Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode including all possible scenarios and outcomes
Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-1

This chapter continues Kara’s story in her new home. Having woke up the sleeping Todd, serve the dinner on the table in the living room and turn on the light (the switch is on the wall in front of the heroine). Pour the water into the glasses of father and daughter, then put the napkin on Alice’s knees and wait for further instructions.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-2

The situation will quickly get out of Kara’s control – Todd, who has accumulated a lot of anger inside, will decide to vent it on his daughter Alice. The heroine, if she decides to move, will receive a clear instruction from the owner – stand still.

If you obey the order, you’ll earn an extremely unpleasant ending ‘’Todd kills Alice’’ (and also Kara). The same result can be achieved if you move but are slow to follow the enraged parent upstairs.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-3

Of course, Kara wants to protect the girl, but the software prevents her from breaking a direct order. Well, you have to break free from the rules by holding L1 and R1 alternatively and then quickly pressing ‘’X’’ for a couple of seconds. After this, you have to make a decision – try to reason with Todd or run to Alice straight away. If you want to get 100% for this episode, you’ll have to try both options. We’ll show what happens in both scenarios.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-4

You can’t calm down the enraged father with words – he will just push Kara to the floor. The same result will be achieved if you decide to stand in Todd’s way in the hallway on the first floor or in the corridor on the second floor. In both cases, Kara will get to Alice after Todd. We’ll tell you later what happens in the reverse situation.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-5

If you have previously found a gun in the house, you can pick it up on the way to Alice’s room. Kara will threaten Todd, but he will knock the weapon out of heroine’s hands and a QTE fight will begin. In its course, you’ll need to quickly respond to the instructions appearing on the screen to resist the attacker.

Even if you don’t do this, you can still win the fight: in the end of the fight, the heroine will try to get the gun and you’ll be pushed to press ‘’X’’ fast. If you get the gun, Kara will shoot Todd. If you fail, Alice will shoot Todd. In both cases, the heroines will descend to the first floor together and will run to the bus after going out to the street. These are endings ‘’Kara kills Todd’’ and ‘’Alice kills Todd’’.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-8

If you entered the fight with Todd without a weapon, the maximum you can do is to stun the opponent. Even if you completely fail all QTE-hints, the heroine will have the opportunity to take the enraged father out of action. For this, you’ll need to push him (grabbing Todd or blocking him does not work).

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-9

From now on, Todd starts chasing heroines. If you waste your time in the corridor on the way to the stairs, you’ll earn (only on the experienced level of difficulty) the ending ‘’Todd broke Kara in the Corridor’’.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-10

On the way to the first floor, the player must choose where heroines go next: to the front door or towards the backyard. We’ll figure out the second option later and will now try our luck with the front door.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-11

You need to quickly unlock three locks on the door. If you are successful, Kara and Alice will break out to the street: a bus has just arrived at the bus stop. If you can get to the bus in time, you’ll see the ending ‘’Kara and Alice fought their way out’’, if you fail – ‘’Todd broke Kara outside’’.

In case you failed to unlock the front door or initially decided to run towards the yard, you’ll have to go through a second QTE fight with Todd. There are two possible outcomes: father wins (only on the experienced level of difficulty) or Kara wins. In the first case, you’ll see an ending ‘’Todd broke Kara downstairs’’.

We should also note that if you were able to give Todd a good fight in the first battle, you’ll have a chance to stun the opponent by pushing him even if you fail all QTEs. Heroines get to the yard with or without the ‘’second chance’’.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-12

If you play at an experienced level of difficulty, you may not be in time to get out of the yard or run to the bus. In both cases, Todd will chase and break Kara and will kill his daughter (ending ‘’Todd broke Kara outside’’). If you are in time to run away from the psycho, you’ll get an ending ‘’Kara & Alice fought their way out’’.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-13

Let’s get back to the beginning of the conflict when Kara turns into a deviant. If you don’t waste your time to oppose Todd and go straight to Alice, you’ll get to her quicker than Todd. There are three options: reason with Todd, run away and lock the door. You can immediately spot the hopeless one – reason with Todd. Instead of a conversation, the parent will simply push Kara and she will have to fight against him in Alice’s bedroom once again.

If you decide to run away, press L2 and ‘‘X’’. Wait for Todd to pass by and rush to the stairs. The next section is identical to the one which happens after the fight with Todd on the second floor and leads to the same endings – ‘’Kara and Alice fought their way out’’ (if you catch the bus) and ‘’Todd broke Kara outside’’ (if you fail).

If you decide to lock the door, you will have eight seconds. If you waste time, you’ll have to fight with Todd. After you have installed a ‘’barrier’’, you may talk to Alice, pick up a lamp to protect yourself or look out of the window (if you have done this in the chapter ‘’A New Home’’). The first two options lead to a fight with Todd, the third one – to a potential escape method.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-16

Press L2 and sharply raise the controller up to open the window. Alice doubts that you both will survive the fall, so she will offer to try another way. If you agree, you’ll have to fight with Todd, if you insist, the girl will be outside.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-17

At this moment, Todd will break into the room. You’ll have to choose once again whether you fight with Todd or try to get out through the window. You know what happens in the first case, in the second one, you’ll have to press ‘’X’’ quickly for several seconds to push Todd (if you fail, you’ll have to fight with him). If you do nothing when you are on the peak, you’ll get the familiar ending ‘’Todd broke Kara outside’’.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough-18

If you don’t want to kill Kara, go to the roof’s edge and slide down the pipe to the ground with Alice on your back. All you have to do is to catch the bus (ending ‘’Kara & Alice fought their way out’’) or fail to catch the bus (ending ‘’Todd broke Kara outside’’).

Given the number of scenarios in this chapter, perfectionists will have to replay it a dozen times to open all the elements of the flowchart. Here are all the scenarios:

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