Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode – dialogues, collectibles and possible scenarios
Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-1

This episode is dedicated to Kara’s acquaintance with the new (or well-forgotten old?) home. After leaving the car, follow Todd (the family’s father) and meet Todd’s daughter Alice. Your task is to clear the house properly.

This is a two-storied house, but you won’t be allowed to enter the second floor until you clean up the first one. Let’s get it done:

  • Collect dirty dishes from the table in the anteroom and take it to the sink in the kitchen.
  • The dishwasher does not work so you will have to do everything by hand;
  • After this, Todd will ask Kara to bring him a bottle of beer from the fridge – don’t waste time and do it immediately;
  • There’s a magazine on the above-mentioned table. You’ll find two articles in this magazine – ‘’Android Power!’’ and ‘’Connecting the Dots’’;
  • The robot vacuum cleaner is hidden on the left from the TV in the living room. Put the books that are scattered across the floor on the shelf and activate the mini-helper.

Next, you need to take the trash out. To do this, inspect the trash can in the kitchen and collect empty pizza boxes and beer cans that are scattered across the apartment. They can be found on the countertop, behind the sofa and at the coffee table. Pack everything, go through the front door and throw the trash out in the plastic container.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-11

Todd watches ice hockey on the TV, and if you stay long enough in front of the screen, you can inadvertently piss off Kara’s owner. You don’t have to do it for the storyline, but this is necessary for a 100% completion of the episode.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-12

The remaining task on the first floor is to wash clothes. To do this, you have to collect it first. Go to the garden (the door is in the kitchen), lift the laundry basket from the ground and remove the washed clothes. When you will be doing this, Alice will come.

Talk with the girl on any topic – she won’t answer any question and will run away to the house – get to the room adjacent to the kitchen. Put the laundry into the washing machine. When Kara tries to get the cleaning powder, she finds a small bag with red ice – the local drug.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-15

The main character won’t have the time to analyze the substance as Todd will grab her by the neck as he does not like when his personal belongings are touched. After the father gets back to his place, you’d be able to ask him for permission to go to the second floor. If you have done everything mentioned above, you won’t have problems receiving this permission.

Upstairs, Kara needs to clean four rooms – Todd’s bedroom, toilet, bathroom and Alice’s bedroom. We’ll go in this order. Here’s what you need to do in Todd’s bedroom:

  • Open the window to ventilate the room;
  • Remove antidepressants from the bedside table. During this action, Kara will find a gun in the box – it can be useful in the future;
  • Return the guitar back to its place – it lies near the bed;
  • Make the bed – when you will be doing this, Alice will return to her room.
  • Get rid of trash on the bedside table in front of the bed, on the table to the left of the bed and on the rack to the right.
Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-18

You’ll find a sports magazine on the same rack. It contains two articles – ‘’Android QB’’ and ‘’Putting a price’’. When Kara leaves the room, she will face Todd who’s leaving the toilet. There’s basically nothing to clean up in the toilet – the heroine will do everything herself when she enters the room.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-19

After you have done this, go to the bathroom (the last door to the left). Here, you’ll need to put dirty clothes into the basket, place shampoo bottles near the bathtub and wash the floor with a mop. After you are finished with these tasks, go to Alice’s bedroom.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-20

First of all, open the window that is facing the street – Kara will notice a potential method to get out of the house. Next, make the bed, inspect the bookshelf and the ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’ that lies on the floor. After this, you can talk to the girl.

Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-21

For a smooth talk with Alice (which is more like a monologue), choose the following phrases:

  1. ‘’Friendly’’
  2. ‘’Name Kara’’
  3. ‘’Interests?’’
  4. ‘’Seem quiet’’
Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough-22

Now that you have Alice’s trust (otherwise, do not expect anything from her), she will give you a key. Use it to open the casket on the nightstand next to the door to find out why Kara actually needed a thorough repair at the android service center.

Go back to the first floor, you’ll see a cutscene and the episode will be over.

Here’s the flowchart of this chapter:

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