Days Gone

Release date: April 26, 2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Survival tips and combat tactics in the closing missions of the zombie action made by Bend Studio

Ideological differences and the fact that the colonel keeps his wife locked lead Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John to extreme measures: with some help from O’Brian, the biker wants to rescue Sarah and use NERO helicopter to escape.

In these guides, we will tell you how to deal with storyline tasks in the most effective way. You will not find the 100% clearing of the locations, all collectibles and character upgrades.

Days Gone narrative is divided into storylines – each with its own idea. By completing quests, you advance one or another scenario branch which is reflected in the corresponding menu section. The dominant storyline (there may be several of them) will be shown next to the quest titles.

Shadow of Death (A Good Soldier)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-1

Having earned the right to ask for O’Brian’s help and having completed the quests provided by lieutenants Weaver and Whitaker, the hero may return to Wizard Island to advance the story – just go to the gallows in the camp. The game will warn you that further walkthrough will make southern regions inaccessible, we’ll add that this is temporary.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Following another fiery colonel’s speech about foreign invaders – he decided to go to war on all nearby camps – Deacon will contact O’Brian and tell him to prepare for the evacuation of the hero and his wife.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-4

The researcher will remind the protagonist of the presence of missiles in the camp – they do not allow the helicopter to come close. At the end of the cutscene, run to the quest indicator and disarm the grenade launcher – no one knows about St. John’s desertion, so he will not be attacked.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-5

Next, move to the ‘’ark’’ to Sarah (take the first turn to the left). The protagonist will deal with the guard, contact O’Brian and prepare his wife for the road – the heroes are not going to return to Wizard Island. Follow your wife at the end of the cutscene.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-6

Meanwhile, lieutenant Weaver is not leaving the fortress and gives orders to his subordinates. Having noticed the sneaking heroes, the chemical engineer will signal them to move on – the music lover is also a good person.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-7

Follow your wife once you have control over Deacon. Three guards will stand on the road to the top of the volcano where you should be picked up by O’Brian – your wife will knock out the middle one and distract the other two so that you can deal stealth deathblows.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-8

Once outside, the spouses will stumble at the colonel who is showing the neighborhood to fresh recruits. Skizzo will be among these recruits. He will immediately accuse St. John of betrayal – a skirmish will begin, and the NERO helicopter will be forced to fly by.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-9

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the heroes will be interrogated – Deacon will be eventually found guilty of espionage (the Cerberus tattoo on the back played its role) and sentenced to hanging, Sarah will remain imprisoned, and Skizzo (his real name is Raymond Sarkoski) will be free.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-10

Kouri will accompany the prisoner to his cell. He guessed the motives of the hero (to save his wife) and does not want to carry out the insane orders of the colonel. Having given his ring back to the protagonist, the captain will take his squad to the east and advise you to hurry if you want to warn your friends at Lost Lake.

Ascending From the Underworld (Race Against Time)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-11

Boozer, Rikki, Iron Mike and other inhabitants of Lost Lake are in grave danger – Garret’s army is on a crusade against peaceful camps. Pick up ammo from the box near the motorcycle. Also, grab a sniper rifle (in case you don’t have one) or other weapons and rush to the quest indicator.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-12

The road to the goal is blocked by three militia checkpoints. Having approached the first one, get off the bike and disarm the wire at the entrance to protect your vehicle. Most enemies on your route wear helmets, so you will need two hits to deal a headshot.

However, if you have a .50 BFG sniper rifle from Wizard Island camp (you need 3000 credits and the second level of trust), you won’t have to worry about enemy helmets – one shot at the body will be sufficient to kill non-armored opponents.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-13

Before the hero is discovered, it makes sense to eliminate the flamethrower in the garrison – these individuals carry an explosive balloon on their backs which successfully blows up after being shot. Other tactics stay the same: use shelters and bullet time.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-14

Having dealt with militia – Deacon will comment on the fact that there are no enemies in the nearby – collect useful supplies in the area and push away the SUV blocking the road. Drive your bike closer – there’s another checkpoint around the corner.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-15

This time, Garret’s men blocked the entrance to the tunnel (the Thielsen Pass is fully blocked). Take cover behind one of the cars and use any long-range weapon to eliminate two shooters with laser sights – on the temporary watchtower and on the parapet above the driveway.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

You can eliminate most of the garrison from a safe distance – having heard the noise of the shots, the soldiers will rush towards the hero forgetting about their safety. The flamethrower at the far end of the checkpoint will stay at his place which will allow you to shoot at his balloon without any problems.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-18

