Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough

Walkthrough of the next Markus’ episode
Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough-1

Regardless of the choice made in the chapter ‘’Broken’’, Markus will find himself in the junkyard in a critical state. Examine the damaged elements on the hero’s body – the optical unit in the eye, the sound processor on the ear, the regulator of the Thirium pump in the abdomen and the legs which are missing.

After the completion of the analysis, creep forward, selecting the right legs along the way. When Markus is able to stand up, move forward until you get caught by an android that is protruding from the wall. He will tell Markus about ‘’Jericho’’, a place where androids are free. It’s still too early to think about it as it’s high time to fix yourself. Move through the limb corridor to the spacious part of the junkyard.

Once out in the open space, the hero must find the working versions of his damaged components. First, turn to the left and move along the wall, until you see a head with a compatible optical unit. After you have pulled it out, a pile of androids will be dumped on Markus, so he will have to get out of it. With a functioning optical unit, the hero will be able to scan the environment for interactive objects which will facilitate further search of the necessary components.

Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough-10

If you go a little farther along the left side, you’ll see a crawling android on the ground who will ask Markus to kill him. To complete this episode at 100%, you will have to both fulfill the robot’s desire and refuse it.

To the right from the crawling android, at the pile of garbage in the center, you’ll see an upper half of the robot woman with a functioning regulator of the Thirium pump. If you try to get it out, the lady will oppose you as she does not want to die. You can either kill her or abandon, but for the full completion of the episode, you’ll have to try both choices.

Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough-13

If you did not decide to kill her, the spare regulator of the Thirium pump can be found in the body of the broken android near the pile of robot bodies in the far part of the location. This component will prevent Markus from limping and will help him move faster.

The sound processor can be found in at least two places: to the right of the starting point under rubble (you will have to lift it) and near the slope in the hand of the android. If you have difficulties with your search, don’t forget to use the detective mode which is activated by pressing R2.

Having obtained all the components, start climbing the slope. All that you need is to press the buttons appearing on the screen. Once you are at the top, pick up the fillet from the ground and get rid of the indicator that distinguishes Markus from ordinary people.

Despite one ending, this episode should be replayed at least twice to get the maximum rating. Here’s the flowchart of this chapter:

John Davis