Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Jericho Walkthrough

A guide on how to locate all eight graffiti and take Markus to Jericho

Unlike several previous chapters, this one is mostly linear. After the escape from the junkyard, Markus wants to find a mysterious ‘’Jericho’’ – a place where robots are free. For this, he arrives at the station ‘’Ferndale’’ where he needs to follow the graffiti trail to his target.

After you are out of the train, turn to the left – the first graffiti (see the hint on Markus’ arm) will be on the wall in front of you. Scan the picture to find a special symbol on it and get the next clue.

Next, move to the subway exit and don’t forget to pick up the magazine on the left along the way. It contains two articles. The first one is always ‘’Android Astronauts’’, the second one depends on the outcome of the chapter ‘’On the Run’’: ‘’Android on the Run’’ (if the episode ended up with a pursuit) and ‘’Fortune Teller’’. To complete the chapter at 100% you’ll have to read all three articles.

If you try to go down the stairs (which is designed exclusively for androids), Markus will decide to use the ‘’human’’ escalator. The second graffiti is right in front from the subway exit. Before you approach it, ask the android that is ‘’parked’’ nearby (this is necessary to get the maximum rating for the episode).

After scanning the picture on the wall and finding two symbols on it, you’ll get a hint (see screenshot above). Go forward to the pedestrian crossing and go the street that is perpendicular to the first one. Then, turn to the right – the third graffiti will be on the house wall near the Antic Games store.

Having found two more symbols on the picture and having received the hint, move along the street until you see a barbed wire fence on the left. The fourth graffiti is behind it. The far symbol is covered by a wooden stand. Get below the fence and remove the obstacle to get the hint.

Having dealt with the fourth graffiti, turn to the right to the junkyard. A burned android lies near one of the cars from the left side. You need to look at it (L1) and this action will be reflected in the flowchart.

The fifth graffiti is on the wall of the house in front of you. However, one of the three symbols cannot be scanned from the ground – you’ll have to get to the roof. Use the dumpster behind you to drag it to the wall, so that you can climb upstairs and finish the analysis of the picture and get the next hint.

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Next, you need to cross the roof – there’s a huge hole in the middle of it. For this, Markus uses his inner analyzer – plot his route along the wall, next – to the beam, and then – to the opposite side. Press ‘’X’’ and turn Markus’ calculations into reality.

Jump down and go to the dead android lying under the sixth graffiti. Look on it (L1) and identify the three symbols on the picture – two are instantly visible, the third is between the words Sparkle and City. Having received the next hint, Markus will have to prepare his route to the upside.

The straight route is not safe enough, so climb up the iron building after you have turned to the left. Jump from it on the parapet on the left. Run along the parapet and jump on the vertical stairs that will lead Markus into an abandoned building.

Once inside, inspect the dead android behind one of the columns and then stand up so that the picture on the wall and the other supporting block form the seventh graffiti. Scan it and get the last hint that shows the way out of the building – the trash pile at the far end of the room.

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Detroit: Become Human Jericho Walkthrough

Dislodge the blockage, squeeze between the beams and go out into the street. You’ll see Jericho, which is an abandoned cargo ship. Try to get to the ship using the bridge – of course, it will collapse and force you to look for an alternative way. Return to the exit from the building and turn to the left. Climb up the ladder to the crane and jump into the hold of Jericho.

Having got out of the water, open the iron door (clamp L2 and turn the gamepad clockwise) and take the flashlight from the box that is hanging on the wall. Shake it properly, don’t pay attention to other doors (they are locked) and move along the corridors until you see a figure running past you.

Turn to the right and go through the blockage left by the mysterious runner. Then, turn to the left. The door at the end of the corridor will lead you to the engine room. Move along the iron bridge until it collapses. Then, pick up the fallen flashlight – Markus will be surrounded by a group of friendly androids, the inhabitants of Jericho.

This is the end of the episode. There’s only one final in this chapter. Here’s the flowchart:

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