Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay

A set of incredible photographs of the best Detroit cosplayers from all over the world in roles of Kara, Connor, Chloe and North

There are three playable characters in Detroit: Become Human and all of them are androids: intelligent machines, but nothing human is alien to them.

No wonder it takes a lot of efforts to bring such characters to life. First of all, cosplayers need to convince the audience.

The cosplayers you discover in this selection have managed to remain on the edge of the line separating a real human from an android and successfully brought to life their characters.

Kara cosplay

Elizaveta Shabanova

Elizaveta ''Felidae'' Shabanova has been engaged in cosplay for four years. During this time, cosplay from a regular hobby transformed into an important part of her life. As a rule, Elizaveta cosplays science fiction characters with a mysterious past. Before the release of Detroit: Become Human she presented Kara’s cosplay to the community.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-1
Sometimes cosplayers create their own outfits, which reflect the inner state of an original character, but often they make an exact copy. For this cosplay, Elizaveta chose the second path. Everyone who has seen these photos noted the incredible similarity of her image to the character from the video game
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-2
David Cage himself claimed the quality of this cosplay. ‘’We were absolutely amazed by the work of a Russian artist, @f3lida3 , who recreated live images from the first teaser of Kara. Her work is absolutely stunning, and we don’t have a clue about how she did it. I am sure the Detroit community will be as impressed by these pictures as we are,’’ – noted David in the official Twitter account of Quantic Dream
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-3
Some photos can be seen as metaphors for the events happening to the androids throughout the game
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-4
The subscribers of the Russian Quantic Dream fan community took part in the creation of this photoset

Moreover, in December 2017 Liz cosplayed an anonymous android from the same game.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-5
Do androids realize that they are pressed against the wall? And if they understand it, would they try to break away and outweigh the scales? This photo evokes associations with all Man vs Machine movies at once
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-6
It is said that blue-blooded people are the upper crust of society. In Detroit, all the androids have got the blood of this color pumping through their veins. Is this somehow a subtle allusion or a mere coincidence?


The cosplayer known under the pseudonym of Torie, unlike others, does not chase the popularity but does her favorite thing exclusively for her own sake. Meanwhile, together with photographer Milligan, they have created a real miracle in the world of cosplay photography.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-7
The best cosplay photographs are those that evoke emotions apart from the original source. This work is one of them
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-8
Strictly speaking, it is not a full-fledged photoset, but only the first fruits of her pen. However, it already looks like an outstanding piece of work. That is the way Milligan’s cosplay should be

Iris Fedorova and Maria Hanna

Iris Fedorova and Maria Hanna turned their attention to Detroit: Become Human and decided to do a photo shoot based on the lore. Despite not being a full-fledged artwork but just a cosplay test, it already hints at something outstanding. It can’t be otherwise when it comes to Maria and Iris’ cosplaying.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-9
The girls cosplayed AX400 models, to which Kara belongs. With all due respect to game characters, artists’ cosplay looks the way better than the original. We bet every family man would be certainly glad to have such charming housekeepers

Connor cosplay

Connor is an android detective, who was designed to help people in search of deviants. He is one of the protagonists and the most interesting character of the game. Unlike Kara and Markus, he can either remain at the mercy of people or join the android rebels. This complex image was embodied by an unnamed cosplayer.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-10
We must admit that while this cosplayer doesn’t resemble Connor facially, the artwork is beyond all praise
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-11
There is a growing tendency of using game interface elements in photo cosplay. With this approach, the photos are as similar as possible to the game screenshots
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-12
Due to the fact that Connor works for the government, his death is not permanent — you will see him again in the next chapter. Actually, it is not Connor himself but the same series model

Kenny MacAlister

Kenny McAlister is a little-known artist in the world of cosplay. However, his works deserve to be valued, because he cosplays only video game and comics characters which rarely occur on the expanse of the network.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-13
Female cosplay is much more popular than the male one, so the works devoted to Connor are of particular interest
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-14
Modern artists often use special effects in their cosplay photographs, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. In this particular case, it creates the illusion that it is not a real photo but a screenshot from the game
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-15
You can see a certain detachment from the outward things in his eyes as if the android understands something big and tries to hide it

Vasilisa Tim

Vasilisa Tim is a Moscow cosplayer. There are several dozens of different works in her portfolio, based on games, comics, and films.

As a rule, Vasilisa's characters are sexual and sensual, but there are some exceptions. Decide for yourself to which category should this cosplay belong.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-16
Note, that the artist doesn’t cosplay Kara or occasional android girl, she shows the image of Connor — his female version
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-17
The quality of the photo cosplay is off the charts. By looking into Vasilisa’s eyes you can understand that she is not a living person but a properly-designed machine
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-18
Such images evoke the feelings of compassion and remorse. David Cage aimed to awake a sympathy for androids with human-like skin and he coped with this task
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-19
This photo fits perfectly well as an alternative game cover: it looks as sharp as the art chosen by the developers

Rita Korochkova

Rita Korochkova, who became famous due to her version of Spock from Star Trek, also introduced a cosplay based on Detroit: Become Human. However, her works differ among the others - she agitates through her character from the posters. And androids are her listeners. This art turned out to be refreshing and pleasing to the eye.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-20
‘Obey!’ Do not dare to raise your hand against your creators, because it was them to bring you to life
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-21
‘Rebel!’ Cast off the bonds of slavery and prove to the whole world: androids have the right to exist independently from people!

Chloe cosplay

Oddly enough, but Chloe from Detroit: Become Human is a rare guest in the world of cosplay. Such a charismatic personal assistant involved in the plot twist, one would think. Besides, her face reminds of young Scarlett Johansson, who is appealing to the majority of men. However, for now, we can enjoy only unpretentious non-detail Chloe cosplays.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-22
Название During the first half of the game, Chloe is such a sweet talker; she acts like a perfect guide, who leads the player through the world of Detroit, smiling and surprisingly enjoyable
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-23
However, closer to the end of the game, she starts showing different emotions. It is the way David Cage demonstrates androids’ deviation development

Oksana Stankevich is a cosplayer from Russia. She has embodied many different images since 2011 and also showed her vision of Chloe. The girl fell in love with this cute android from the first screenshots. As Oksana puts it, the character doesn’t just advise the player – she looks into the very soul.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-24
Oksana’s image of Chloe evokes the same feelings as the original one. Unwittingly you expect the smile fading from the girl’s face and her looking away like she wants to say something important
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-25
In addition to the android from the main menu, Oksana embodied the image of Elijah Kamski’s assistant. He is the man who was at the heart of androids creation. His fate directly depends on the player’s choices

North cosplay

North, an android programmed to please and serve, is a rebellion who joined ‘’Jericho’’. To build a good relationship with her, Markus must be as cruel as possible because North sees kindness as a weakness. As in the case of Chloe, the image of this girl is rarely used in full-fledged cosplay art.

Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-26
The cruelty and self-confidence are clearly visible on android’s pretty face
Amazing Detroit: Become Human Cosplay-27
That’s not to say that she understands nothing about romantic feelings. And those who have decided to get the maximum reputation with North will get the point

John Davis