Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough

Meeting Hank and getting him to work as well as full walkthrough of the murder scene investigation

In this chapter, you play for Connor once again. This time, his path leads to Jimmy’s Bar, a place where androids, as seen from the warning sign on the door, are not welcome. Once inside, turn on the detective mode (R2 button) and use it to identify lieutenant Hank Anderson. If you can establish the identity of other customers of the bar on your way to the lieutenant, this will be marked on the flowchart.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-4

Bending his head, Anderson sits at the bar right to the man in a hat. Come to lieutenant to start a conversation with him. Don’t be rude if you want a good ending. Otherwise, his attitude towards the protagonist will deteriorate together with the chances of a favorable ending.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-5

Four choices are available in the dialogue with Hank:

  • ‘’Reason’’ – a good choice, Anderson’s attitude won’t change for the worst;
  • ‘’Threaten’’ – an option that will slightly spoil your relationship with the lieutenant;
  • ‘’Understanding’’ – another neutral option;
  • ‘’Persist’’ – undesirable phrase.
Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-6
All changes in the character’s attitude towards the hero are shown in the upper right corner of the screen

Despite all tricks, Anderson is in no hurry to follow Connor, so you have to do something. All three options will convince Hank to follow you, but only two of them have a serious impact on lieutenant’s attitude towards the hero:

  • ‘’Buy him another drink’’ – greatly improves Anderson’s attitude towards Connor;
  • ‘’Wait outside’’ – a neutral option;
  • ‘’Spill his drink’’ – if you want to seriously annoy Hank, that’s your choice. The lieutenant will get mad and will threaten to hit Connor.

To get a 100% rating in the episode, you need to try all three options, and this means (once again) that you will have to replay the chapter at least three times.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-7

Next, the characters come to the crime scene – an android has killed a human. Hank will ask Connor to stay in the car – if you answer ‘’Patient’’ or ‘’Diplomatic’’, you will improve your relationship with him. If you choose ‘’Firm’’, the relationship will worsen.

Anyway, the main character does not intend to stay in the car, so once you are out of the vehicle, follow lieutenant to the entrance of the house. On the way, a police android will try to stop Connor, but Hank will suddenly stand up for Connor.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-8

There’s a tart cadaverous smell inside the house – the owner, who suffered several knife wounds before the death, leaned against the wall three weeks ago and did not get up ever since. Overhear the conversation between the police and proceed to the crime scene.

There’s plenty of evidence:

  1. The body of the victim – look at four points (two on the face, one on the chest and one on the arm) to start a reconstruction. You’ll learn that Carlos Ortiz (it’s the name of the victim) died of 28 stab wounds and that he was moving from the kitchen together with the murderer. The bloody inscription above the victim does not count as evidence for some reason, but it certainly deserves your attention. The handwriting belongs to an android, while the ‘’ink’’ is made of human (the victim).
  2. On the table where the TV stands, you’ll see red crystals — the ‘’Red Ice’’ drug, the one favored by Todd in Kara’s history.
  3. On the floor in front of the TV, you’ll find the weapon of this murder – a bloody knife without fingerprints. If you start analyzing blood (Connor does it with his tongue) in front of Anderson, he will demand explanations.
  4. Dried blood is located near the previous evidence, also on the floor.
  5. Another portion of dried blood is waiting for you on the door jamb on the way to the kitchen.
  6. The remaining (we promise!) bloody imprint is hiding on the rubble of the wall next to the passage to the kitchen.
  7. Before going to the kitchen, turn to the right and go outside – Anderson’s suggestion that the killer might have disappeared this way will crumble under Connor’s scientific arguments.
  8. In the kitchen, examine the fallen chair that indicates a fight between the victim and the murderer.
  9. Inspect the bat on the floor. Fingerprints and dent traces indicate that the victim has attacked the android with the weapon while he just defended himself with a first weapon he could find – which explains the absence of the knife on the wall holder.
  10. Look into the bathroom – Connor will find strange inscriptions and a religious figure behind the shower curtain which also counts as evidence in the case.

The following items do not belong to the investigation, but they are required to get a 100% rating in this episode:

  • The closet in Carlos’ bedroom – just look inside;
  • The brochure of the Eden club on the table near the closet;
  • A magazine on the table in the kitchen (near the window). There, you’ll find two articles: ‘’Android Sex’’ and ‘’Android Spy’’.

If you spend too much time on finding evidence, Hank will try to evacuate from the crime scene. There are two options: either the lieutenant gives you exactly five minutes (a timer will appear in the detective mode) or he just leaves.

To achieve the last scenario, you need to spill Anderson’s drink in the bar and be rude to him in dialogues. The lieutenant’s departure opens one of the two endings of this episode – the premature ‘’Crime Unsolved’’.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-20

In case you are within the time limit, be prepared to tell Hank about what you have learned. Connor needs to structure the collected information into a chain of sequential actions. It looks like this:

  • It all started in the kitchen;
  • The victim attacked the android with the bat;
  • The android stabbed the victim;
  • The victim fled to the living room;
  • The android murdered the victim with the knife.
Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-21

The game allows you to make a mistake in answering each of the points. However, if you make two mistakes in a row, you are in trouble. Anderson will hit his ‘’bullshit quota’’ and will go home, while the mission will be failed. Having managed to collect together the pieces of the puzzle, Connor will tell Hank that android-killer, which was damaged by the bat, began to lose the Thirium – the blue blood. It evaporates in a few hours leaving no traces for a human – but not for a robot.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-22

Use R2 to detect Thirium on the way to the bathroom. Apparently, the killer used the ladder to climb to the attic (examine the wall and the hatch on the ceiling). Take a chair from the kitchen and climb upstairs to meet the android.

Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough-23

Once you are upstairs, follow the blue blood until you come to the android. After a short dialogue, the episode will come to its logical end.

Here’s the flowchart of the chapter:

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