Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Waiting for Hank Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of Connor’s first day in the office
Detroit: Become Human Waiting for Hank Walkthrough-1

No matter how the chapter ‘’The Interrogation’’ ended, Connor will find himself in a colorful yet virtual garden of stones. Your task is to talk with the hero’s boss Amanda who is waiting in the center of the location.

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Before going to Amanda, visit the magic stone to the left of the starting point and grave/graves (depending on the number of Connor’s deaths in previous chapters) on the right. If the hero did not die in previous chapters, there’ll be no tombstones in the garden. These actions are required to get a 100% rating for the episode.

Next, go to Amanda and enter into a dialogue with her. If you have found the deviant (chapter ‘’Partners’’) and have successfully interrogated him (chapter ‘’The Interrogation’’), the boss will praise Connor. If you failed, she will scold him. Amanda will ask three questions with four answer options in each:

  1. What Connor thinks about the deviant – none of the answers will change Amanda’s perception of the hero.
  2. What Connor thinks about Lieutenant Hank Anderson – none of the answers will change Amanda’s perception of the hero.
  3. What is the best approach for the work with Anderson – the choice ‘’Indifferent’’ will slightly improve relationship with Amanda, choices ‘’Friendship’’ and ‘’Adapt’’ will worsen them while ‘’Don’t know’’ will have no effect.
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After the conversation with Amanda, Connor will find himself in the real world in the police station, where he should meet with Lieutenant Anderson. Talk to the android woman behind the registry and go to the central hall.

Move towards Hank’s workplace (ask the android policeman to show you the way). Along the way, you’ll see a table on which you’ll find a magazine. There are two articles in the magazine: ‘’Ivanoff Says ‘’Niet’’!’’ and ‘’Famous Painter Dies’’ (if Carl died in the chapter ‘’Broken’’) or ‘’Robotic Parenting’’ (if Carl survived). To complete this episode at 100% you will have to read all three materials.

In the restroom to the right of the office of the head of the department, you can also find detective Chris Gavin (the one who opposed Connor in the chapter ‘’The Interrogation’’). No matter what you tell him, the public opinion will drop after the conversation, which will worsen the general reputation of androids.

When you get to the Lieutenant Anderson’s desk, examine everything you can: headphones (to learn about Hank’s preferences in music), a phone (you can leave a voice message to the lieutenant) and the table itself with eight pieces of evidence on it.

If Connor died in the episode ‘’The Interrogation’’, Lieutenant Anderson will be very surprised to meet him, which will negatively affect his attitude towards the hero. Soon after Hank’s arrival, he will be called by the head of the department. There’s no reason not to follow the partner so overhear the conversation of the two policemen. Say nothing to captain after the end of the ‘’conversation’’ as neither of hero’s replicas can have any effect.

If the deviant that was caught by Connor survived the interrogation, you can talk with the prisoner. Eight options will be present in the dialogue with him (if the hero found the statuette in the episode ‘’Partners’’), but only one – ‘’Compassionate’’ – will have at least some consequences. It slightly improves the software instability rate. Whatever the hero chooses in the conversation with the criminal, the deviant will smash his head at the glass after the end of the dialogue.

Detroit: Become Human Waiting for Hank Walkthrough-19

Go back to Hank. He won’t react to any of your replicas except for ‘’Desk’’. Having settled on your new workplace, you can ask several questions:

  1. Dog (if you have found the dog’s hair on the armchair) – will slightly improve Hank’s opinion of Connor.
  2. Basketball (if you have found the Detroit Gears cap on the monitor) – will slightly decrease Hank’s opinion of Connor.
  3. Music (if you have examined the headphones on the table) – will slightly improve Hank’s opinion of Connor.
  4. Anti-androids (if you have examined the computer screen) – will slightly decrease Hank’s opinion of Connor.
  5. Fowler (the surname of the captain) – no effect.
  6. Hours – no effect.

When you choose the last replica – ‘’Start Working’’ – Connor will have to scan files on android cases, which have accumulated over the past few months. After checking the materials, the hero will come to Hank and will try to push him to work. No matter what option you choose, your relationship with Lieutenant Anderson will worsen.

If Kara and Alice are alive, the officer will inform Hank about a clue on their location, if they are dead – will go to the lunch break. After this, the chapter is complete.

Here’s the flowchart:

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