Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode – dialogues, collectibles and possible scenarios
Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-1

If Kara and Alice survived the fight with Todd in ‘’Stormy Night’’, they will find themselves on the street without money and shelter in this episode. Don’t bother asking the driver when leaving the bus – he can’t help you anyway.

Once in the rain, talk to the parked android on the opposite side of the street to put this action on the flowchart and go out in the intersection. When you approach the bus stop, Alice will sit down on the bench from the right side. Talk to her to trigger the appearance of an android trash collector which will give an irrelevant advice to Kara.

Now it’s time to decide on where you spend the night. There are three potential places:

  • a broken car in the parking lot;
  • an abandoned house in the nearby wasteland;
  • a motel across the street from the house.

Let’s look at each option in more detail. Along the way, we’ll tell you what you should do to get a 100% rating for this episode.

The car is the ‘’cheapest’’ and least expensive way to complete this chapter. All you need to do to spend the night in the car is to open the door to the parking lot and break the car’s glass.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-6

Alice won’t like the idea to spend the night in such conditions, so she will suggest looking for other options. If you refuse, the relationship between Kara and Alice will significantly worsen. This is the ending ‘’Alice & Kara stayed in Abandoned Car’’.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-7

The alternative way to spend the night in a car is simply to do nothing. After you have talked with the trash collector, leave the game for a few minutes, and, when Alice freezes completely, Kara will open the door to the parking lot, open the car and put the girl inside the car.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-8

The house is the intermediate option in terms of convenience and Alice’s approval. To get inside, you need to cut a hole in the fence with pliers – either from the side of the street or from the side of the parking lot. To get a 100% rating you will have to try both options.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-9

Pliers can be found in two places – on a yellow generator near the abandoned car and in the nearby supermarket. We’ll later talk about how to steal from the supermarket and what you need for this, but now we’ll assume that you picked up the generator on the parking lot.

Having found the way to the territory of the abandoned building (Kara will necessarily cut herself), go around the house counter-clockwise. After wandering around, you will find out that Alice is gone. Go back to the hole in the fence – the girl is threatened by android named Ralph who does not like strangers.

Select any two phrases in the dialogue with Ralph (none of them will help) and try to persuade the android to let heroines inside the house. You can do it using ‘’Convince’’ and ‘’Insist’’ and also – if Kara killed Todd in the chapter ‘’Stormy Night’’ – threaten Ralph with the gun. Otherwise, you will have to find another place to sleep.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-13

Despite the initial aggression towards Kara and Alice, Ralph will be happy to join their company and will enthusiastically invite ladies inside. Gather ‘’ingredients’’ around the room (matches, kindling, firewood) to set a fire in the fireplace and make a bed for Alice – a pillow with a blanket are lying under the stairs.

In the room adjacent to the kitchen, Ralph paints the walls with incomprehensible (even for himself) symbols. There’s nothing interesting on the second floor so don’t waste your time going there. Having provided comfort for Alice, decide whether you are going to lie down with her or not (both options will be included in the flowchart). This is the ending ‘’Kara and Alice Undiscovered in Squat’’.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-16

The motel is the most comfortable but the most problematic option. Just to get inside, Kara will need human clothes (androids are not allowed) and $40 in advance. Heroines don’t have anything from this list, so they will have to commit crimes.

First of all, go to the laundromat and read the contents of the magazine (articles ‘’Bee-Line to Disaster’’ and ‘’Face the Music’’) lying on the table by the window. The sleeping man in the room has left his dry things unattended which could be useful to heroines.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-20

Kara will have a great idea to steal the clothes when inspecting the dryer opposite to the sleeping man. Alice will oppose and if you insist, your relationship will worsen a bit. To mitigate the negative effect of theft, agree with Alice but then still rob the sleeping man. The upside and downside of Kara’s reputation, in this case, will exclude each other.

