Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode including all possible outcomes

We return to Markus who arrives home after a boring stand-up party together with Carl. Follow the old man into the living room and pour some whiskey for him. Heroes will notice a light that is turned on in the studio (not by them) and Carl will ask Markus to call the police.

Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough-3

After a brief conversation with the dispatcher, you’ll have a choice: take Carl with you or examine the studio by yourself. You need to try both scenarios for the complete walkthrough of the episode, so don’t think for too long – Carl will follow you anyway.

Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough-4

The good news is that there is no burglar in the house, the bad one – Leo, Carl’s son, is home. He has come to steal father’s things for further resale. Carl will ask Markus to take Leo out of the house, but he won’t listen to the android – more, he will begin to push him.

Carl will ask Markus not to respond to Leo’s aggression, but the sense of justice will overwhelm the android. Raise the joystick up sharply and follow on-screen instructions to break free from your software. Having gained control over his decisions, Markus can choose how to act:

  • Obey Carl – in this case, the agitated old man will die from heart attack. The policemen who arrive at the place will shoot Markus at Leo’s request.
  • Push Leo – in this case, Carl’s son will die as he will hit his head on the iron structure. No matter how you beg the old man, he will be adamant and order the android to run. However, you won’t be able to do this as policemen will shoot Markus without any trial and investigation.

As you can see, the outcome of the episode is always the same regardless of your actions – police shoot Markus. Nevertheless, if you want a 100% rating, you will have to replay the chapter twice.

Here’s the flowchart:

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Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough
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Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough

John Davis