Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of the chapter including dialogues with Hank and all endings
Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-1

Chapter ‘’The Nest’’ starts from Hank’s lunch break. Connor’s participation in the meal depends on whether he died in the episode ‘’On the Run’’ or not. If he died, prepare to hear an angry speech from lieutenant Anderson. Then, you’ll transition to the next scene.

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-2

If Connor survived, get out of Hank’s car and go to the trailer with food. Scan the faces of an African-American bookmaker and the seller to find out about their criminal past – this information will soon be used by Connor.

When you start talking to Hank, apologize for the behavior in the police station (other phrases have no consequences). Next, a hamburger will be served to the lieutenant – don’t hesitate to scan it.

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Hank will walk with his dinner to the table – follow the partner to participate in another conversation. Warn lieutenant about his friends and the potential harm of the burger (choose ‘’Cholesterol’’ and ‘’Company’’) – both remarks will slightly improve the relationship with Hank.

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-6

When Hank asks Connor to give him an assessment, use ‘’Truth’’ and ‘’Sincere’’ to unlock a flowchart element and improve the relationship with the lieutenant. If you choose other remarks, the effect will be opposite. At the end of the conversation, Connor will receive a signal about a possible deviant worth investigating.

Having ‘’woken up’’ in the elevator, follow Lieutenant Anderson and, having reached the door of the suspect’s apartment, inspect the pigeon feathers lying on the floor on the right. Knock on the door twice. There’ll be no answer, but characters will hear a noise and will rush inside. Unfortunately, the deviant has already left the apartment.

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-9

Once inside, look into the first room on the right. There, you’ll find a magazine with two articles on the table – ‘’Red Ice Epidemic’’ and ‘’Past the Tipping Point’’. Next, go to the living room full of pigeons – the tenant was clearly not opposed to the bird’s smell.

You can see the first possible ending of this episode right now. For this, stand still and do nothing – after a few minutes Hank will decide to leave as he won’t find anything interesting. Don’t refuse and unlock the ending ‘’Rupert Not Found’’.

If the intentional failure of the assignment is not in your plans, go to the living room and approach the poster that is hanging on the wall to the right. Analyze it – you’ll find out that the poster has been recently hanged. Tear it down and you’ll find a hole in the wall and the suspect’s diary. You can’t decipher the suspect’s writing right now so just save it for later use.

Go to the bathroom and first look at the wall inscriptions – the deviant considered his duty to mark the whole wall with references to rA9. There are traces of blood in the sink and his diode in the nearby.

Use the stool on the floor in the bathroom and the fallen cage in the nearby room to reconstruct the events that preceded the police arrival: the suspect heard the knock on the door, fell off a chair, ran into the living room, took the bird cage down and climbed to the attic through a hole in the ceiling.

After Connor decides to inspect the attic, Rupert will jump out from it and start running away, while Connor will chase him. Just run after the deviant and don’t forget to press the buttons that appear on the screen.

The game will offer you alternative routes (you can familiarize yourself with them by pressing R2) but there’s no much sense in using them. Even if you choose the slowest routes, you’ll still be able to get the android.

If you hesitate or even die during the pursuit, you’ll unlock endings ‘’Rupert Got Away’’ and ‘’Connor Died Chasing Rupert’’ respectively. In the latter case, Connor’s software instability rate will decrease.

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-27

By the time you catch up with Rupert, he will clash with Hank in an unequal battle and will try to push the lieutenant from the roof. He will grasp at the edge but won’t be able to last long in such a position. Connor will have to decide whether he wants to chase the deviant or to save Anderson, whose probability of death is 11%.

Detroit: Become Human The Nest Walkthrough-28

If you choose the second option, the lieutenant will be immensely grateful to you, having a very positive impact on your relationship with Hank. However, the suspect will run away, leading to the above-mentioned ending ‘’Rupert Got Away’’.

If you continue the chase, your relationship with Hank will significantly suffer and you will lower the software instability rate. But you’ll capture the criminal, right? Not really: when you attempt to arrest him, he will throw himself off the roof and will break against the tarmac. So, Connor won’t be able to catch the deviant under this scenario. This is the ending ‘’Rupert Committed Suicide’’.

This is how the chapter ‘’The Nest’’ ends. Here’s the flowchart:

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