Further path is blocked by boards. This construction is extremely unreliable, and it can turn into shreds after any explosion. If you do not want to spend your own supplies, you can find remote bombs in the barracks – aim at L2, set at R2, and explode at right arrow.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-19

The tunnel is empty, but the exit from the down is blocked by another (the last one) militia checkpoint. There, you’ll find two snipers, one machine gunner, one flamethrower and two ordinary soldiers – all of them will be notified about the protagonist’s presence.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-20

Fortunately, none of the enemy fighters will rush to you, so you are relatively safe. Start by eliminating the snipers on the towers and try to shoot the flamethrower’s balloon so that the explosion affects the machine gunner.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-21

Do not worry if you fail – two hits at the head will eliminate every opponent, even the most armored one. Having dealt with the ‘’heavy’’ guys, finish off ordinary militia fighters and get the SUV blocking the passage off your way.

By the time Deacon reaches Lost Lake, the militia attack will be repulsed. Iron Mike tried to negotiate with Skizzo who led the attack, but the old man received a mortal wound and will never get up from his bed. The camp’s mood is depressed but the hero has a plan.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-22

St. John proposes to fill a large truck with creosote fertilizers and rush it into the colonel’s fortress wall. For the completion of the mission, you will get 10000 experience points, 2000 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp, a draft of Napalm Molotov, and three custom accents for your bike.

Keep Them Safe (Race Against Time)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-23

At the end of the previous mission, go the central square of Iron Mike’s camp – Rikki and Boozer have already prepared the truck. You’ll have to get fertilizers for the truck at the Iron Butte farm near the former ripper base.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-24

On the way to the goal, the hero will be contacted by Skizzo who has already become captain and Garret’s close ally. He will mock Deacon about his captive wife. Having dismissed the annoying traitor and having arrived at the site, you’ll find a big freaker horde.

Our advice on dealing with a big freaker horde remains the same: use rapid-fire weapons, search for explosive objects (barrels, containers, trucks with tanks), do not be greedy and do not hesitate to retreat – your progress will not be lost.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-25

Two important notes: freaker horde has exactly the same speed as jogging Deacon, so it cannot catch up with the hero. However, the protagonist is not invincible when he moves as mutants who have separated from the main mass may catch him if you are inattentive.

The arena does not have much crafting materials/ supplies – some ammo and materials can be found in the back of a truck. This negative factor is more than compensated by the above-mentioned explosive objects and a multitude of ditches and other obstacles.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-26

Having eliminated the horde, go to the indicator to call Boozer who will arrive on the truck. Having put the fertilizers inside the truck, Deacon will start thinking about the creosote. For the completion of this mission, you will get 10000 experience points and 450 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp.

Copeland’s Camp Has Been Attacked (Protecting the Weak)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-27
For some reason, this mission has not found its place in main storylines

Sometime after you have completed the previous mission, Copeland will contact St. John and ask him to visit his camp. Actually, this is the whole mission. You’ll get no reward for it as all action will happen in the following quest.

Nose Down, They Feed Ya (Protecting the Weak)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-28

When Deacon arrives at the place of destination, Copeland will tell him that marauders attacked the camp and kidnapped Manny, the mechanic. Without him, you cannot repair or refuel your bike in the camp, so we advise you to drive to the heroes’ former lair on O’Leary Mountain if you need gasoline.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-29

Having arrived at the site, analyze the bike lying on the side of the road to find out where the unfortunate mechanic was dragged. Follow the route marked on the mini-map (beware of a zombie surprise) and go to a small tent camp where you had a shootout with Leon at the very beginning of the game.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-30

A small group of freakers has settled in this place. The area is shot through by a sniper who is located on the nearby tree, so do not make excessive noise. Shoot the mutants with a gun that has a suppressor (or eliminate them with melee weapons) and examine the bloody chair.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Once you have examined the evidence, run up the hill along the trails and eliminate the zombie who is busy with a corpse near the tree. From here, you’ll be able to see the above-mentioned sniper (if you haven’t eliminated him yet). Shoot the sniper and rush from bush to bush to marauders’ lair.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Manny is kept at the upper tier of the camp – to free the hostage, you need to eliminate all enemies in the area. The sniper rifle (especially .50 BFG) will be very useful here, but you can also finish off several opponents in the stealth mode.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

