Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode – dialogues, collectibles and possible endings
Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-1

Android detective Connor arrives at the apartment where a deviant robot is operating. He threatens to kill a little girl. A fish without water is suffocating near the broken aquarium. The hero can save the fish – the decision does not affect the storyline but may influence people’s attitude towards androids.

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-2

After the ‘’meeting’’ with the hostage’s mother, the main character gets a task to find captain Allen who is commanding from the bedroom. You have a limited supply of time to choose the answer in dialogues. If you run out of time, a random replica is selected. In this exact conversation, the actual choice of phrases is not that important – the policeman does his work, Connor – his own. Having finished with the briefing, inspect the apartment.

To increase the probability of success, examine all available evidence before entering the roof. Detect active points with the detective mode which is activated by the R2 button. At the crime scene you’ll find:

A gun case in a room where Connor talked to captain Allen. After examination, you’ll learn that the android took the weapon off the head of the family;

  • A tablet on the table in the kid’s room – this is how you will know the name of the deviant and the fact that it was close to the hostage;
  • Headphones in the same room – Connor will understand that the child did not hear the shoots;
  • In the hall, on the right along the course of the movement, lies the corpse of the girl’s father. After studying the evidence, Connor will learn that Daniel was to be replaced by another android — this will unlock an additional option in the subsequent dialogue with the criminal;
  • The policeman’s body near the roof entrance – after analyzing what happened, you’ll find a gun.
  • In the same place, near the roof entrance, you’ll find a child’s sneaker and a drop of deviant’s ‘’blood’’ in the nearby.

If you have examined all the evidence fast enough, the probability of success before going to the roof should be 80-85%.

There are several options for the ending of this episode:

Detroit: Become Human Demo All Endings

Deviant is shot by snipers – Connor persuades Daniel to let the girl go, then the deviant android is killed by snipers. To get it, the player needs to gain the deviant’s trust. To do so, it is necessary to achieve a high probability success of the mission.

After you have entered into a dialogue with the android, fulfill all his requirements. Go to the wounded policeman but do not put a tourniquet on him. When Daniel asks, dismiss the helicopter. Choose calm, friendly answers and emphasize with him. Don’t blame Daniel. When you have the opportunity, use answer options that you have unlocked during the investigation – ‘’Possible cause’’ and ‘’Emma and you’’. If you have done everything correctly, the probability of success after the scene with the helicopter will be 99%. Then choose ‘’Trust’’, ‘’Compromise’’ and ‘’Reassure’’. Mission completed!

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-10

Connor shoots the deviant – another good ending in which Connor personally kills the deviant. To get it, examine the body of the policeman and take the gun before you enter the roof. We also recommend not to offend the criminal and follow the recommendations from the previous paragraph. Lie to Daniel, telling him that you do not have any weapons. Slowly move closer to the android and ask him to trust you after the scene with the helicopter. When the deviant demands a car, select ‘’Use gun’’ and ‘’Kill’’.Connor sacrificed himself to save Emma – the main character dies but the girl remains alive. To guarantee this ending, slowly approach the deviant, reducing the mission success probability – don’t follow the requests of the criminal (save the wounded policeman) and blame him. After the scene with the helicopter, choose ‘’Bluff’’ and ‘’Come closer’’. During QTE, press ‘’X’’ fast – Connor will push the girl away and will fall together with the deviant.

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-11

Connor dies, trying to save Emma – a reasonably good ending in which Connor sacrifices himself to save the hostage. After the scene with the helicopter, ask Daniel to trust you, and after he demands a car, choose ‘’Sacrifice self’’.

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-12

Deviant shot Connor – a bad ending in which Daniel kills Connor and then jumps from the roof with the girl. To get it, be sure to pick the gun and lie to the deviant that you don’t have it. Decrease the probability of success as much as you can – don’t react to criminal’s requests and put the blame on him. Ask Daniel to trust you and, after he requests a car, choose ‘’Use gun’’ and ‘’Convince’’.Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough-13Connor cannot get to the deviant in time – another bad ending. Connor stays alive, but Daniel falls from the roof with the girl. To get it, you should basically do nothing. Don’t search for evidence in the apartment and put your controller away after you have entered the roof – Connor will spoil everything himself.Here’s the flowchart of the episode:

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