Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of the next Kara and Alice’s chapter inlcuding all starts and endings of the episode

Depending on where you have chosen to spend the night in the chapter ‘’Fugitives’’, you’ll start this episode in one of three places – an empty house, a motel and an abandoned car (fortunately, the unlocked locations remain unlocked in replay). Let’s start.

Having woke up in Ralph’s house, check how Alice is sleeping and make a fire in the fireplace with the blue box next to the exit. Then, read two articles in the magazine on the nearby cardboard box – ‘’Cyber-Wildlife’’ and ‘’Canada still Android-free zone’’. The same issue will be present in other starting locations that we will discuss later.

Next, go to the kitchen (further actions won’t affect the storyline, but they are necessary for full completion of the episode) and examine the brochure in the trash can as well as Ralph’s personal belongings – a dried bird, a broken clock and one-dollar bills that can be stolen. There is no reason to do so – just go upstairs to the second floor.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-7

You are interested in the first room on the left. Here, Kara will find an unlocked wardrobe with old clothes inside (if you have already changed clothes in the chapter ‘’Fugitives’’, you won’t need to do it again). If the heroine has a gun, she will put it on the bedside table. Don’t forget to take the weapon when leaving if you don’t want to lose the ability to defend yourself and Alice.

The next destination for Kara is the bathroom. Use scissors that lie near the mirror to correct the hair length and, once you have selected the hair color (Kara will spend the rest of the game with the chosen color), get rid of the LED indicator that distinguishes humans from androids.

At the room’s exit, pull the bathroom curtain and find a body of an unknown man. You’ll need the information about the body later, but now you have something more important to worry about – police, led by Connor and Lieutenant Anderson, are on her trail (due to blood on the fence or stolen pliers).

Things aren’t smooth on the first floor either. Ralph has returned from the night ‘’hunt’’ and has brought a dead beaver for Alice. The girl does not want to eat the beaver (easily understandable) so you have a choice: agree to the offer of an inadequate android or refuse.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-15

The second option will raise Kara in Alice’s eyes but won’t lead to anything good – Ralph will start threatening the heroines with his knife, so they will have to get to the table. Soon after this, the girl will remind Kara about her unwillingness to eat the roasted beaver. Ralph will hear it and demand explanations: lie to him (this action will improve your relationship with Alice) and get to the ‘’meal’’.

Alice is in no hurry to bite in the carcass of the charry animal, which makes Ralph mad. You can threaten the android with the gun (we’ll later show what happens in this case), ask him about a corpse in the bathroom or try to get out with bluff. None of the options except for the use of gun will work immediately and Kara will be provided with a second set of potential replicas:

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-18
  • Threaten – in this case Kara will pull out the gun but, before Ralph gets scared, Connor will knock on the door.
  • Ask about the corpse in the bathroom once again – Ralph will make excuses and Connor will knock on the door.
  • Press on the feelings about Ralph’s family – this option will make Ralph feel sorry about his actions while Connor will once again knock on the door.
Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-19

Depending on how you solved the conflict with Ralph (peacefully or with the help of the gun), the situation may develop in the following ways:

  • Heroines are out through the back door while Connor chases them – a scenario when Kara threatened Ralph;
  • Heroines hide in the house while Ralph covers them with his silence – if Kara resolved the conflict with Ralph peacefully.

We’ll consider the pursuit scenario at the end of this chapter as it can be reached from all three starting locations. So, we’ll look at what Connor does in Ralph’s house.

First, scan the silent android – temple, eye and a torn cheek. The analysis will reveal an unhealthy level of stress which is caused by a pair of runaways under the stairs. Before catching them, examine the room (pliers next to the magazine, table, fireplace), kitchen and the upper floor.

If you spend too much time searching for heroines (read: stand still and do nothing), Hank will come and take Connor away. This is the ending ‘’Kara & Alice undiscovered in Squat’’. In the other case (if you have found the fugitives), Ralph will grab Connor from behind while Kara and Alice will run out into the street, which will lead to the above-mentioned section with the chase.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-25

Now let’s turn to the second starting location – the motel. Starting the morning here, Kara will have to get up from bed, awakening Alice. Choose ‘’Are you hungry?’’ from the presented options (the remaining phrases will lead to this one) to improve the relationship with the girl.

Next, go to the restroom, draw water into the bathroom, put Kara’s hair in order (length, color) and remove the diode on the heroine’s temple with the scissors. Close the tap and go back to Alice who will soon go to wash herself.

While the girl is in the restroom, examine the room properly: the magazine (the same one as in other locations) on the table under the TV, the clock on the bedside table, the window view and the picture on the wall.