You won’t have any problems with stealing things from the dryer, while the theft of a jacket and hat right under the nose of the sleeping man will require some work – press a couple of buttons and pull the joystick to the specified direction without releasing the buttons. If you fail for the first time, the game will advise you to be more careful, if you fail again, the man will wake up, depriving you of access to the motel. To achieve a rating of 100%, you will have to try both options.

Change clothes and go to the supermarket opposite the parking lot. If Kara came in store in her android costume, the clerk inside will be rude to her. Talk to the shop assistant – he won’t help but Kara will notice the register with the money inside during the conversation.

Before unlocking it, let’s see what else we can do in the supermarket. Three items are available for stealing – the above-mentioned pliers (only after you see the barbed wire that blocks the passage to the house), a chocolate bar and a plush toy for Alice. You can give the latter two things to slightly improve the relationship with her in the chosen place for overnight (more on this later).

nfortunately, due to the bug at the time of writing, you can’t unlock the flowchart elements associated with the theft of these items. The option unlocked in the previous walkthrough is re-blocked once you choose the next one. You can’t fix this (and get 100% rating) so you’ll have to wait for the patch.

Kara can leave unnoticed with only one of these items. After the second theft, the cashier will shout at the heroine, and, if you did not bring the gun from the chapter ‘’Stormy Night’’, will turn Kara out of the shop without the possibility to open the register and, therefore, use the services of the motel.

In the other case (pointing the gun at the clerk), you can keep the second item with you. You can’t steal the third item under any scenario. However, you’ll be allowed to get the desired $40 out of the register. Alice won’t approve of such actions, and, no matter how you try to justify them, will begin to treat the heroine a little worse. The exception is the option ‘’Apologize’’ which helps Kara to slightly improve the relationship with the girl.

Another way to deal with the register is to use Alice. In the middle of the store, there is a pile of soda cans. Ask the girl to knock down the structure to distract the shop assistant. While he deals with the noise, you can sneak to the register and steal the money (if you hesitate, you’ll get in the above-mentioned situation).

The most aggressive method of robbery is to ask Alice to leave the store and point the gun at the shop assistant. After having chosen the tone of your demand (it does not play any role), you’ll face a dilemma – another buyer will enter the supermarket. At this stage, you can drop the idea and run away or wait it out.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-33

If you choose the second option, you can continue the robbery. It can follow several scenarios:

  • Kara will tell the store employee to move or turn around – the heroine herself will take the money from the register and disappear. You can later lie to Alice about how exactly you got the money not to spoil the relationship with the girl.
  • Kara will demand that the store employee opens the register for her – if you repeat the request, the clerk himself will draw a gun.

In the latter case, there are two options (the flowchart insists on three options, but the third option is yet to be found): persuade the cashier to give you money or leave. If you decide to follow the persuasion route, you’ll be successful and will get $40, but you will have to leave the shop (just like in the second option). Upon exit, Kara will also have to explain to Alice where the money came from.

After you have received the necessary amount of money and human clothes, you can enter the motel. Pay to the administrator and sign the check. After this, Kara will be asked to show a driver license which she does not have. Don’t be silent and choose one of the three options to get the card from your new room.

Detroit: Become Human Fugitives Walkthrough-36

Your room (number 28) is situated on the second floor of the complex. Go inside, fold up all your belongings (gun, stolen items, pliers) on the table under TV, dry Alice’s clothes and hang your jacket on the hook at the entrance. When you go to be, you unlock the ending ‘’Alice & Kara stayed in motel’’.

Before the ending of the episode, you’ll see a dialogue between heroines no matter what place you have chosen for the night. Alice will ask Kara to promise her that they stay together forever. If you promise it to her, you’ll slightly improve the relationship with the girl. If you don’t make a promise, the relationship will worsen. To get a 100% rating for the chapter, you should try both answers in all three ‘’doss houses’’.

Before you go to bed (in all three places), you can give a plush toy or a chocolate to Alice. You need this to get the maximum rating. When you go to bed with Alice, you complete the episode.

Here’s the flowchart:

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