If you do not want to do everything by yourself, there’s a weak fence at the far end of the area behind which you’ll find a min-horde of freakers. Throw a grenade or a bomb at the fence and wait for zombies to eat all marauders. However, you’ll later have to shoot all mutants.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-37
.50 BFG kills the bear with three headshots

When all the enemies are eliminated, Deacon will get to Manny and free him. The heroes won’t have the time to celebrate their reunion as a mutated bear will enter the scene. There’s no reason to go down to the beast – grab ammo from the box and staff the animal’s face with lead.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-38

At the end of the fight, follow the freed mechanic to his motorcycle – you’ll meet no enemies on your way. Having reached the goal, the characters will disperse, and you’ll get 5000 experience points and 3950 units of trust for Copeland’s camp.

Kill Every One of the Bastards (Race Against Time)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-39

Following the quest ‘’Keep them safe’’, Rikki will contact you and tell about three incidents of militia intrusion on the territory of Lost Lake. You can destroy colonel’s squads in any order, but we will go clockwise from Iron Mike’s camp.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-40

Move to the quest indicator but get off your bike before the indicator vanishes – enemies will notice you if you come too close. Nine soldiers – eight ordinary ones and one armored machine gunner – are at a two-storied house.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

The above-mentioned armored soldier walks in circles while other opponents mostly remain at their initial positions. We advise starting the elimination of enemies from the southern side of the building. The fighter on the porch can be finished off with a stealth deathblow – the same is true for four more opponents around the perimeter.

After this, eliminate two guards who stand with their backs to the northern side of the house and then deal with the machine gunner. He is immune to deathblows from the back, so your best chance is to make two headshots in a row (use bullet time). The first one will kick off the enemy’s helmet, while the second one will smash his head.

The alternative option is to shoot the garrison with a sniper rifle (preferably .50 BFG) from a safe distance. Whatever approach you have chosen, you’ll get 5000 experience points and 1150 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp for the completion of this mission.

Another Militia Attack (Race Against Time)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-43

You can’t deal with this ‘’hateful eight’’ in a stealth mode – the enemies are walking in an open space at a distance of a couple of meters from each other. You can try to use stones to lure the enemies to the forest for a quick murder but it’s easier and safer to simply shoot them all.

Take your sniper rifle (you know which one), hide behind a big stone and start shooting – the open nature of the ‘’arena’’ works for the hero. For killing this militia group, you’ll get 5000 experience points and 1150 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp.

The Last of ‘Em (Race Against Time)

The last militia squad is located at the place where you have spied at NERO employees. This squad consists of nine soldiers – eight ordinary ones and an armored machine gunner. You can eliminate all enemies but one (guess who) in a stealth mode.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Moving from the eastern side, sneak up to the patrolman behind the barn to deal a stealth deathblow. Get inside and repeat the procedure with the enemy (wait until he moves away from his comrade) under the shed and his colleague near the car. The enemy at the opposite side of the courtyard can be eliminated with a shot from a sniper rifle that has a suppressor.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-47

Go back to your original position and, rolling from bush to bush, sneak up to two soldiers outside the building: one of them will be walking back and forth while the second one will be busy with a car. Eliminate them in that order – make sure that the patrolman is located far enough from his colleague for a silent murder.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Use the broken window to get inside and kill two fighters from the back – in the bathroom and in the kitchen. By this time, only the machine gunner will be alive. Kill him with two headshots in a row to get 5000 experience points and 1150 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp.

I’ll Save Some for You (Race Against Time)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-50

Having eliminated three militia squads, Deacon will recall that he can get creosote at an old sawmill near Iron Mike’s camp. The problem is that this place is the residence of a big freaker horde which Rikki has previously shown to the hero.

You have no option but to eliminate the horde. Unlike two previous skirmishes with a big pack of mutants, you won’t have many opportunities to blow up your enemies this time, so you’ll have to rely mostly on your own skills.

The horde at an old sawmill is one of the biggest (and most difficult) hordes in the game and boasts about 500 freakers. Before you take on this mission, buy ammo from merchants and prepare your gadgets – ideally, you should have skills that expand your inventory and ammo.

You can change the sniper rifle that you have purchased to some machine gun in order to prepare for the scenario (this will eventually happen) when your main gun runs out of ammo. You’ll also need bags for your motorcycle to store more supplies.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-51
The horde returns to its lair

Park your bike near the arena. It is very hard to eliminate the horde during your first attack, so we advise doing this in several stages. Having shot many bullets and having thrown your bombs and Molotov cocktails, use your bike to drive away from the quest location and force the mutants back to their original position.