Then, turn on the TV and switch the channel twice to get the story about Todd – his murder or complains on Kara’s behavior (depending on what you did in the chapter “Stormy Night”). Alice will overhear the report and will express her firm opinion on it.

When you have a choice, use the phrase (all others lead to it anyway) ‘’Contact with android’’ to give an approximate plan of further actions. Alice will need some support – any replica will slightly improve the relationship between heroines.

Peace won’t last long – police officers led by Connor and lieutenant Anderson have already arrived at the motel. After interrogating the administrator of the motel, go outside and talk to hank who will ask you to stay in the car. Connor strongly disagrees and is ready to defend his point of view. Whichever option in the dialogue you choose, your relationship with Hank will worsen.

On the way through the courtyard of the motel you can notice a slightly opened door on the right side. This door will be used by Kara and Alice to escape. If you chase them, a pursuit will begin (more on this later). If you go to the second floor, Hank and Connor will come to a dead end – the ladies have already left the room.

In the second scenario, heroines will play cat-and-mouse with the police. The closer you come to the policeman, the higher the chance the you get noticed and have to start running again. Move towards your goal (use R2), hiding along the way behind the lampposts, bus stops and umbrellas. In the end, Kara and Alice will get thorough police, and you will unlock the ending ‘’Reached the Train Safely’’.

The remaining starting location is the abandoned car in the parking lot. Get out of the vehicle, examine the burned android under the inscription on the wall, read two articles (they have been described above) in the magazine near the car and inspect the quarter behind the grid fence.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-45

Next, using a pair of scissors stuck in the tire, correct Kara’s looks and remove the indicator from the temple. Next, try to open the trunk of the car. You won’t be able to do it without the crow-bar that is lying right in the center of the parking lot. Having opened the trunk, you will find a new jacket for Kara.

Wake up Alice and advance to the railway station. The police have no clue where you are located (there’s no need to steal anything to sleep in the car), so nobody will intentionally hunt the heroines down. If you are identified during the next stealth location (which is identical to the one that was after the escape from the motel), a pursuit will begin.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-46

As already mentioned, any of the three starting scenarios can lead to a pursuit. The pursuit starts with Connor, who runs to the last place where Kara and Alice were seen. If you just stand still at this stage, you will unlock the ending ‘’Kara & Alice Run Away’’.

Another ending – ‘’Kara & Alice Crossed the Highway’’ – happens if Connor, after reaching the turn to the fence, will simply not move towards the goal.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-49

If you reach the fence in time, Kara & Connor will look at each other, and then the fugitives will rush to cross the high-speed highway. There are four potential outcomes:

1. Kara, Alice and Connor stay alive, but fugitives get to the train. This is the ending ‘’Kara and Alice get to the Other Side’’.

2. Kara and Alice stay alive while Connor is hit by a car. This is the ending ‘’Kara and Alice get to the Other Side’’ but it has another accompanying image.

3. Connor stays alive while Kara and Alice are hit by cars. This is the ending ‘’Car hits Kara & Alice’’.

4. Kara, Alice and Connor are hit by cars. Connor dies first, fugitives follow. This is the ending ‘’Car hits Kara & Alice’’ and it has the same accompanying image as the previous one.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-52

Now let’s look at how the highway chase looks like. Ladies cross the road first – if you miss all QTE tips, they will be hit by cars. If you hit at least a couple of buttons – Kara and Alice will get to the middle of the highway unharmed.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-53

Next, it’s Connor’s turn. However, Hank is against the pursuit. If you obey the lieutenant’s order, your relationship with him will improve, while the indicator of the software instability will increase. Heroines will still have to get through the second half of the highway in absence of Connor. If you do it successfully – Kara and Alice will get to the other side, if you fail – they will die under the wheels of cars.

Detroit: Become Human On the Run Walkthrough-54

If you disobey Hank and start a pursuit, your relationship with the lieutenant will worsen and you’ll see a slight decline in the software failure indicator. Once on the road, Connor will need to cross the car flow. If he is successful, the pursuit will continue, if he fails, he’ll be hit by a car. Heroines also escape or die under wheels depending on your success in the QTE section.

Finally, if both sides have successfully reached the middle of the highway, Connor grabs Kara and you need to escape by actively shaking the gamepad. If she escapes Connor, he can still be hit by a car if the gamer’s reaction is not fast enough. If Kara does not escape, the car hits her and Alice in front of Connor.

Here’s the flowchart (we haven’t yet reached 100%, but 98% look good enough):

John Davis