments. Unlock it to return a piece of memories for Kara and to affect the potential ending of this episode.

Up in the hallway, look at the mirror – Kara will remember how she cut her hair in the motel/house/parking lot. Next, pay attention to the jacket that is hanging near the front door (by the way, it is locked) – this is another reminder of the recent events.

Next, go to the living room. Luther will tell you to carry the tray with Zlatko’s food. Examine the table – Kara will remember the conversation with her ‘’savior’’ and then follow his instructions. Get to the second floor – Zlatko’s workshop is located opposite the stairs.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-20

Put the tray on the table at the far end of the room, next to Zlatko’s ‘’workplace’’, to provoke another memory – about the failed dinner of Todd and Alice.

Kara will be asked to take the upper half of android body to the next room (storeroom). While you are busy with this order, Zlatko will tell Luther that there are 10 minutes before he’ll be free from work (and can deal with Alice). This is the time you have to bring back Kara’s memory and find the girl.

If you fail, (depending on whether the heroine remembered everything in 10 minutes or not), you’ll unlock endings ‘’Luther brought Alice to Zlatko’’ and ‘’Kara remained Reset’’. The outcome of both endings is the same – Alice becomes Zlatko’s victim, and in the first case, Kara gets a shot from a shotgun in her face. However, you can avoid these sad endings.

Drop the android’s body in the storeroom, turn around and face the door to the workshop. On the left, you’ll see a writing on the wall rA9, which will return some of the memories to Kara. This inscription opens two elements on the flowchart: one element is opened if you see it before the heroine recovers her memory, and the second element is opened if you see it after this event. To get a 100% rating, you’ll have to unlock both elements in two separate walkthroughs.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-21

Also, you can find a cage with a robot bear – release him to get a valuable ally in case of trouble. Next to the door that leads to the bathroom, you’ll find a smoking pipe on the bedside table. It is similar to the one used by Todd – inspect the device to provoke a flashback.

A half-dead android lies in the bathroom. As the heroine has no power over her own actions, you can do nothing with him. If you visit the robot after you have recovered your memory, you can both kill him or spare him (you’ll have to choose both options to get a 100% rating). We recommend the second option as it leads to one more fork in the future.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-22

Then go out in the corridor – Luther will stand to the right from the bathroom door. Look at him (L1) long enough and he will express his regret (sincere?) about Alice. As you are already in the corridor, go to the first floor and inspect the fireplace in the living room (you could not have done it earlier because of Luther) – if Kara and Alice spent the night in Ralph’s house, she will have another flashback.

The next room is Zlatko’s bedroom. Here, you’ll find a magazine with two articles inside: the first one is always ‘’Arctic Tensions’’, the second one depends on player’s actions in the chapter ‘’On the Run’’. If Alice and Kara escaped from Connor, the magazine will contain an article ‘’Androids Alter Brain’’, if they stealthily escaped from police, the magazine will contain an article ‘’AX400 on the Run’’. In the last case, the reminder of escape will help Kara recover some of her lost memory.

There’s a shotgun standing next to the bed. If you have not yet reclaimed your memories, you won’t be able to do anything with it. If you already have control over your actions, check the shotgun for ammo (this is necessary to get a 100% rating).

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-23

Next, move to the second living room and pick up the book ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’ from a table near the fireplace. The book is identical to the one that was in Alice’s room. Turn the ash in the hearth and turn on the TV in the dark corner of the room – you’ll see a report about your adventures in the chapters ‘’Fugitives’’ or ‘’On the Run’’. Regardless of the tone of the news, it will spoil the androids’ reputation in the public eye.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-24

Move into the corridor. At the very end of the corridor, you’ll find a door with a hole. Through this hole, you’ll see Alice and one more flashback. Note that once Kara gets her memory back, she won’t be able to interact with reminder objects, so you’ll have to do it in subsequent walkthroughs.

The same applies to items that are available for inspection (shotgun, fireplace on the second floor, TV, the writing in the storeroom) during the search for Alice, i.e. after the return of memory but before the meeting with the girl. Once you have found Alice, you will automatically block yourself from inspecting the house and a stealth section will start.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-25

From now on, Kara’s goal is to leave Zlatko’s house with Alice safely. To get as many elements on the flowchart as possible, let’s move to the stairs from the big room. Here, there’s a fireplace (you can burn the house with these logs) and there are two hiding places – the table in front of the door and a closet.

We’ll burn the house during the chase so now choose the suitable shelter and clamp the buttons that are shown on the screen. If you release the buttons, the heroines will get out of their hiding place. Wait out the danger in the shelter (pay attention to the sounds of an opening and closing door) and move to the next room. If you decided to hide in one room for the second time, you’ll be caught. We’ll tell you later what you will do in such a scenaio, but now we continue with the stealth section.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-26

In Zlatko’s bedroom, there are two hiding places – under the bed and in the closet. Wait until the owner of the house will charge the shotgun and leave and go out into the corridor. Luther will appear behind you. You can hide from him in the bathroom if you are fast enough to react to the QTE hint.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-27

If you haven’t killed the android during your previous visit, he’ll sound alarm (regardless of past arrangements). You can shut him by tearing out his ‘’heart’’ or can go further to the storeroom (you have to try both options for a 100% rating).

As soon as heroines come into this room, Zlatko and Luther will join them. You can get to the exit using two routes - through the bear cage (if you want to open it) or bypass the cage (if you don’t want to open it). On the casual level of difficulty, you’ll see the danger level of your moves from one shelter to the other.

Get to the closet on the left side and wait until you don’t see Luther anymore. After this, you can change your shelter to the table next to the cage. Don’t hurry to open it – if you do it at the wrong time, heroines will be discovered, and a chase will begin (more on this later).

Wait until Zlatko goes to the opposite side of the room and starts talking with Luther about the heroines. On the phrase ‘’think about the girl’’ you can release the beast and move to the next shelter behind the table opposite to the exit from the storeroom.

The alternative way to get to the exit is to bypass the bear cage (if you do not want to open it for perfectionism reasons). From the starting point, move under the table in the center of the room, and then to the table near the door to the corridor.

Here, the stealth episode ends – push Zlatko or wait until the bear comes to the rescue to get to the stairs that lead on the first floor.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-28

Let’s return to the moment when you have found Alice. If you were not as secretive during the stealth section (were slow with the buttons, hid two times in one room, failed to hide), Luther and (later) Zlatko will start chasing the heroines.

During the chase, you can die in two rooms – the bathroom and the storeroom (endings ‘’Zlatko killed Kara in the Bathroom’’ and ‘’Zlatko killed Kara in the Storage Room’’), but only in the case when you put your gamepad aside and do nothing.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-31

If Kara released the bear before she found Alice, the grateful animal will save her at the cost of its own life, even in the case of seemingly imminent death. Note that this is true only for the storeroom where the animal was kept.

Detroit: Become Human Zlatko Walkthrough-32

Once you get to the stairs (with or without a fight), you’ll need to choose whether you want to run to the front door or to the back door. As we know, the front door is locked (even if you choose it, the fugitives will manage to run away from Luther), so don’t try to open it. On the way to the exit, you’ll have two more QTE, but even if you fail them, the heroines will get out on the street.

There’s not much choice in the final scene. If Kara released the victims of Zlatko’s experiments when she was in the basement, they will kill their former master instead of Luther. The tall android will decide to get to their team if they run away from Zlatko’s house (this is the ending ‘’Luther joins Kara & Alice’’).

This concludes the chapter ‘’Zlatko’’. Here’s the flowchart:

John Davis