This approach will allow you to deal with zombies in reasonable chunks and will also provide you with the opportunity to save your progress at the bike once the monsters lose interest in the hero. This is also a good time to replenish your stocks of materials and/or ammo.

An adequate route for this tactic passes through the railway tunnel near the sawmill – lure the horde there and throw explosive bottles/ bombs/ grenades. When you face too many enemies, run outside from the opposite side and drive away.

If you have courage, you can try to eliminate the horde on its territory. Be careful as mutants may come from several sides. Several potential obstacles for freakers are scattered around the sawmill, like stacks of boards and self-closing doors.

However, it’s very dangerous to go inside the buildings – there’s not much room for maneuver, and the monsters can get inside from another entrance, blocking your escape route. At the same time, we advise you to climb the roofs – that’s a good opportunity to shoot and throw some bombs and Molotov cocktails at the horde.

We remind you that freaker horde has the same speed as Deacon when he is jogging, so it cannot catch up with you. However, do not be too greedy as usually you won’t have the time to turn and throw an explosive bottle. If you waste time, the horde will catch up with you in a matter of seconds.

A relatively safe option is to lead the mutants behind you, throwing bombs and grenades under your feet (you’ll be far away by the time they are activated) and periodically shooting your enemies. Use stamina potions when running – they will allow you to sprint more often.

The last tip – do not be greedy. You can always throw that Molotov cocktail or shoot more bullets, but it’s hard to escape from the freaker crowd surrounding the hero. It’s better to spend some more time on the battle than to restart it from the very beginning.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-52
Before you leave the battlefield, do not forget to run over dead mutants to collect their trophy ears

Once you are done with the monsters, move to the quest indicator to call Boozer on the truck. Having put fertilizers inside, the one-armed biker will go back. For the completion of this mission, you will get 10000 experience points and 450 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp.

You Can’t Do This Alone (Race Against Time)

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Everything is ready for storming Wizard Island – Boozer is driving the truck full of explosives. Before the attack, Deacon will get the biker vest from his friend and a pleasant surprise – the majority of camp residents including Rikki and Addy will take part in the assault.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-55

The plan remains the same – the truck should crash into the fortress wall, causing chaos while you rescue Sarah. The execution will quickly go off the rails – to make sure the plan is executed correctly, Boozer will stay in the truck up until it explodes at the fortress wall.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-56

Having reached the island, crawl under the remains of the tower and immediately hide behind the shelter – several soldiers guard the passage to the ‘’ark’’. The sniper rifle will come in handy – an armored machine gunner is located on the ascent to the cave.

Use the surroundings to your advantage – explosive objects are located near certain enemies. You’ll be attacked from all sides, so lean out of your cover only when shooting and use bullet time to minimize the damage you get.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Before you go to Sarah, you should visit the tent on the right side – there, you’ll find ammo, crafting materials and even grenades. It won’t be easy to get inside the ‘’ark’’ – as soon as you come close to your goal, the entrance to the cave will explode, and the road will be blocked.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-60

The alternative passage to the ‘’ark’’ is located at the top of the volcano – you need to get there. On the ascent to the gallows, you’ll see two ordinary militia fighters, and the same number plus a flamethrower on the site itself. Shoot the flamethrower’s balloon to eliminate the enemy.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

At the end of the skirmish, pick up ammo and C8 rifle (in case you don’t have better options) from the truck as a sniper is on the tower behind the next turn. As the slope is full of explosive barrels, we strongly recommend dealing with this shooter from afar.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-63

On the way to the goal, you will meet three more groups of soldiers (six, three, and two enemies respectively). Hide behind the boxes, use bullet time, do not lean out of your cover until necessary and pick up ammo after (not before) each fight.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

At the top, you’ll face the last colonel’s squad that is located outside – a machine gunner, a flamethrower, a sniper and a couple of ordinary soldiers. Start by eliminating the shooter on the tower – use Focused Shot – then deal with ordinary fighters and proceed to armored opponents.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-66

Captain Sarkoski (Skizzo) ordered to set the charges in the ‘’ark’’ – there are three of them, and you’ll need to defuse each charge. Before you go ‘’inside’’ the volcano, pick up ammo from the tent and useful items from the boxes at the site.

