Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the first episode with Markus
Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough-1

We meet Markus, another main character in Detroit: Become Human, along his way to Bellini Paints Shop. The first electronic magazine lies on the bench to the right from the starting point. It contains two articles – ‘’Secrets of Androids’’ and ‘’Climate Change-Up’’. Collect all such excerpts to get the achievement ‘’Bookworm’’.

Having reached the square (keep in mind that androids are not allowed to cross the road to the red light), don’t rush to your target and look around instead:

  • A cart with hot-dogs stands to the right of the monument in the center of the square – come closer to it and stand in the nearby for a while. The seller will become angry and push Markus;
  • A street musician plays near the monument – follow him using the L1 button to get this action into the flowchart.
  • A preacher stands near the building with a ‘’James & Carter’’ sign (to the right from the shopping street that you need) – come closer to him so that he curses Markus.

Go to the paint store (if you are lost, hold R2), pay for the order by pressing ‘’X’’ long enough and take your purchase. Go outside, approach the group of protesters against the domination of the androids in the workplace to become the first victim of ill-treatment by humans.

Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough-8

Stand up and head towards the bus stop. Get to the special area for androids to ‘’call’’ the vehicle – the episode is complete.

Here’s the flowchart of this chapter:

Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough-9

John Davis