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Having neutralized the first set of explosives (come closer and hold ‘’square’’) – it is located at the first stairwell – move to the site with three opponents. Theoretically, you can eliminate them in a stealth mode, but at this stage you can easily engage in an open fight.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-69

Each following charge will be guarded by two or three militiamen. Keep to the right wall and jump to the dark part of the cave where you’ll see the quest indicator pointing at the second bomb. Shoot two guards from afar (use the sniper rifle with or without suppressor) and disarm the device.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-70

The last charge is guarded by three soldiers on the ledge above it. If you want to catch them by surprise, go from the second device to the vertical ladder in the front – it will lead you to a platform in the nearby. Having dealt with the explosives, head to colonel’s apartments at the lower tier of the ark.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-71

Running from cover to cover and picking up ammo and medkits along the way (they’ll come in handy in the near future), fight your way to the passage to the local greenhouse – before you meet the leader of Wizard Island, you’ll have to deal with his new chief assistant.

For an Outlaw Biker (Race Against Time)

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Skizzo, wearing a helmet, holds Weaver hostage – at the end of the cutscene, you need to shoot the helmet off traitor’s head. Use bullet time to avoid killing the chemical engineer – Sarkoski will successfully escape.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-74

Having rescued the researcher, make a U-turn, grab ammo and bandages, and then descend the ladder to the greenhouse. The hero will have to deal with several ‘’waves’’ of enemies before he can move on.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-75
If you manage to shoot the militiaman before he throws his missile, it will explode in his hands

The lone shooter is located behind a shelter at the far end of the room. Armored and ordinary fighters will come in groups of two or three people from the right and left sides. The enemies can throw grenades, so stay alert even if you are behind a cover.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-76

If you have a .50 BFG, hits at the body will be fatal for all but the last opponent. Roll away from enemy bombs and use bullet time to facilitate aiming. You’ll need to hit the final machine gunner at least twice (at the head).

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-77

When you kill the last militiaman, the hero will be deprived of the ability to heal himself and use weapons (you are allowed to grab ammo and examine corpses). Red barrels placed on the approach to the colonel’s apartments don’t promise anything good to you.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-78

As soon as you approach explosive objects, Skizzo will shoot them with a sniper rifle – after this, Deacon will have health only for one enemy bullet. You cannot shoot or heal yourself, so you need to win the old-fashioned way – with your fists.

Rolling from cover to cover between the shots of the ‘’boss’’, get close to the enemy to initial the last QTE-fight. Defeat Sarkoski by quickly pressing the flashing button and then proceed to the colonel’s apartment to see how the main story ends.

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-79

At the end of the long cutscene and final credits, you’ll get 10000 experience points, 450 units of trust for Iron Mike’s camp, SSR sniper rifle (Skizzo’s), colonel’s revolver, five custom accents for your bike and congratulations from the game developers.

Where’s My Damn Rings? (I’m Never Giving Up)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-80

Despite the completion of the main story, there are several unfinished storylines, for example, ‘’I’m never giving up’’. Go to the top of the Wizard Island volcano and grab Deacon and Sarah’s rings from the colonel’s tent. You’ll get 4000 experience points and a custom accent for your bike.

For the Benefit of Others (We’ve All Done Things)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-81

Sometime after the completion of the previous task – you can wander around the open world or move between unlocked control points – you’ll be told to visit the cemetery in the territory of the Iron Mike camp. Rikki and Addy made a tombstone for the old pacifist.

The mission will end with a cutscene and bring you 4000 experience points, a Sheriff revolver (Iron Mike’s) and a custom accent for your bike.

I’m Not a Ripper (You’re Safe Now)

Days Gone Walkthrough: Final-82

Sometime after you have visited Iron Mike’s grave near the main entrance of the camp on the territory of Lost Lake, you’ll meet Lisa who has changed materially from your last meeting. For the completion of this mission, you’ll get 4000 experience points and a custom accent for your bike.

There’s Nothing You Can Do (Finding NERO)

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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final
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Days Gone Walkthrough: Final

Sometime after you have met Lisa, you’ll be contacted by O’Brian who will ask you to meet him at the cemetery in the northern part of the Cascade. Having obtained important information about the evolution of the virus, you will get 4000 experience points, a draft of an unknown NERO weapon (a taser) and a custom accent for your bike.

This concludes the walkthrough of all main storylines of Days Gone. Thank you for being with us, and good luck eliminating the remaining freaker hordes!

John Davis